ST Report: 11-Sep-92 #837

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Date: 09/12/92-08:21:22 PM Z

From: aj434@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Subject: ST Report: 11-Sep-92 #837
Date: Sat Sep 12 20:21:22 1992

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               WHAT'S NEW IN THE ATARI FORUMS (September 11)


 Many thanks to everyone  who attended  the Bill  Rehbock conference!   The
 transcript has  been posted  as file  FALCO.TXT in LIBRARY 15 of the Atari
 Arts Forum (GO ATARIARTS)

 Check out files MESSEA.LZH and MESSEB.LZH in LIBRARY  4 of  the Atari Arts
 Forum (GO  ATARIARTS) for  256 color  .GIFs from  the 1992  Atari Messe in

 MESSE1.GIF & MESSE2.GIF are shots overlooking  the main  hall at  the show
            after closing.  
 MESSE3.GIF is  one of  the developer  stands inside the main Atari area at
            the show. 
 MESSE4.GIF of the .LZH is the Volcano/Pyramid that was part of the 
            multimedia demonstration (the lighting,  motors,  music,  etc. 
            was all Atari Computer controlled).
 MESSE5.GIF is  the Atari Store, featuring Atari Sportswear, handbags, etc.
 MESSE6.GIF is a shot of the Falcon stand during set-up.


 Download CYPHER.LZH  from LIBRARY  4 of  the Atari  Productivity Forum (GO
 ATARIPRO) for  Cypher V3.01  By Patrick  Mallows -  a utility to Encrypt /
 Decrypt any file or program.  Prevents snooping  of files  unless password
 is entered.   Written  in GFA with a "Frontend (tm)" interface.  A Utility
 not to be missed. 


 Please see message # 33937 in the Atari Arts Forum  (GO ATARIARTS)  for an
 announcement  from  Bill  Rehbock  concerning  a  FALCON030 offer and Fall
 Comdex registration information.


 John Townsend of Atari  Corp. has  put together  a file  that describes in
 detail the  various video  modes available  on the FALCON030 computer.  Be
 sure to download VIDMOD.TXT from LIBRARY 8 of the Atari Productivity Forum
 (GO ATARIPRO) to read this comprehensive explanation.


 CURRENT NOTES  is looking  for 8-bit  articles.   Now's your  chance!  See
 message #20444 in the Atari 8-Bit Forum (GO ATARI8) for details.

 STReport is now available in ARC format, for  those who've  wanted to read
 it, but  are unable to access LZH files.  BRO STR*.ARC in LIBRARY 7 of the
 Atari 8-Bit Forum (GO ATARI8).

                          HAS BEEN DESIGNATED AN



 > From the Editor's Desk             "Saying it like it is!"

     Surprisingly, the enthusiasm created  by the  announcement of  the new
 Falcon by  Atari hasn't approached anywhere near the levels of confidence,
 credibility and assurance developed by the  two recent  online conferences
 hosted by Bill Rehbock held on both Compuserve and Genie.

     Rehbock's  ability  to  answer  user's  questions has indeed given the
 userbase, worldwide, a glimpse  of a  young professional  quite capable of
 communicating  with  everyone  and  making sure they understood completely
 what he was saying.  You'll notice when you read the conferences contained
 in this  issue, that  Rehbock is  not the  typical, ambiguous Atari online
 type giving answers in abstraction or  no direct  answer to  a question at
 all.   But instead  he seems  to go  out of  his way  to _answer_ a user's
 question in minutia.  Like most of us, you'll come  away from  reading the
 conference  transcripts  knowing  a  great  deal more about the Falcon and
 _glad_ you read the material.

     Bill  Rehbock  has  indeed,  through  his   presence  in   the  online
 conferences, given  every indication  that Atari  may well have turned the
 corner and adopted a new attitude toward all its customers and supporters.
 In any  case, Rehbock  has proven,  beyond a doubt, he is the very capable
 professional Atari should be proud to have on board.  
     This weekend is the Glendale Show in California, if you  have even the
 slightest  inclination  to  attend...  By  all  means,  do so.  It'll be a
 memorable Atari experience.    STReport  wishes  all  the  success  to the
 Glendale organizers and participants.

             Ralph @ STReport International Online Magazine

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                "There is no comparison!  The Atari Falcon
                   is far superior to the PC platform."
                                                       Sam Tramiel, 08/92

 > CIS Falcon Conference STR FOCUS!  Atari's Bill Rehbock in Conference

 Welcome the CIS Electronic Convention Center...

 The Atari FALCON030 Online Conference is now beginning...

   Your moderator is Sysop, Ron Luks

 (Sysop Ron Luks)
 Welcome to tonight's online COnference...

     With special guest, Bill Rehbock, director of software development and
 head of FALCON development.  Tonight's CO will be in a moderated format to
 get "in line " to ask a question just type /QUE.  Now, without any further
 ado here's tonight's guest, Bill Rehbock.  Okay, Bill, get on the hotseat. 

 (Bill Rehbock)
     Thank you Ron. I am happy to be here on Compuserve tonight.  Things
 have settled down since the Duesseldorf Atari Messe.  The Atari Falcon030
 has been well-received by the European press and production Developer
 pre-production machines have been replaced with production machines and
 application development is speeding up.  I also have good news regarding
 Atari Falcon030 FCC testing.  The Falcon has passed FCC Class B
 specifications and we are waiting only for paperwork certification. 
 Richard Miller, our VP of R&D is here too and he and I will be happy to
 answer questions regarding the Atari Falcon030, MultiTOS, and FSMGDOS
 tonight. Fire away!  :-)

 (Sysop Ron Luks)
     Folks-- lets try to restrict questions to FALCON, MultiTOS and FSMGDOS
 for the first hour.  The CO will last approx. 90 minutes and in case you
 didn't see the announcement CIS is giving all Atari-users a 50% discount
 off normal rates for this CO.   Now, first up...

 Moderator recognizes Pattie @ AIM

 (Pattie @ AIM)
     Bill, how is the schedule for Falcon's release going?  Originally,
 there was word that fairly large numbers would be available in the fall. 
 Is that still true or is the rumor that we will see only limited
 quantities till the new year true?  ga

 (Bill Rehbock)
     Pattie, we are still on schedule and believe that the quantities will
 ramp up as the end of the year draws near.  The initial quantities will
 continue to go to Europe until we have the FCC Certificate in our hands
 which should still be at the end of Oct..  I am still very optimistic
 about the production schedule. ga

 (Sysop Ron Luks)
     Bill-- give us an approx number.  After you get FCC papers in hand. 
 How many Falcons will ship to the USA? (this year) ga

 (Bill Rehbock)
     Ron, we are discussing quantities right now with the U.S. sales
 department. From the looks of it, I (in software development) am confident
 we will be able to satisfy the initial needs between October and

 Moderator recognizes Alan Page

 (Alan Page)
     I have been using MultiTOS (as part of the beta test) for several
 months now on a MegaSTE. I find it very usable on that machine. I was
 quite disappointed to read conference transcripts stating that MultiTOS
 was not going to be available I have been using MultiTOS on a MEgaSTe for
 a while.  It is quite good, so I was disappointed to hear that it would
 not be available for the 68000 machines. It would greatly enhance the
 market for MultiTOS-friendly software.  WHat is the reason for this
 decision and is it cast in concrete? ga

 (Bill Rehbock)
     It is _definitely_ NOT cast in concrete.  Many of the developers have
 found MultiTOS surprisingly useful even on 8MHz Stacys.  The reasoning due
 to the large benefit of memory protection.

 (Alan Page)
     I urge you to consider making it generally available.

 (Bill Rehbock)
     I understand. Thanks ga

 Moderator recognizes Chris Dammers

 (Chris Dammers)
     Okay, will MultiTOS be compatible with all existing software, to your
 knowledge?  And will there be any major advertising in Europe? ga

 (Bill Rehbock)
     Chris, MultiTOS is extremely compatible with existing GEM
 Applications.  It is even friendly with TOS and TTP apps by opening TTY
 windows for them to run in automatically.  The I do expect the European
 Business Units to promote the Falcon heavily, both through PR and
 marketing. ga

 Moderator recognizes Beth Jane Freeman

 (Beth Jane Freeman)
     Can you use peripherals from the ST, like the monitor, external ICD HD
 & floppy with the falcon 030?  I like the idea of the 1.44 drive for drive
 A.  It's much better than a minimum 360k or even a 720k.  Good idea!! 
 Sorry, I uploaded my question from the capture buffer, so it would be
 neatly typed. ga

 (Bill Rehbock)
     The Atari Falcon030 will accept any of the following monitors: SM124
 (or equivalent), SC1224/1435 (or equivalent), or any VGA monitor.  You can
 also connect TV.  Hard drives are a little trickier.  We removed the ACSI
 DMA connector in favor of SCSI II, which is much more reliable and the
 up-to-date standard.  You can connect most old hard drives by bypassing
 the host.  There are several 3rd party developer working on SCSI II to
 ACSI adapters to allow direct connection of SLM Laser Printers and
 unmodified HDs.  We removed the ACSI DMA connector in favor of SCSI II,
 which is much more reliable and the up-to-date standard.  You can connect
 most old hard drives by bypassing the host.  I keep getting told by CIS
 that I am speaking too quickly :-)  You can connect most old hard drives
 by bypassing the host adapter, which any dealer should easily be able to
 do for you.  ga :-)

 Moderator recognizes Sam Rapp

 (Sam Rapp)
     Will it take a can opener to get in the Falcon (metal shields, Tabs,
 lots of screws) Or is it easy access? How'd you guys get it through, no..
 Let me restate that.  Is the Falcon030 easy access, or do you have to take
 out 800 screws and bend 400 tabs and light a few sticks of dynamite to get
 to the processor slot, memory stuff, and Hard drive?  Also, how'd you get
 through FCC so quick?  Thanks. GA

 (Bill Rehbock)
     As a past dealer/VAR, I can empathize with the can opener thing.  The
 shielding has been completely redesigned so that all that is needed is a
 #1 & #2 Phillips screwdriver.  The shielding is easily removed to allow
 addition of larger HDs, memory boards, or expansion boards.  The first
 pre-production machines went through FCC testing as a "dry run" to find
 exactly where the quirks would be.  The production rev motherboards were
 engineered and sent to FCC as the first units came off the line.  You can
 tell that we've become very intense on the FCC thing. ga

 Moderator recognizes Pattie @ AIM

 (Pattie @ AIM)
     I understand that you might not be able to tell us every detail, but
 what are Atari's plans to market the Falcon, especially those plans geared
 to bringing in New Users? ga 

 (Bill Rehbock)
     Step 1... Take good care of existing users.  Step 2... Promote the
 product through PR and specific market area advertising in conjunction
 with dealers to make it easy for existing users to evangelize Falcon030 to
 their friends.  We need to get the word out so that people have heard
 about the machine _before_ going into an Atari dealer or seeing one at a
 friend's house.  ga

 Moderator recognizes Chris Dammers @ STF

 (Chris Dammers @ STF)
     Seeing as the specs of the Falcon seem Formidable.  Have you any plans
 to do more arcade conversions as well as Steel Talons?  If so, could you
 give us their details, as well as Steel Talons'? ga

 (Bill Rehbock)
     We are working with many of the entertainment houses, the bulk of
 which do their 68000 (Atari, Mac, and Amiga) development in Europe.  I
 believe that we will see many strong titles being developed quickly.
 (Produced both by Atari and 3rd parties.) ga

 Moderator recognizes mERCURY mAX

     Are a/d and d/a converters;if so what are I read that the Falcon has 8
 track hard disk recording. ga

 (Bill Rehbock)
     The Falcon030 has built-in 16-bit ADC's and DAC's that will allow
 sampling at rates up to 50KHz.  We plan to have a very simple-to-use
 Stereo direct-to-disk recording and edit system shipping with the
 machines.  To do full 8 track (4 Stereo) recording and editing, you do
 have to add and external box (several are in the works by 3rd parties)
 with the additional DACs/ADCs in it.  This box would also have the crystal
 necessary to do sampling at 44.1 and 48 KHz sampling rates. ga

 Moderator recognizes Bill Aycock

 (Bill Aycock)
     Will Falcon TOS and/or MultiTOS allow a NEWDESK.INF file to be larger
 than 8192 bytes? I could only customize my STe halfway because I exceeded
 the size limit!  Also, will the Falcon have a fan built-in? :-) ga

 (Bill Rehbock)
     Yes, with the Hard Drive, DSP, and RAM, a small internal fan was
 necessary. The Limit on NEWDESK.INF has been lifted as of MultiTOS. ga 
 (#8,Bill Aycock)
     (Good news on the fan, long as it's quiet! hehe)

 (Sysop Ron Luks)
     Bill--before we go on to the next question.  Could you please describe
 the difference between Falcon TOS, MultiTOS and tell us what will ship
 with the first batch of Falcons? ga  (difference between Falcon TOS and
 TOS 2.06 I mean)

 (Bill Rehbock)
     "Falcon TOS" has already shipped with the fist batch of Falcons.  It
 has support for all of the DSP, Sound DMA, and other new Falcon hardware,
 as well as O/S support for hierarchal (sp?) menus, pop-up menus, 3D Window
 and Dialog objects, and full-color animated icons.  MultiTOS adds all of
 the pre-emptive multitasking features on top of that, as well as extended
 interprocess communication and loadable file systems.  The VDI in "Falcon
 TOS" has the necessary support for the new video modes, including overlay. 

 Moderator recognizes Alan Page

 (Alan Page)
     If I have a video camera, what sort of hardware do I need to do video
 overlay (with genlock) on the Falcon. e.g. video titling. Is it plug and
 play right out  of the box, or do I have to wait for the usual 3rd party
 developers? Seems you are relying an awful lot on 3rd party and external
 hardware.  Also, can it overlay both RGB and composite video?

 (#25,Bill Rehbock)
     I would say that we are trying to leave the market open for 3rd party
 development. The box for doing overlay and genlock is relatively simple.
 It needs to extract the external sync from your external video source,
 inject it into the external sync input on the 19-pin video connector, and
 output either Falcon video or external video, depending on the state of
 the overlay pin on the connector.  It can overlay RGB or composite.  ga

 Moderator recognizes Sam Rapp

 (Sam Rapp)
 Ok, a few more questions;
 1: Can video modes be switched without rebooting?  (can I have a 'base'
 boot resolution and let the software pick it's own modes?)

 2: Can you elaborate on Animated' Icons?

 3:  What other software will ship with Falcon (basic)?

 4:  How can I get system docs on the Falcon without spending major bucks
 to register as a developer?    Thanks! GA

 (Bill Rehbock)
     Software can make a new set resolution call that will put the machine
 in the requested video mode. The AES will be unavailable in this mode, but
 the application will have full VDI support.  This is primarily for games
 and paint and animation packages that will want to run their interface in
 the current user-chosen res, but be able to render or output in say,
 384x480 overscanned truecolor with overlay.  The preview could be
 displayed in a 16-color desktop window, but the application would do a
 wind_update and go to the desired mode for final output.  It would return
 to the user's mode afterward and release wind_update.  This works with
 MultiTOS very well.  

     Color Icons allow multiple color resolution icons to be carried in a
 resource file in both non-selected and selected states. When you select an
 icon, it will flip to the other image, giving an animated effect.  
 Calappt, a Personal Information Manager that has the ability to import and
 export delimited file formats as well as Portfolio databases will ship
 with F030.  Procalc, which many of you may be familiar with, as well as a
 True-Color Breakout with digitized sound and a game called Landmines.  The
 real neat stuff is the System Audio Manager, which allows you to record
 your own sounds to replace any or all keyclicks, or accompany the various
 AES events, such as window openings & closings, the file selector, etc.. 
 There is also the Direct-to-disk recorder that I previously mentioned.  We
 are also shipping a Talking Clock with the machine.  BTW, the external
 hardware issues have been dictated primarily by the potential quality
 required by a set of users.  (95% of users are not going to need 8
 DACs/ADCs) and the quality requirements for the Video will vary greatly
 between consumers and professionals. ga

 Moderator recognizes Bill Aycock

 (Bill Aycock)
     Sorry, I changed numbers and didn't have a question in mind.  But,
 will the Atari HD utilities ship with Falcons that don't include a hard
 disk?  ga

 (Bill Rehbock)
     Bill, I think they'll be included in the box (I am not sure) but they
 have always been posted online and available to dealers.  Because of the
 external SCSI situation, we will make sure that the utilities are readily
 available.  thanks! ga

 Moderator recognizes George C.

 (#5,George C.)
     Just a quickie: Will MultiTos ship with the first batch of Falcons to
 the US?

 (#25,Bill Rehbock)
     Yes, it should.  ...with the exception of developer units which will
 ship between now and October.  MultiTOS will be softloaded for them.

 (Sysop Ron Luks)
     Okay.  Thanks to Bill Rehbock and everyone who showed up to this CO. 
 I apologize for the sluggish system response.  However, if we can twist
 Bill's arm to return again later this fall, I promise a faster system.

 Thanks all.  The CO is officially ended.

 The conference has ended .....Thank you for attending


 > STR Portfolio News & Information              Keeping up to date...

                         THE ATARI PORTFOLIO FORUM

 On CompuServe!

 by Judith Hamner  72257,271

     In response to a "wish list" item, BJ Gleason has created a little
 program to remove the spaces from the end of a file.  Ending a file with
 spaces can cause the Port to lock up under certain circumstances. SPFX.COM
 will remove the danger.

     There were some interesting announcements made in the forum this week. 
 Mark Reeves announced a new product, Flash Ram Cards for the Port.  See
 FLSHPR.PRC for information and special introductory prices on 1, 2, and 4
 meg cards.  FLRMCD.TXT contains the text of the press release on this
 exciting  development.  Flash cards can be read and written to by the Port
 or the PC Card drive.  They do not require batteries and can be erased in
 blocks with special software which is included.

     Dan Shearer of BSE announces a special price offer for FlashDrives. 
 The FlashDrive is a portable, external hard drive that works through the
 parallel port.  See FLASH.TXT for details. The Flashdrive should not be
 confused with flash memory cards.

     BJ Gleason has created a handy alphabetical list of all files in the
 Portfolio Forum.  The list is available in plain text or zipped format. 
 See FILES.TXT and FILES.ZIP. Now that there are over 800 files in the
 forum an alphabetical list will be very useful.

     L.H. Mann has uploaded SHDAY.ZIP. This is a little program to show the
 day of the week for any date in history.  The julian date is also


 > WAACE'92 STR SHOW NEWS          The PREMIER East Coast Show!

                  WAACE'92 - THE PREMIER EAST COAST SHOW

     The following is a list of vendors who have  confirmed their being in
 attendance at the Fall 1992 Edition of the WAACE AtariFest.  If you are a
 vendor and do  not see your organization's name  here, please contact the
 WAACE Vendor Coordinator, Ken Fassler or Betty at (301) 229-1886 and find
 out why!!!

     L I S T  of  A T A R I F E S T '92   V E N D O R S  (as of 09/01)

           Joppa Computer Products    eSTeem
               Rising Star Computers    Gribnif
                  Missionware Software    MegaType
                   Unicorn Pub.(A.I.M.)    Codehead
                      Mars Merchandising    SKWare One
                       Taylor Ridge Books    Compuserve
                        D M C  Publishing    Maxwell CPU
                       Barefoot Software    ST Informer
                      Debonair Software    Accusoft ST
                     A B C  Solutions    Fair Dinkum
                   Compucellar West    Baggettaware
                  Gadgets by Small    D.A.Brumleve
                 Oregon Research    Current Notes
               Dragon Software    Clear Thinking
            Computer Studio    Toad Computers
         FAST Technology    J M G  Software
     STep Ahead Software  

     The final planning surge by the WAACE board is in full gear. The board
 will be meeting weekly to  address  remaining  issues  and  put  the final
 polish on the Fest.

     Banquet  is  in  final  planning  stages.  The Banquet  Coordinator is
 working to finalize the  menu and  price.   WAACE is  still looking  for a
 Banquet speaker,  if you  are interested  then contact Russ Brown at GEnie
 R.Brown127 or  call (703)  803-6126.   Additional Banquet  details will be
 announced soon...

     The Seminar schedule is presented below.  If you  want to do a seminar
 and haven't told us yet then do so now!!
     Please provide all input to the program as soon as  possible.  We will
 need to go to the printers soon.

     Hotel rooms  are going  fast.   We now have 175 of the 400 room nights
 sold.  Remember, the AtariFest block of rooms  are only  on hold  until 25
 September, after  that the  unused rooms  will be  released to the general
 public.  Don't wait, if you think you  might want  a room  then reserve it
                    Call the  hotel at 1-800-392-7666.

     A limited  number of volunteer positions are available. If you or your
 group would like to volunteer to  work at  the Fest,  then let  Russ Brown
 know (703-803-6126)  or R.Brown127  on GEnie.  If WAACE has a position for
 you then you will get a free admission ticket.   Remember, you  must be on
 the OFFICIAL WAACE Fest workers list to get a free ticket!!

 See you all at the Fest!!!  

                    AtariFest 92' MIDIfest News Release

     One of  the most anticipated events at the fest will be the MIDI room,
 where many  in  depth  demonstrations  of  the  latest  and  most advanced
 software  and  hardware  applications  available for any computer platform
 will be on display.  There will be live performances by several well known
 MIDI artists  including: Jeff  Naideau (Keyboardist of Quiet Riot and Wang
 Chung), Rupert  Chappelle (techno-synth  legend), and  Philip Chika (noted
 filmscore composer) to name but a few.

     This will be an excellent opportunity to see an in-depth demonstration
 of the long awaited debut of Cubase 3.0,  as well  as all  the latest from
 Hybrid  Arts(Gen  Edit,  Simpte  track  Gold)  and many others. This event
 should not be missed  by anyone  who considers  themselves a  serious MIDI
 musician or anyone considering taking the MIDI plunge.

                     WAACE Seminar Schedule - Ver 1.0
                             8 September 1992

 This schedule is SUBJECT TO CHANGE

 Saturday 11 October 1992
     1100 - Open
     1200 - Joppa Software Dev - Tele-Media on the Atari Platform
     1300 - Computer STudio - DynaCADD
     1400 - Wizztronics - Compatibility Plus 2 and Cartridge port
     1500 - DMC Software - Mario Georgiou on Calamus SL
     1600 - The Online Experience - Sysops from the major services
     1700 - STReport International Online Magazine - Today's Userbase
 Sunday  12 October 1992
     1100 - Computer STudio - MIDI with Cubase
     1200 - Open
     1300 - Getting the Most from Your Modem - Telecomm Software
            Overview Panel
     1400 - Open
     1500 - Meet the Atari Press

     Developers and other interested parties who want to participate in the
 panel discussions  or offer  a seminar  of their  own are  hereby asked to
 contact the WAACE Seminar Coordinator:

                             GEMail J.D.BARNES
                         CIS John Barnes 7303,2307
                              Delphi JDBARNES


 > ONLINE WEEKLY STReport OnLine          The wires are a hummin'!
                            PEOPLE... ARE TALKING
  On CompuServe
  compiled by Joe Mirando

 From The Atari Productivity Forum

 One of the hot topics on CompuServe this week is PowerDos, the hot new
 program from Dragonware that is supposed to speed up many functions.  As
 with any new "replacement" software, there are questions about what will
 run as it did before and what won't.  Sysop Keith Joins posts:

     "I had a problem trying to use PowerDOS with CodeHead's ram disk. I
     just got my update of the Utilities disk a short time ago and haven't
     installed the latest version of CODE_RAM.  Maybe that will work OK. 
     The version I am using causes a cold boot if it is installed."

 Jim Ness, who installed PowerDos on his system before most of us had ever
 heard of it, asks Keith:

     "Did you try changing the order of loading CODERAM and PowerDOS?  One
     of PowerDOS' configuration variables changes the location of the end
     of memory, to prevent applications from stealing all ram.  Their
     network needs some upper end space itself.

     Since CODERAM loads into the top of ram, it may have to load before
     PowerDOS. If CODERAM steals the GEMDOS vector, and uses the XBRA
     method of handing the vector back, it would mean that CODERAM would
     continue to use the TOS GEMDOS routines, while other drives would use
     the PowerDOS routines.  That would be kind of weird.

 Or, maybe to use CODERAM you have to disable the variable in PowerDOS that
 sets some upper ram aside."

 Keith replies and adds an interesting bit of info:

     "I tried loading CODE_RAM first and it seems to work Ok that way. When
     PowerDOS loads it gives me a message about another program having run
     first and to change my AUTO folder, but it loads OK. I verified this
     by trying out the Pmonitor ACC. It worked but once running it, I
     couldn't get out of it.  The mouse would move OK but a click wasn't
     recognized nor was a CR."

 Boris Molodyi joins in and asks:

     "Did you try to click and hold mouse button over EXIT button?
     PMonitor's response time seems to be quite slow."

 Keith answers Boris:

     "Yes, I did.  I also tried a RETURN a number of times and that didn't
     work either."

 Boris tells Keith:

     "Hmm, strange. Return does not work, but keeping button pressed over
     EXIT always works for me..."

 Boris tells Jim Ness:

     "Yes, PowerDOS looks interesting, but... any ideas _what_ (except
     MEM_SNAP.TTP) does it multitask. I tried it with ConNect, which is
     said to be MiNT and MultiTOS compatible, and all I could do was crash
     the system :-)"

 Jim Ness responds:

     "I would guess that you have to multitask only .TOS and .TTP programs,
     nothing that has GEM features.  You have to list these in the
 configure     file, to be loaded when PowerDOS loads.  Dragonware has
 mentioned that     you can run the MiNT/MultiTOS package as one of these
 tasks, which  will then give you the advantages of both items."

 Jim Ness posts:

     "I just ran an entire group of NBM tests against PowerDOS.  NBM does
     not test any BIOS character I/O.  But, in math, memory, floppy drive
     and graphics, PowerDOS imposes less than a 1% burden on the machine. 
     In hard disk tests, PowerDOS provides a 261% (!) improvement on TOS
     1.0 and 1.2 machines, and a 179% improvement on TOS 1.4 and above. 
     Maybe I'll run Quick Index, for some BIOS timings..."

 Now I don't know about anybody else, but a 79 percent increase in hard
 drive performance is something I want to check out.  Elsewhere in the
 forum, the new terminal program, STORM, is causing just as much interest
 as PowerDos. Albert Dayes of Atari Explorer Magazine asks Ron Luks:

     "Does it have the look of FLASH?  Can you change fonts? (I guess using
     Warp 9 that should already be possible).  Can it display GIF pictures
     87 and 89? Can it display anything other pic types (ie degas, neo,
     etc)?  Does it have a special way to handle archives (LZH, ARC, ZIP,
     etc) from within the program? Can all the protocols be used in
     background transfers?  Does it have a speed rating when downloading or
     uploading a file?  Does it have on-line help?"

 Ron replies:

     "It has different fonts, but I don't know what is hard coded into the
     program yet, and what is variable.    The program is not yet finished,
     so I cant answer most of your questions yet.     Sorry, (really)"

 Albert Dayes says:

     "I remember reading in the press release that it is not due till after
     December 7, 1992."

 Alan Page, the author of STORM, tells us:

     "Storm is completely different from Flash. It's also completely
     redesigned. As much as possible I made it modular and internally
     multitasking. The terminal emulations and file transfers are loadable
     modules. Right now I have CompuServe Vidtex (which is a whole lot like
     VT52) and TTY. Current file transfer modules are X/Ymodem and CIS
     BPlus with resumable downloads.

     The editor is in a resizable movable window with FULL word wrap. e.g.
     delete and backspace will activate wordwrap. No more hitting the F10
     key to reformat. You can have as many editing windows as GEM will let
     you (with MultiTOS, the number of windows seems to be limited only by

     The capture buffer is an editor window, but with the special property
     that text gets added to the end of it from the serial port. You can
     create a new capture buffer and turn the old one into a regular edit
     window. You can edit a file at the same time text is being captured.

     File transfers run in the background. Not full background/reset-proof
     like Shadow, but better than STalker which stops when you enter the
     menu bar.

     Command language is a full Basic interpreter. It also multitasks with
     the rest of the program. So you can run Basic, edit files, do file
     transfers, all at the same time. Basic has re-entrant execution. So if
     you define a function key to execute a Basic command, it stops the
     current Basic program, creates a new Basic interpreter (less than 1K
     overhead), runs the function key macro, then the current Basic program
     restarts. Same thing for the dial directory autologon.

     Basic (and the rest of the program) allocate memory sparingly and
     release memory back to the system. The program is completely MultiTOS
     compatible and in fact run 90% of the time in MultiTOS.

     Storm also supports the Atari clipboard for cut and paste. I use a
     custom font and driver for extra speed. However, it doesn't cheat with
     GEM and works on TT and should work on other programs. It's 12 pixels
     high with monochrome so you get 24 lines in a window with room for a

 Albert Dayes asks some good questions:

     "Within the Window does STORM give you 80 columns?  In some other
     windowing software one gets less than 80 columns due to the scroll
     bars etc?  Also is there a 132 column mode?  Since everything is
     loadable one should be able to create almost any type of emulation. 
     Will there be a special developer kit for this or will it be included
     in the program?"

 Alan Page answers:

     "You get 80 columns in the terminal window. There is not as yet 132
     columns. I will probably have 132 columns, but you would have to
     scroll unless you have a machine with higher resolution graphics.    I
     will release source code for the loadable emulations at some point. I
     will probably not have documented it enough to release it at the time
     we ship Storm because getting the program out is the #1 priority."

 Hal Dougherty asks Alan Page:

 "Didn't you write the original Flash?"

 Alan answers:

     "Yes I wrote the original Flash. However, Antic Publishing owned the
     trademark. Apparently, before they went bust they sold the trademark
     (even though they owed me $$). Storm is a completely new program. Not
     a line of code from the original Flash is in it."

 From The Atari Arts Forum

 The recent conference "starring" Atari's own Bill Rehbock, generated a lot
 of message traffic.  Albert Dayes, that busy guy from Atari Explorer
 Magazine says:

     "It was a very good conference.  I'm glad CIS conference was last
     since we already had the answers to many general questions and now can
     get the specifics on how it all works."

 Sysop Ron Luks tells us:

     "I'm glad to hear people liked the COnference last night, and I
     thought Bill Rehbock's answers were just great.  He's really my all
     time favorite CO guest.  His answers are always informative (and he
     types real fast. [grin])  I will tell you that I was not too thrilled
     with the system response from CompuServe's end.  It turns out that the
     Convention Center software was sharing an already overloaded host
     system, so the response time was clearly sub-par.  Bill has already
     agreed to come back later this fall (probably late October) and I've
     promised him that we will do better on our end."

 Albert tells Ron:

     "I guess it was nicer in that it just wasn't specs being thrown out
     but it was more concrete solutions to problems.  I know that many
     questions about the FALCON that are being asked in the Atari forums
     were answered.  The video and genlock questions in particular ... who
     would believe that I can have a simple direct to disk digital
     recording system at better than professional quality for $800, plus
     run all my ST software with VGA graphics, animated icons and it

     It has also been a while since I have seen all of the Atari employees
     so excited about an Atari computer.  After this conference it is easy
     to understand why!!

     To get an IBM PC up to the MPC (multi-media standard) is well over
     $800 for a good sound board.  And for the same price I can have a
     complete multi-media workstation that does it all."

 Ron Luks replies to Albert:

     "While I agree with you about the wonderful capabilities of the new
     machine, I don't think you should talk in terms of $800.  Remember--
     thats for the base machine, no HD, and with only 1 Mb of RAM.  I just
     don't see that as a practical configuration for anyone.  I would think
     that 4MB of Ram is the minimum and that most people will try to opt
     for the max of 14Mb.  Similarly, just how effective will
     direct-to-disk recording be if the user has no HD or a small 60Mb HD? 
     The Falcon sounds great to me too, but I don't think we are helping
     the cause by talking about $800 units.  This configuration sounds to
     me like the proposed 260ST (256k ST).  It just wont fly."

 James D. Port posts:

     "Good points on the $800 issue.  It should be noted that at 44.1K
     sampling rate, stereo direct-to-disk recording burns up disk space at
     a rate of 11Mbytes a minute."

 Ron Luks tells us:

     "I've invited Bill Rehbock and Sam Tramiel to come online in CO again
     at the end of October/beginning of November just before COMDEX.  I
     *will* insist CIS set us up for better performance next time."

 From The Atari Vendors Forum

 Matt Koundakjian asks:

     "Is it possible to have as a "program of the week" kind of thing, a
     AUTO folder utility that loads a new system font, such as a 2050 byte
     .FNT file (Degas font, I think)?"

 Mike from Double Click Software tells Matt:

     "Good idea Matt, but you're almost a year late on the program of the
     week.  :-)  Still, the idea may be used be some other ambitious
     programmer out there.  Thanks for the idea, tho, you never know!"

 While he's on the subject, Matt tells Mike:

     "I really didn't ever understand the whole idea of program of the
     week, but I sure did appreciate the programs that were written!  I
     have a few in my auto folder, I think."

 On the subject of postscript printing with Spectre GCR, the Mac emulator
 from Gadgets by Small, Mitch Wagner tells Mark at Gadgets by Small:

     "Here's a report on my further attempts to print to my NEC postscript
     printer from my TT/Spectre GCR. I replaced my serial cable with a null
     modem cable and the printer now responds to a print command. The LCD
     gives me a series of "Processing" and "Waiting" messages just like it
     should, but no paper ever comes out. I used a system 6 laserwriter
     driver modified with the installer script you uploaded. If I print to
     a postscript file using the system 7 laserwriter driver and transvert
     the file to the Atari side, I can usually print it, no problem. Of
     course, in that method I can't use any downloadable fonts. Is there
     anyway you could upload the installer script for modifying a
     Laserwriter 7.0 driver? Didn't you say the whole file was ~900 K? I
     would take the time (and expense) of downloading the whole thing, but
     I think all I need is the script."

 George Richardson of Merlin Group asks Mitch:

     "Are you downloading the Apple Postscript dictionary to your printer
     before you try printing? My understanding is that you must use a
     terminal program to do this before you can print."

 Mark at Gadgets by Small posts:

     "George is correct.  The file that does this is called TTPRINT and is
     included in the DMMHLP file I will be uploading.  BTW, the DMMHLP file
     is a Compactor file (ie, DMMHLP.CPT) and needs to be downloaded in MAC
     mode.  Also, don't worry...the TTPRINT program runs on regular STs as

 After trying out the new file, Mitch posts:

     "!!!EUREKA!!! [fireworks going off in the background] It works! I
     thank you and my printer thanks you. I'm a happy boy."

     Well folks, I've gone _WAY_ over the space I'm allowed, but I thought
 all of these big happenings warranted it.  Tune in again next week to hear
 what they are saying when...

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 > SPELLING SENTRY STR InfoFile             "... a desk accessory.."

                              SPELLING SENTRY

 Wintertree Software Inc.

     Is proud  to announce  the release  of a  new  product for Atari ST/TT
 computers: Spelling Sentry -- a desk accessory that  adds a spell-checking
 capability to virtually any other GEM program.

     Spelling Sentry  can check  spelling in  various ways, as described in
 the following paragraphs.    It  can  also  expand  abbreviations.   Since
 Spelling Sentry  is a  desk accessory, it's instantly accessible from your
 favorite word  processor,  text  editor,  communications  program,  or DTP

     A key  feature of  Spelling Sentry  is its  ability to detect spelling
 errors in  real time  while you  type using  other programs,  such as word
 processors.    If  you  type  a word containing a spelling error, Spelling
 Sentry sounds a  tone  and  flashes  the  screen.    Then,  with  a single
 mouse-click,  you  can  select  the  correct  spelling  from  one  of  the
 alternatives  which  Spelling  Sentry  suggests.    Spelling  Sentry  will
 automatically replace the misspelled word with the correct one.

     Spelling  Sentry   can  also  check  ASCII  files  and  word-processor
 documents.  Since Spelling Sentry runs as a desk accessory, you can save a
 file from  a text  editor or word processor, then invoke Spelling Sentry's
 check-file feature to look  for  spelling  errors.    Spelling  Sentry can
 correct misspelled  words in  the file   interactively.   When  it finds a
 misspelled word, Spelling Sentry presents a set of  alternative spellings.
 You  can  select  the  correct  spelling  using the keyboard or mouse, and
 Spelling Sentry will correct the word  in the  file.   Spelling Sentry can
 even correct subsequent occurrences of the misspelled word.

     A feature of interest to many Atari users is Spelling Sentry's ability
 to check the contents of the clipboard.  The clipboard is a mechanism used
 to pass  information between  GEM programs  and desk  accessories.  To use
 Spelling Sentry's check-clipboard feature, you copy  a block  of text into
 the clipboard  from your  word processor  or text  editor.  Next, click on
 Spelling  Sentry's  "Check  Clipboard"  button.    Again,  Spelling Sentry
 presents  a  dialog  showing  alternative  spellings  when  it  detects  a
 misspelled  word.    Select  the  correct   spelling  from   the  list  of
 alternatives shown  in the  dialog.   Spelling Sentry corrects the word in
 the clipboard --  and  optionally  further  occurrences  of  the  error --
 automatically.   You can  then paste  the corrected  text in the clipboard
 back into your word processor or text editor.

     Many people can correctly spell most of the words they  use, but still
 get  stuck  on  the  occasional  word.   With Spelling Sentry's check-word
 feature, you can check  the spelling  of a  single word.   Spelling Sentry
 will let  you know if the word is spelled correctly.  If not, it shows you
 a list of alternative spellings, from which you can pick the correct one.

     Besides being a spelling  checker,  Spelling  Sentry  can  also expand
 abbreviations while  you type.   For example, when you type your initials,
 Spelling Sentry can replace them with  your  full  name.    You  can teach
 Spelling Sentry  abbreviations for  words and  phrases you use frequently,
 such as your  return  address,  telephone  number,  "boilerplate"  text in
 business correspondence,  and BBS  aliases and  commands.  Programmers can
 define abbreviations for language constructs and function calls.  Spelling
 Sentry's abbreviation feature also works when you check disk files and the

     Spelling Sentry can include parts of the date and time when it
 expands an abbreviation.  The parts include:

      * The year, with or without the century
      * The month number (01 to 12) and name (January to December)
      * The day of the month (01 to 31) and of the week (Sunday to
      * The hour in 12-hour (00 to 12) or 24-hour (00 to 23) form
      * The minute and second
      * "a.m." or "p.m."

 Using this feature, you can easily create abbreviations  which include the
 current date and time in any format you prefer:

                           Monday, May 11, 1992
                         05/11/92 10 o'clock p.m.
                                10:32 p.m.
                     Creation date: 11-May-92 22:32:15
                             92/05/11 (Monday)

     Adding or  changing abbreviations  is easy  with Spelling Sentry's GEM
 interface.   Spelling Sentry  uses a  window-in-a-dialog approach, showing
 nine abbreviations  at a time.  You can scroll the window contents using a
 standard scroll bar.   New abbreviations  can be  added by  clicking on an
 "Add" button,  and existing  ones can  be removed  or changed by selecting
 them with the mouse.  You can even  open different  abbreviation files, so
 you can  have several sets of abbreviations for different purposes.  For a
 spelling checker to be useful, it  must  have  a  large  dictionary  so it
 doesn't mistakenly  report unknown  words as  misspelled.  Spelling Sentry
 uses two dictionaries.  The main  dictionary contains  over 100,000 words,
 including contractions,  many proper names, and words spelled according to
 both American and British rules.   The  main  dictionary  is  organized in
 segments that  can be  loaded from  disk to  memory as needed.  This makes
 Spelling Sentry adaptable to  the capabilities  of your  system.   If your
 computer has  a modest  memory capacity, Spelling Sentry will keep most of
 its main dictionary on disk, loading segments as  it needs  them.   If you
 have  380K  of  spare  memory,  Spelling  Sentry will load the entire main
 dictionary into memory, either  all  at  once  or  segment-by-segment, for
 maximum speed.

     The  user  dictionary  holds  words  you  use  that aren't in the main
 dictionary.  Such words  may include  your last  name, street  names, city
 name, business's  name, and  so on.   The user dictionary is accessed very
 quickly, and never needs indexing or  reformatting.    Words  in  the user
 dictionary can  be edited  using the same window-in-a-dialog approach used
 for updating abbreviations.

     An important feature of any spelling checker is its ability to "guess"
 the  correct  spelling  from  a  misspelled  word.    Spelling  Sentry  is
 outstanding in this area,  matching the  misspelled word  against words in
 the dictionary using several sophisticated lexical rules.  Spelling Sentry
 even orders its suggestions  so the  first word  appearing in  the list of
 suggestions is the one most likely to be the correct replacement.

     Spelling  Sentry  was  designed  to  work  on the entire line of Atari
 ST-compatible computers, from the 520ST with 512K of  memory to  the TT030
 with  4Mb+.    The  only  special  requirement  for  Spelling  Sentry is a
 double-sided disk drive.  Spelling Sentry runs in a GEM window, so you can
 park it  on the  screen where  it's out  of the  way yet still accessible.
 Spelling Sentry remembers  its  window  position,  so  you  don't  have to
 position it manually each time you reboot.

     The 40-page  illustrated user's  guide that comes with Spelling Sentry
 was written with the user in  mind.    It  contains  patient, step-by-step
 instructions for installing, configuring, and using Spelling Sentry.  In a
 departure  from  most  user's  manuals,  which  are  organized  by program
 functions such as menu entries or dialog boxes, the Spelling Sentry user's
 guide is organized by procedure.  If you  want to  know how  to add  a new
 abbreviation, just read the instructions in the section called "How to add
 your own abbreviations." If you want to know how to check the  contents of
 the GEM  clipboard, see  the "How  to check  the clipboard" section.  Each
 section heading is listed in the table of contents for fast access.

     The Spelling Sentry package also  includes  an  anagram  solver  and a
 word-guessing game based on "Hangman." The anagram solver determines which
 words can be derived from different arrangements of  a string  of letters,
 and is  useful for solving jumble puzzles or anagrams.  The anagram solver
 can also be used to create new anagrams.  The  hangman game  sharpens your
 vocabulary as you try to guess the letters forming a word chosen at random
 from one of the 100,000 words in Spelling Sentry's dictionary.

     Spelling Sentry is developed and published by Wintertree Software Inc.
 Wintertree Software  was incorporated  in January 1992.  Prior to then, it
 was Phil Comeau Software.  Wintertree Software also  publishes GramSlam, a
 grammar checker,  and Grammar  Expert, a grammar reference.  Both GramSlam
 and Grammar Expert are software products  for  Atari  ST  computers.   The
 addition of  Spelling Sentry to its product line makes Wintertree Software
 Inc.  the leading  publisher of  tools for  writers in  the Atari computer
 marketplace.  Wintertree Software also publishes WStyle, a grammar checker
 for MS-DOS.

     Spelling Sentry's  list  price  is  $59.95  US.    Spelling  Sentry is
 available wherever Atari computer products are sold.  It is also available
 directly from Wintertree Software Inc., at the address listed above.

                         Wintertree Software Inc.
                               43 Rueter St.
                              Nepean, Ontario
                              Canada K2J 3Z9
                           Phone: (613) 825-6271




 Partly in response to several thousand letters recently sent to the U.S.
 Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Congress by CompuServe
 members, the FCC recently issued a NEW Public Notice formally inviting
 public comment on CC Docket No. 89-79 concerning the "maintenance of the
 status quo with respect to access charge treatment of enhanced service
 providers (ESPs)."

 The FCC previously showed an unwillingness to reconsider an earlier
 ruling in CC Docket No. 89-79 that prohibited companies such as CompuServe
 from using new and more efficient technologies or service offerings
 without being subject to common carrier access charges. These charges
 could be three to four times higher than current charges and would likely
 be passed along to information services users. This free online area fully
 explains the ramifications of the access charge rules and features
 FCCgrams, a fast, economical way to voice your concerns.

 In the NEW Public Notice, the FCC now says it wants to receive additional
 public comment before deciding the pending petitions for reconsideration
 filed by CompuServe and other information providers.

 CompuServe asks that you send a hardcopy letter or FCCgram to the FCC,
 with copies to the Chairmen of the House and Senate committees with
 jurisdiction over the FCC, in support of CompuServe's position that
 information service companies should be allowed to use newer technologies
 without being charged higher telephone line access charges.

 In 1987, a similar letter-writing campaign by online service users helped
 prevent increased access charges from being implemented. The online area
 lists the names and addresses of the FCC personnel and Congressmen to whom
 you should write.

 Read more about this issue in Section 2, "Regulatory Affairs," of the
 Telecommunications Forum (GO TELECOM). Your support of affordable
 information services is greatly appreciated.


 In July 1991, the Federal Communications Commission adopted rules in the
 FCC Docket No. 89-79 access charge proceeding which could increase by up
 to 300 percent the price of local telephone lines which employ new network
 features and which are used by information service companies like
 CompuServe to provide their services to customers.  These rules, which
 would impose what in effect are "modem fees" or "modem taxes" on
 information service companies, are a revival of proposals first made back
 in 1987 and 1989 to impose usage-sensitive common carrier-type access
 charges on information service companies.  On August 14, 1992, apparently
 at least partly in response to several thousand letters recently sent to
 the FCC and Congress by CompuServe members, the FCC announced that it will
 reopen the record in the access charge proceeding to determine whether it
 will reconsider its July 1991 decision.  It is important that you
 understand the genesis of the FCC's access charge proposals, and how you
 can use the new solicitation of public comment to help fight back.


 The ability of CompuServe to offer advanced information services to its
 members on a reasonably-priced basis is dependent upon being able to
 obtain cost-based access to local telephone lines. To date, information
 service companies have been able to use non- usage-sensitive local
 business lines, obtained from the local telephone company's state tariffs,
 for distributing their online information services to customers.  Under
 this arrangement, CompuServe has been able to provide its customers with
 hundreds of services at affordable prices that promote widespread usage.
 However, you may recall that in 1987 the FCC issued a proposal which, if
 adopted, would have required information service providers (ISPs) like
 CompuServe to abandon their flat-rated, state-tariffed access
 arrangements.  Instead, ISPs would have been required to pay
 usage-sensitive common carrier access charges, which were originally
 designed solely to be paid by long distance companies.  After a massive
 letter writing campaign by CompuServe members, the FCC decided not to
 adopt its carrier access charge proposal.


 CompuServe and other information service providers have filed petitions
 with the FCC asking the agency to reconsider its July 1991 access charge
 decision.  Congress also may consider legislation which would prevent the
 FCC from imposing usage- sensitive carrier access charges on information
 providers as a condition of obtaining new network features.  Now,
 apparently at least partly in response to letters sent by CompuServe
 members and the subscribers of other information service providers, the
 FCC issued a Public Notice on August 14, 1992 soliciting additional public
 comment on the access charge issues raised in CompuServe's petition for
 reconsideration and the reconsideration petitions filed by other
 information service providers. Specifically, the Commission invited
 additional comment on the "maintenance of the status quo with respect to
 access charge treatment of enhanced service providers (ESPs)."

 CompuServe believes that cost-based access to advanced telephone network
 functionalities and features will be crucial in bringing the "Information
 Age" to all consumers.  Members like you can help assure that the federal
 government does not impose what in effect are enormous financial penalties
 on information service providers and their members simply for wanting to
 use advanced network functionalities and services.

 We have drafted a suggested letter which would be appropriate for you to
 use to make your views known to the FCC.  Please address your letter to
 the Secretary of the FCC, and send copies to FCC Chairman Alfred Sikes,
 the other FCC Commissioners, and also Senators Ernest Hollings and Daniel
 Inouye and Representatives John Dingell and Edward Markey.  With your
 help, we can convince the FCC to change its mind regarding new ONA access
 charge rules which would only hurt the ability of CompuServe to provide
 consumers with advanced information services at reasonable prices.

 The docket number for the FCC proceeding is CC Docket No. 89-79 and this
 docket number should be placed on the letter.  The FCC's decision which
 CompuServe and other information service providers seek to have
 reconsidered is styled "Creation of Access Charge Sub-element for Open
 Network Architecture".  A brief summary is in the Federal Register at 56
 Fed. Reg. 33391, July 24, 1991.  This summary is so short as to not be
 helpful since it primarily concerns some further issues put out for
 comment in a supplemental notice of proposed rulemaking.  The full text of
 the FCC's original decision (FCC 91-186) was released to the public on
 July 11, 1991.  The full text may be found at 6 FCC Rcd 45254 (1991) The
 FCC Public Notice released on August 14, 1992 requests that comments be
 filed by September 30, 1992, with reply comments by October 30, 1992.


                             SEND YOUR LETTER

 Please note, that it is important for you to personalize your letter as
 indicated.  Your message will be more effective if it is not perceived as
 simply a form letter, but instead gives your individual reasons for
 opposing access charges.

                              SUGGESTED TEXT

 Dear Secretary Searcy:                     Re: FCC Docket No. 89-79

     This letter is submitted in response to the Public Notice issued
 August 14, 1992, in CC Docket No. 89-79 soliciting additional public
 comment on the "maintenance of the status quo with respect to access
 charge treatment of enhanced service providers (ESPs)."  While the FCC
 thus far has been unwilling to reconsider the position it adopted in July
 1991 that would result in increased telephone access charges to online
 information services that wish to use new advanced telephone network
 features in delivering information services, it should do so now.  If such
 higher charges for using local telephone lines were to be imposed and
 passed on to information service subscribers, this likely would have the
 effect of severely curtailing the use of information services just as the
 mass market for such service is beginning to develop.

     I urge you not to impose any new usage-sensitive carrier access
 charges or "modem fees" on information services.  The FCC also should
 allow CompuServe and other information service providers to use new and
 more efficient technologies without becoming subject to higher access
 charges.  After all, the services provide a viable avenue to further
 education, information and knowledge to the Amercian public and taxpayer.

 At this point:

 (State that you use CompuServe and other information services of your
 choice and describe how you use them;)

 (State that you will curtail your use of information services if the FCC's
 access charge rules cause price increases;)

 (If you live in a rural area, state that affordable access is important in
 being able to use online information services such as CompuServe;)
                              Thank you for your consideration.


 The letter should be sent to the Secretary of the Federal Communications
 Commission, with copies to the FCC Chairman and Commissioners.  A copy of
 the letter may also be sent to key members of Congress involved with
 Telecommunications policy.

  Ms. Donna R. Searcy
  Federal Communications Commission
  1919 M Street, N.W., Room 222
  Washington, D.C.  20554

  Chairman Alfred C. Sikes
  Federal Communications Commission
  1919 M Street, N.W., Room 814
  Washington, D.C.  20554

  Commissioner Andrew C. Barrett
  Federal Communications Commission
  1919 M Street, N.W., Room 844
  Washington, D.C.  20554

  Commissioner Ervin S. Duggan
  Federal Communications Commission
  1919 M Street, N.W., Room 832
  Washington, D.C.  20554

  Commissioner Sherrie P. Marshall
  Federal Communications Commission
  1919 M Street, N.W., Room 826
  Washington, D.C.  20554

  Commissioner James H. Quello
  Federal Communications Commission
  1919 M Street, N.W., Room 802
  Washington, D.C.  20554

  Downtown Copy Center
  1114 21st Street, N.W.
  Washington, D.C.  20036

  The Honorable Ernest Hollings
  United States Senate
  Washington, D.C.  20510

  The Honorable Daniel Inouye
  United States Senate
  Washington, D.C.  20510
  The Honorable John Dingell
  U.S. House of Representatives
  Washington, D.C.  20515

  The Honorable Edward Markey
  U.S. House of Representatives
  Washington, D.C.  20515


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 > GEnie's ST RT Falcon Conference STR FOCUS!         Falcon Part II

                    Atari/Falcon030 Realtime Conference
                      Featuring Atari's Bill Rehbock
                             September 9, 1992

 Part II

 <[Sysop] JEFF.W> On behalf of the Atari ST Roundtable, I welcome all of
   you to the Atari / Falcon 030 RealTime Conference (Part II), featuring
   Atari's Bill Rehbock.

   Prior to the Atari Messe in Dusseldorf, Sam Tramiel previewed several
   details regarding the Falcon 030 for us here in conference.  While a
   great deal was revealed at that time, some items had to be deferred
   until after the show.  Tonight, Bill Rehbock is here to fill in more
   information and to answer our questions.

   Bill, thank you for being with us this evening.  If you have any opening
   remarks you'd like to make, please go ahead.  Afterward, I'll go
   directly to questions from our friends.

 <[Bill@Atari] B.REHBOCK> Thanks, Jeff!  

     As most of you know, the  initial showing  of the  Atari Falcon030 was
 made at  the CeBIT  Show in  Hannover, Germany back in March.  Since then,
 the interest in this exciting new product has been quite  high.  Recently,
 Sam Tramiel came on GEnie to share with all of you the full specifications
 of the Atari Falcon030.   Sam's  visit  on  GEnie  was  a  prelude  to the
 Dusseldorf  Atari  Messe,  where  Atari  gave a full public showing of the
 Atari Falcon030.  That show kicked  off the  world wide  roll out  for the
 Atari Falcon030.

     Here in  the US, we are preparing to continue the rollout to the Atari
 Community, and  the rest  of the  world.   Naturally, we  want to showcase
 those  efforts  here  on  GEnie,  our  official  online service.  I'm very
 pleased to be here once again in a formal conference setting on GEnie.

     As we celebrate the 20th anniversary  of Atari  Corporation this year,
 all  of  our  efforts  are  focusing on making the Atari Falcon030 rollout
 successful.  Upcoming events  where  the  Atari  Falcon030  will  be shown
 include  the  Southern  California  Atari  Faire  in  Glendale this coming
 weekend, and a general meeting  of  the  Boston  Computer  Society  in two

     Naturally, you'll  be able  to keep  up with all of our activities for
 the Atari Falcon030 right here on GEnie.  Be sure to check in the Bulletin
 Board of  the ST  Roundtable for  the latest  information on these events!
 The information that you will find there is  without a  doubt the  most up
 to date information available anywhere!!  Darlah, Jeff, Sandy, Lou and the
 rest of the staff of the ST Roundtables make GEnie  the number  one online
 resource for Atari owners world wide!

     Don't forget that there will also be a conference this coming Monday
 night AFTER the Southern California Atari Faire, where Bob Brodie, John
 King Tarpinian, and John Nagy will also be fielding questions!  I'm sure
 that there will be some Atari Falcon030 products shown at the Glendale
 Show, so be sure to be here for that conference, too!

     Tonight,  I'm  prepared  to  discuss  in  detail  with  you  the Atari
 Falcon030.  Feel free to ask  me  any  technical  questions  regarding the
 capabilities  of  the  Atari  Falcon030, especially those very interesting
 video modes!

   :-) Let's take some questions, Jeff!

 <[Andy] L.SMITH70> I read somewhere that the icons in TOS 4.0 will be
   _animated_ and finally in full color.  Any comments and details about
   these "cosmetic" improvements?

 <B.REHBOCK> Andy, yes the icon information can now have color data for any
   mode with 16 or more colors.  

   The icon is stored in both selected and normal states so that you can
   have a different style (or even color) for the selected state.  When you
   click on it, it can have an animated appearance.

   The AES in this new version of TOS has support for 3D objects, also.

 <[Kim] K.SWIFT> Is an object-oriented development system in the works, one
   that supports MIDI and the DSP chip fully?

 <B.REHBOCK> There are developers that are working on C++ environments for
   TOS, and we are trying to get all of the Falcon and MultiTOS information
   out as quickly as possible to make sure these environments are as rich
   as possible.

 <[Kim] K.SWIFT> Thanks.

 <JONPETERSOHN> Hi Bill.  I've been out of touch lately.

   What kind of $$ are we talking about for the Falcon 030, and how
   downward compatible is it with ST software in general, and PageStream
   and TouchUP in particular?

 <B.REHBOCK> Jon, the Falcon030 is amazingly downward compatible.  In many
   ways, more so than the TT was.

   PageStream, Calamus, TouchUp, EasyDraw, and all of the favorites work
   quite well.

 <JONPETERSOHN> Will it be sold without a HD, so I can use my ICD drive
   with it?

 <B.REHBOCK> Yes, definitely. The base configuration will have 1 meg of RAM
   and no HD for $799.00 You can add any SCSI HD or CD-ROM,
   Magneto-Optical, Floptical, etc.

 <[Sysop] JEFF.W> Bill ... Now might be a good time to run down the basic
   configurations and prices.  We have the 1 meg/no HD base unit at
   $799.00.  Where does it go from there?

 <B.REHBOCK> The next logical configuration is 4 meg RAM and 65 meg HD for
   $1399.00. We haven't quite settled on a price for the 14 meg RAM, 65 meg
   HD version yet. With that much ram, fluctuations do make a difference.
   We'll have prices in mid-October for that.

 <[mike] M.HILL13> Bill,  I'm a little confused on which monitor is the
   "BEST" choice for the Falcon.  John T. put up a nice list which shows
   what's available with a VGA monitor and what's available with the Atari
   color monitor.

   I have a Multisync monitor.  Will it allow me to display more modes than
   the other two?  What's the best choice?

 <B.REHBOCK> VGA monitors, by definition do not overscan off of the edges,
   but you still can get the maximum real-estate.  If you have a VGA
   monitor, it is best for 640x480x256 colors, with no interlace flicker.

   If you want overscan for animation and such, use the composite video
   output to your VCR. You'll have full overscanned TV-quality output.
   (This is what I am currently doing :-)

 <[James] J.VOGH> Can you explain how the DSP chip is connected to main

 <B.REHBOCK> The DSP's host interface port 8-bits wide is memory mapped
   normally. Applications send commands and/or data to it via a very
   complete set of O/S calls.

   The interesting part is that using the built-in connection matrix, an
   application can also connect the SSI port of the DSP to the Codec or to
   the DMA record/playback system so that you can DMA data to or from the
   DSP also.

 <[James@alphat] B.ABELL> Was there any software shown at the messe that
    turns Falcon into a MIDI controlled digital sampler?

 <B.REHBOCK> No, not shown at the show. Honestly, the audio-related
   offerings were a little scarce at the Messe due to the fact that we
   changed the audio system in March based on developer input at CeBIT. The
   DMA system and DSP interface is really excellent now.

 <[myeck] MYECK.WATERS> Two questions about digital sound: 1)Can the
   Codec(s) be set to 44.1Khz? 2)Assuming a full-blown HD-recording setup,
   how many channels can we have going simultaneously playback wise?

 <B.REHBOCK> The built-in base frequencies are really set for STE
   compatibility.  The system allows you to inject any clock into the
   sampling system, so that you can get 44.1 for CD and 48 for DAT. People
   that are going to be doing high-end stuff like this are probably going
   to be hanging AES/EBU SPDIF interfaces off of the DSP Port anyway, and
   it will have the necessary $4 crystal in it.

   The AES/EBU SPDIF interface allows direct connection to DAT players and
   CD Mastering recorders.

   It is possible to use the DSP to correct the system to playback 44.1 or
   48 KHz samples with perfect quality, but purists wouldn't say so :-)

 <[Kent] K.CAVAGHAN2> Hi Bill, with the closure of Atari Canada (naughty
   boys,you <G>), what are the rollout plans for promotion in Canada and
   when the Falcon be expected to land in the Great White North <G>?

 <[Sysop] JEFF.W> Bill, please recap the rollout plans for the USA also.

 <B.REHBOCK> We are considering the big roll-out at the Boston Computer
   Society on Sept. 23rd to be the North-American roll-out.

   We intend to hit the North American market with strong promotion, both
   in PR and advertising.  The advertising, because we are going to be
   attempting to introduce a non-MSDOS machine into the US, is going to be
   very careful and done in close connection with dealers in market areas.

   If we shoot the shotgun with both barrels, it will hurt us if there is
   useless advertising where dealers don't exist yet.

   We need to do more of a surgical strike. :-) We have hired a very
   reputable PR firm, Redgate Communications to handle the roll-out and
   initial advertising. You may have noticed that Redgate's EastCoast
   office handles Apples Macintosh Product Directory, here online on GEnie.
   I personally have been very pleased with them.

   The Canadian market will be handled by the area managers.  Though the
   teething problems we have had in the last month were a little more
   painful than I'd have liked, things are smoothing out now and we are
   determined to have everything tuned to perfection within the next month.

   (Please let me know if that was all clear, I don't want to seem like I'm
   beating around the bush)

 <[Sysop] JEFF.W> What regions will be among the first to see product and
   advertising between now and the end of the year, Bill?  When do you hope
   to have complete North American coverage?

 <B.REHBOCK> We are working those details out right now, but naturally,
   Southern CA, the CA Bay Area, Chicago, NY will be the primary targets at
   General distribution plans are just firming up to ensure that dealers
   will be able to get units quickly and effortlessly. 

   Complete NA sales coverage should be just after Christmas and into
   January, with regional advertising tracking the dealers that order

 <J.D.BARNES> Is there any plan to maintain a public "compatibility list"?
   There are a great many applications that will have to be upgraded to
   work with MultiTOS even if Falcon TOS is as friendly as it is claimed to
   be.  People will be greatly disappointed if their precious applications
   crash when they try to run them without some sort of warning.

 <B.REHBOCK> We are sending a Falcon to Pacific Software Supply (the
   primary ST software distributor in North America) and they have
   graciously offered to assist in helping us run as many applications
   through the Falcon as quickly as possible.

   The list will appear here, on GEnie and in Atari Explorer.

 <[Bill Renkel] W.RENKEL> Do you have any idea of the price point of the
   386SX emulation board??  The one for the MSTE and TT is somewhere around
   $600.  Also, are you planning rollout of the new FSM/GDOS with the
   Falcon 030.  When will the SLM printers be supported?

 <B.REHBOCK> I have an idea, but since neither developer has announced a
   price, I shouldn't say. It is very reasonable.

   FSMGDOS should be available in the same time frame.  We have switched
   the scaling technology to the Bitstream Speedo Font Scaler, which is
   much, much faster, has a very large font availability, you can order
   fonts from Bitstream's 1-800 number, you can buy fonts at Egghead
   Software, and it uses much less memory.

   GDOS will now offer applications pair or track kerning control, as well
   as other benefits such as ease of getting font Bezier Outlines.

   It drives me crazy that this has been delayed, but we will all really
   benefit from the delay.

   The SLM will have to be connected to the Falcon via a SCSI to ACSI
   convertor.  There are a few solutions in the works for this. It is a
   really easy third party project; originally Atari was going to produce
   one, but when we heard somebody was doing one, we didn't want to compete
   with them.

 <[FAST TECH] J.ALLEN27> Hi there!!

 <B.REHBOCK> Hey, Jim!

 <[FAST TECH] J.ALLEN27> Folks have asked how the Falcon's memory works.
   How fast is it, how much time does the CPU get, etc.

   For instance, the ST memory has a 250ns cycle time, and the CPU gets
   every other cycle, video gets the others. How does this all work on the

 <B.REHBOCK> I honestly just dug around to see if I had the system timing
   diagrams handy. (I don't, but I'll have them with me at Glendale) It
   does work basically the same, with COMBEL splitting up the memory

   COMBEL accesses RAM in page mode, 32-bits wide and talks to VIDEL (the
   video controller) on what we call the 'mad bus'. The CPU sees COMBEL as
   a 16-bit bus, much like the Mac LC II.

 <NEVIN-S> Hello Bill!

   I have two questions. First, what challenges do you see in the new
   Macintosh low-priced line, which will be appearing in October with a
   massive media launch and shelf space in Sears, etc.?? One followup

 <B.REHBOCK> It will be rough, but no more difficult than fighting the
   popularity of PC clones in the market.  Sears did nothing for the PS/1,
   and I'm not really convinced that it will mean all that much for the
   Performa line from Apple.

   We have to get back into the U.S. market with a steady push, and by
   treating our dealers and users well.

 <NEVIN-S> Thanks.  Looking at Apple again, that company was very near
   death a few years ago when they realized that the computer biz relies on
   on marketing as well.  So Steve Jobs, the founder, resigned, and a great
   marketer, John Scully turned Apple around.  Do you ever envision an
   Atari which would become a producer of great hardware like the Falcon,
   in which they would provide this hardware to another company which would
   handle all marketing, sales, advertising, etc?

 <B.REHBOCK> Right now, it is difficult for our users to evangelize the
   product to their friends and relatives, even though they knew in their
   heart it was the best thing in the world.  Our goal is to give them the
   ammunition now.  We have not directly entertained an idea like you have
   described, but Jack himself has said "it will take serious marketing
   effort to make a dent in the U.S."

 <[Network 23] R.MARTIN22> Can you give us any additional "desktop"
   features of MultiTos (4.0)?  Also, what parts will be in ROM and what
   parts on disk (how will these disk-based parts improve TOS-in-ROM?

 <B.REHBOCK> The ROM-based code will contain the VDI, an AES that is single
   and multitasking aware, GEMDOS, and the BIOS and XBIOS functions.

   The Multitasking Kernal and other utilities will be ram-loaded, and we
   will be able to release maintenance upgrades easily.

   MultiTOS has expanded interprocess communication, drag and drop
   standards, so that you can grab a file from a open desktop window, drop
   it on a window of a currently running application, have that
   application react accordingly.

   We also have defined a way to minimize windows and applications, so that
   your desktop doesn't get cluttered.

   MultiTOS also allows you to move and manipulate background windows,
   which is really a nice feature.

 <[Network 23] R.MARTIN22> One last question...when you say "rollout" in
   Sept-Dec., do you mean product availability or public announcement?

 <B.REHBOCK> The roll-out will begin on Sept. 23rd, with a strong push to
   get dealers signed up between then and Comdex (Nov. 16th).  Units will
   ship to North America around the end of October. (Developer units are
   already on their way)

   (Sept 23rd is BCS)

 <[FAST TECH] J.ALLEN27> Hi Again!!

   Does the CPU "see" ram as 32bits wide, and does it use the STERM or
   DSACKx signals as access terminations?

   I Just want to be sure I understand.

 <B.REHBOCK> Yes, I was looking at the system chart :-)

   Yes, it does (32 bits wide), and I'm going through the system spec to
   check on your other queries.

   Actually, I'm not sure everyone here is interested, Jim.  :-)

 <[Sysop] JEFF.W> Would this be better answered in GEmail, the Dev RT, or
   the BB, Bill?

 <B.REHBOCK> I'd be happy to double-check and answer in the public BBS,

 <[Sysop] JEFF.W> Okay, we'll go on to the next person then.

 <SAM-RAPP> Hello Bill! Can you please explain the 64K color mode.  I have
   heard that it is not supported by AES/VDI.  Also, where can I get Falcon
   system info as a non developer?  Do you of know of any books about
   Falcon to be released (such as the books for the ST by Abacus) ?

 <B.REHBOCK> The 64k color mode is definitely supported by the AES and VDI.
   The Falcon documentation is available to non-developers, just like the
   rest of the kit.

   The Falcon kit, including DSP debugger, will be available for $80.00.

   It has all of the new video VDI calls, the Color Icon AES info, hardware
   expansion connector info, etc.

 <[Sysop] JEFF.W> Is that kit available now and do you know of any 3rd
   party publishers coming out with anything?

 <B.REHBOCK> The kit is at the printer now. I will have the first copies
   for commercial developers at Glendale, and the kit will be available to
   the public at the end of this month.

   Data Becker has already done a book in German, and they plan to release
   it in English also. I am sure that somebody like Ralph Turner will be
   doing a book also.

 <[Sysop] JEFF.W> Is Atari accepting orders for the kit now?  What is the
   address for ordering?

 <B.REHBOCK> Please send checks or money orders to: 

                               Atari Corp.  
                            1196 Borregas Ave.
                         Sunnyvale, CA, 94089-1302
                            Attn:  Falcon Docs

 <[Needs UNIX!] JM.HAWTHORNE> Will Atari release UNIX/Xwindows for the
   Falcon? Also why not put the os on portfolio style rom cards to allow
   easy change.

 <B.REHBOCK> S8A JEIDA or BEE card for the O/S is very expensive, compared
   to the PLCC rom we are now using. It would be nice; we are considering
   alternatives down the road.

   We are exploring the possibility of having some sort of UNIX on
   Falcon030, but it's not very exciting on a 16MHz '030.

   (In other words, I doubt it.)

 <[Chris C.] C.CASSADAY> In Sam's RTC, he mentioned that he was hoping for
   a home voice-mail type system to be developed for the Falcon030.  Is
   Atari, itself, developing any new applications of this nature to help
   'get the ball rolling', so-to-speak?  Also, is it safe to say that the
   Falcon 030 is 'class B certified'?

 <B.REHBOCK> The F030 has passed all of the Class-B tests; we are waiting
   for the actual government paperwork so that we can ship consumer
   machines with labels. (That why the late Oct. timeframe.)

   We are working closely with several developers to make sure that the
   voice/fax mail system ball keeps rolling.

 <[New Dealer] MAG.SOFTWARE>  Bill!!

   3 _quickie_ questions:

   1) When will Atari be releasing dealer prices?

   2) Will the new TOS 4.0 with MultiTOS be available as an upgrade for the
      TT030 and when?

   3) Will the Falcon030 have a 50 HZ mode for compatibility with some
      European games?

         PLUG: Call New Dimensions Computer Center (414)327-3311

       21MB Floptical Drives Now Available For ALL Atari Computers

 <B.REHBOCK> good Plug, Jeff :-) 
   1) Right after BCS  
   2) Should be around November-December; F030 is the main priority.
   3) VIDEL is very STE Shifter Compatible, most of the undocumented
      bit-banging still works.

 <B.AEIN> Will there be Falcons for sale at WAACE?  Will there be a direct
   compatibility of games between the falcon and the 64bit Jag game        
   machine?  Can you give Quick index numbers yet?  What games will be     
   released for the Falcon immediately?

 <B.REHBOCK> I am not 100% sure if they'll be for sale at WAACE.  

   I will not comment regarding Jaguar, sorry.  

   No, I don't have Quick Index Numbers, I am sure somebody will try at
   Glendale :-)

   I don't have the release schedule handy for games software, Mike Fulton
   is getting it, and I'll comment in a little bit.

 <S.D.ELLIOTT> what technical info is provided with the Falcon?  Also, What
   is the fee to become a commercial level developer?

 <B.REHBOCK> Comprehensive technical docs come only with developer units,
   or by purchasing them separately, as I stated earlier.  You must have a
   product planned to become a commercial developer. The cost of becoming a
   commercial developer is currently $250.00.

 <[James@alphat] B.ABELL> What software will be bundled with the Falcon?

 <B.REHBOCK> Calappt, a personal information manager with scheduler,
   phonebook and dialer. Procalc, which many of you may have seen, a
   true-color Breakout, a game called Landmines, the System Audio Manager,
   a utility that allows you to record any sound and accompany various
   system functions (such as alert boxes, window opening and closing, the
   file selector) with them, as well as map any key to sounds (without
   slowing the system down). 

   We will also be bundling an easy-to-use stereo direct-to-disk recording
   system with the machine that can sample, record and edit 16-bit stereo
   50KHz audio until you fill up your hard drive :-)

   Oh yes, and a talking clock.

 <J.VANHOOSE> Will the Falcon accept the NEC 3D monitor cable as is?  From
   the video pin out diagram in the library, it appears not.  The Falcon
   port is a 19 pin plug while the NEC 3D has a 15 pin mini D sub plug.
   However, the pin outs match with the exception of the audio and Falcon's
   four extra pins Thanks Jeff and appreciate your time Bill

 <B.REHBOCK> There are little monitor adapters that you plug into the
   machine that tell it what kind of monitor you intend to plug in. There
   is a 15 pin VGA adapter, an ST adapter for SCxxxx and SMxxx monitors, a
   SCART/Peritel cable, and a composite video/mixed mono audio adapter.

 <ATARI-OZ> Bill, tell us about the software synergy available/planned to
   enable us to present a personal multimedia platform.

   Competition is tough out there and the team at Antic (sorry AutoDesk)
   have done a great job in raising the stakes.

 <B.REHBOCK> We are working with several developers on solutions along the
   lines of Macromind Director and others.  Wait until the people at
   Glendale see the demo that you and Tony Barker did!

   We are very excited about the power that the Atari Falcon030 will bring
   to users in terms of Multimedia Authoring.

 <ATARI-OZ> Don't give too much away Bill. Just be sure folks to go to
   Glendale :-)  Sorry, I can't be there . . .

   Can you tell us what Lee S. is working on from Lexicor?

 <B.REHBOCK> Lee Seiler from Lexicor really should make his own product
   announcements. (I don't want to speak on his behalf.)

 <J.YEGERLEHNE> GA  Hi, I have two questions:

   1. Does the clipboard standard (defined for developers) support cutting
      and pasting of vector images (consisting of VDI meta-commands)? This
      would allow, for instance, a graph to be cut from, say, First Graph,
      and then pasted into a document processor (assuming both applications
      supported the clipboard). I think this kind of capability is
      especially important to make use of the new multi-tasking

   2. The 56001 can support, I think, up to two local 24 bit X 64K RAM
      address spaces. How much of this local memory comes installed in the


   1) Yes, as defined it supports metafiles. You simply cut SCRAP.GEM to
      the clipboard, and paste the same.

   2) The 56K in the Falcon is accompanied by 32K words of 24-bit wide
      0-wait state 25ns static ram.

 <H.NAGRA1> How easy is it to genlock the video on the Falcon?  Will a
   genlock device be available with the Falcon's introduction?  Also can   
   the VGA modes display a 256 level grey scale?

 <B.REHBOCK> The Falcon030 was born to Genlock.  The video port has
   external v-sync and dot-clock inputs, as well as an overlay output
   signal for easy video titling.

   We will be showing a genlock at Comdex, I think it should be shipping by
   the end of the year.

 <[Mike Allen] M.ALLEN14> How about a 14meg, no HD version?  2-1/2 IDEs are
   a little pricey now compared to SCSI.  Where and at what rate are the
   F030s being produced?  Don't forget your loyal, GOOD dealers (Toad,
   Computer STudio, etc.) outside of the  major market areas in your push
   for new dealers.  Ditto for 3rd party developers.  With all those
   resolution modes, what does an ASSIGN.SYS file look like?

 <B.REHBOCK> We definitely will not forget the dealers that have stuck with
   us through the past years.  We plan to have dealer pricing for all of
   the possible permutations of the machine.

   ASSIGN.SYS has actually gotten simpler. The rule that applications are
   supposed to follow is open your workstation using getrez() + 2.  Apps
   that do this work great. (Including GEMVELOPE, EasyDraw, G-Print,

 <M.HOYT2> What CODEC are you using in the Falcon?

 <B.REHBOCK> The Crystal 4216.

 <M.HOYT2> Thanks

 <B.REHBOCK> We have been very please with its performance.

 <[Network 23] R.MARTIN22> Any Dungeon Master's on the
  that makes people buy the machines? Can you name any new big-name
  developers (not game) that are signed-on or are very promising?

 <B.REHBOCK> There are many very good games on the horizon.  Honestly I
   can't talk about the titles until developers have talked about them
   themselves. I can mention SPACE JUNK from Imagitec Design, a
   space-oriented adventure game; Road Riot 4WD from Images, Steel Talons
   from Koveos, Llamazap from Jeff Minter; Raiden from Imagitec; and Cyber
   Assault from Koveos.

   Most of these will be available between January and June of '93.

 <B.REHBOCK> There has been surprising interest from many past developers
   that we haven't heard from in some time, as well as NeXT and Mac

 <[Sysop] JEFF.W> Okay, now a couple questions from me and then we'll wrap

   First, any news on the horizon about a Falcon 040?  

   And what is the latest on MultiTOS?  Will it be ready to for the first
   Falcons to ship?  And do you know when it will be ready for TT's and
   maybe accelerated ST/STEs?

 <B.REHBOCK> We are working on Falcon030's brothers and sisters, but we
   will not announce any dates (yet).

   I certainly hope to see MultiTOS out soon, but I just checked with John
   Townsend and he wouldn't let me nail him to a solid date on behalf of
   the TOS group. I am sure we will see it comfortably soon.  The goal is
   to have it ready for the first Falcons.

   We will happily discuss licensing MultiTOS to the accelerator guys.

 <[Sysop] JEFF.W> That about wraps it up.  I think a few people may still
   have questions, but maybe you can hang around a few minutes after the
   formal portion ends.  :-)

   Bill, thank you for taking the time to be with us and to answer our

   Do you have any closing comments before we draw this to a close?

 <B.REHBOCK> Jeff, thank you for the time, I'll hang around for a little
   while.  If anybody can make it to the Glendale show, I urge you to stop
   by and take a look at the Atari Falcon030. It is a really great machine.
   This was one long conference, Jeff :-) but I'd be happy to do it again!

   Thanks again!

 <[Sysop] JEFF.W> Thanks to all who turned out!

   (C) 1992 by Atari Corporation, GEnie, and the Atari Roundtables. May
 be reprinted only with this notice intact. The Atari Roundtables on GEnie
         are *official* information services of Atari Corporation.

 > All 'Round GEnie STR Feature           Takin' a look at GEnie!

                             ALL AROUND GENIE

 Compiled by Lloyd E. Pulley, Sr.
 Senior Editor of ST Report

 A few posts that I found interesting in my travels around Genie.  These 
 are all from the Jerry Pournelle Roundtable (Category 4, Topic 24) and 
 deal with humor and computers.

 Msg. 54, from Ken Wheeler -
   I work for a company that makes portable data terminals. In the Repair 
   department, a unit was returned for warranty service, the problem 
   being described "Unit will not turn on."

   The unit must have been in at least three large pieces, plus a 
   collection of miniaturized electronic wreckage and pulverized glass. 
   Even the batteries were seriously bent and dented.

   It became a running joke, as it went to Engineering to figure out what 
   exactly was wrong with it. It was forwarded to Rework to include the 
   latest modifications. It finally went to Quality Control to verify the 
   initial problem.

   Customer service wimped out, sending out a form letter to the 
   customer, explaining that the unit was damaged and did not qualify as 
   a warranty repair.

   We wanted to return the sucker with a "No Trouble Found" tag...

 Msg. 58, from B.MARYOTT - 
   The old AT computers had a between the floppy drive and the lower 
   plate. I've had to open up several machines that "ate my floppy". And 
   had people INSIST, even after I opened it up and retrieved the disk, 
   that they HAD put it in the right slot...


 Msg. 60, from Eric Burch -
   One of the hats I wear at work is customer support--so I get to visit 
   several offices a day where people demonstrate how the computer (ate 
   the wordprocessing/mangled the calendar/lost a message) ten times in a 
   row. Of course, the customer insists that it's the program's fault and 
   they followed all the directions. At that point I use my "debugging 
   gaze" and magically the problem disappears when the customer tries to 
   recreate the problem in my presence.

   I have no explanation of why things seem to work consistently when I'm 
   around. I believe it is my "debugging gaze." Consequently, I've 
   recommended to my management that the company put up posters of me 
   staring at everyone's keyboard in every office (8 by 10's should be 
   adequate). It's been a few weeks since I've made my suggestion, and 
   the problems have yet to disappear (except, of course, in my 

   I'm not sure, but I think that the company is about ready to hire a 
   photographer and print up the posters. If the experiment is a success, 
   I'll report the results here and let you know where you can get your 
   own poster. If it doesn't work out, I'll have to figure out what else 
   it might be that keep bugs away (maybe it's my socks; which would mean 
   every office would get a small display case with an old pair of my 
   socks enclosed therein).


 Msg. 61, from D.JONES117 -
   That also works with mainframes. I had typed something in three times 
   and had it fail three times. But when I call over someone to see if I 
   am doing something wrong, it works. I think that the computer is 
   intelligent and has a sense of humor. It just like making a fool of me.


 Msg. 65, from D.TAMPLIN -
   As to mystical fixes, the best I saw was when three dumb terminals in 
   the same room suddenly started acting up. The hardware guru came in, 
   looked at the rolling and distorted images, and then went over to each 
   and hit it with the palm of his hand. Of course, they all straightened 
   out immediately....


 Msg. 66, from Gary Utter (RT Manager) -
   This is a true story.

   A service rep from the company that one of my old employers contracted 
   with used to carry an antique "stone hammer" in his tool kit. This was 
   a 3 pound steel hammer designed for stone masonry that had belonged to 
   his grandfather (who was, of course, a stone mason).
   He would, in cases where a computer was obstinate, simply wave the 
   thing gently above the circuit board while muttering threats. He said 
   that he got results with this technique about 4 times in 10, and that 
   the results were reliable. He said that it was his opinion that the 
   mass of "cold iron" drove the fairys out of the circuit board. He said 
   this with a straight face.

   Since we were paying him to make the computer WORK, I didn't much care 
   HOW he got his results, as long as things worked when he left. :)

   I have been looking for one of these hammers for a long time now.


 Msg. 67, from Mike Van Pelt -
   Re: Hitting the recalcitrant computer.

   I did that to. The guy across the hall had submitted his two-week 
   notice, then accused me [of wiping] his userid out while he still had 
   two weeks to go. I hadn't done any such thing, I was sure my boss 
   hadn't - and we were the only two people who knew the "magic wordo 
   edit userids. Sure enough, I logged off, and logged on as him on my 

   He said "Well, it doesn't work on my terminal." We went to his office, 
   I tried logging in with my ID, and sure enough, it said "Illegal 
   Userid/Password."  The terminal was sending not what I typed. So I 
   hit the side of the terminal hard enough to move it about 1/4" to the 
   left and said "It'll work now." He said "You're crazy!", I said "Try 
   it", so he did, and it worked.

   This was a Univac Uniscope 200 terminal -- Sperry Univac saved $.29 
   per terminal by not gold-plating the card edge connectors, and they'd 
   slowly develop greater and more bizarre strains of weird flakiness 
   until you pulled all the cards out and cleaned the connectors. This 
   could be put for a while by hitting them, lifting them an inch or two 
   and dropping them, or dropping the Program Reference Manual (all 8 
   pounds of it) onto them from a height of a couple of feet.

   In a sense they were well built -- they took this sort of mistreatment 
   in stride. I was glad to see them replaced too.


 Msg. 69, from J.TENNANT1 -
   Back when we all were young, ..., which takes me back further than 
   you, ...

   I kept a votive candle burning on top of the Xerox 300 cpm card punch 
   until the fire marshall made me stop.
   (The card punch worked better with the votive candle.)

   (The Roman Catholic shop where I bought the candles would have had 
   heart failure long before the fire marshall.)


 Msg. 70, from D.JONES117 -
   Remembering all the things past. 20 years ago while a mail clerk I ran 
   a Philipsburge Envelope Stuffing Machine. The machine would crank away 
   at full speed as long as the radio was playing. The boss would come in 
   a turn off the radio and watch as the credit statement got mangled. I 
   would clean it up and start the machine back up, and another mangled 
   batch. I would then again start up the machine and ask him to turn on 
   the radio, when he did the machine worked fine, but turn off the 
   radio, and it mangled the statements.
   By the way another part of his department produced the statements, so 
   he had to care about the recreating of the statements. I never figured 
   out why the machine liked the music, but it did, and there were not 
   chips, transistors or vacuum tubes in it, just a lot of relays.


 Msg. 71, from Jim Partridge -
   We had a secretary in the office who had to move out of town to be 
   with a SO. We thought, "Hey, no problem! This is the 90's." We gave 
   her a computer, a fax machine and a modem, and set her up to do some 
   work where she is.

   Well, yesterday, I got a frantic call. She was in tears because her 
   machine wouldn't start. "Well," I said, "what does the screen say when 
   you turn it on?"

   "Keyboard error ... [etc.]"

   So I said, "Is the keyboard cable attached? It's the round plug in the 
   back." Guess what the problem was.


 Msg. 72, from W.CHUNG1 -
   I remember hearing about a "jinxed" secretary. It seems that most of 
   the floppy disks she inserted into the computer would develop soft 
   errors. The company went through a lot of time and effort before a 
   technician noticed that one of the charms on her charm bracelet was 


 Msgs 73 & 76, from Tom Molina -
   I tell the people at work that the FIRST tool in the toolbox to try is 
   the BFR adjustment tool.
   BFR = Big Fat Rock. See also BFH or Big Fat Hammer.


 Msg. 78, from Jim Gerber -
   ....What about the clones that put out this message when the keyboard 
   isn't plugged in:

    "Bad or missing Keyboard 
     Press F1 to continue"


 Msg. 79, from C.IRBY1 -
   When I was in the Air Force, one system I worked on had a processor 
   box that rode about 6" away from the right engine of the plane (F-4 
   Due to the heat and vibration, these boxes would occasionally have 
   problems. The most effective cure we had was to take these $60,000 
   classified boxes out of the plane and "drop check" them by dropping 
   them 6" or more onto the concrete runway.

   This would fix them about 50% of the time. It reseated the cards 


 Msg. 81, from D.TAMPLIN -
   Every so often, in them olden days, the computer would heat up just a 
   little too much and start making errors. Rather than opening cabinets 
   and running fans to cool things off, we'd just keep a CO2 fire 
   extinguisher handy. A liberal spray into the cabinets would not only 
   cool things down in the computer, but produce such a dramatic display 
   for the newbies that it would also cool down the ire we had after 
   getting our programs mangled.


 > HYPERLINK RUNTIME PACKAGE STR InfoFile         "at no charge"



     JMG Software is pleased  to  announce  the  worldwide  release  of the
 HYPERLINK RUNTIME PACKAGE at the Glendale Atari Show on September 12th and
 13th.  Moreover, while initially planned to sell  for $30  for the runtime
 version  and  supporting  utilities,  JMG  has instead decided to make the
 HyperLINK Runtime Package available at NO CHARGE, allowing it to be freely
 distributed by  Users Groups, Electronic Services such as GEnie, and to be
 freely copied by individual users.

     HyperLINK  is  a  multi-purpose  product,  the   leading  "Application
 Generator"  product  for  the  Atari  ST  line.    The  most common use of
 HyperLINK is in database oriented  applications,  where  users  can design
 custom forms, reports, graphical screens, and also combine text, graphics,
 and other types of media with the more common database files.

     HyperLINK contains a full  dBASE  III/IV  compatible  database handler
 that  supports  multiple  index  files  and  multiple  field  types (date/
 numeric/ text / logical / etc), and also a multiple-window text editor, an
 IMG file  displayer, and  a basic control/command set.  All these features
 can be combined using "links" to  create fully  hypertext-based multimedia
 applications if the user so desires.

     While many  users begin with simple database files, they soon progress
 to combinations of database, text and graphics, and many even  create full
 educational  and  interactive  applications  ranging  from  tutorials  and
 reference guides to invoicing and scheduling systems.

     The free HyperLINK Runtime  Package being  introduced at  the Glendale
 show will  allow any  ST owner  to immediately  begin to use any pre-built
 HyperLINK application with NO RESTRICTIONS.    While  the  full commercial
 version of  HyperLINK is  required to  create and  modify applications and
 reports layouts,  the  Runtime  Package  can  run  any  standard HyperLINK
 database/text/graphics/report applications previously created.

                            HYPERLINK EXPECTED

     Since HyperLINK  allows database  applications to be designed visually
 and operated under  a  full  GEM  and  Windowing  environment,  it  is far
 superior to  text based  applications such  as DBMAN or limited list-based
 databases such as Data Manager or SuperBase.  With all ST owners  now able
 to  access  existing  HyperLINK  applications  and  databases  without any
 additional  purchase,  we  expect  HyperLINK  to  become  a  standard  for
 exchanging   databases   and   multi-media  applications.    Numerous  new
 applications will be uploaded directly by  JMG in  the next  few weeks, as
 well  as  many  expected  by  the  hundreds  of  HyperLINK  owners already
 designing and using their own applicaitons.

     The  full  HyperLINK  package,   with   Application   Builder,  Report
 Generator,  and  additional  modules,  sells  for $149 US and is available
 through Atari dealers or directly from JMG Software.

     For more information on HyperLINK, the new HyperLINK  Runtime Package,
 or other details, please contact us at the address below.

                               JMG Software
                          892 Upper James Street
                       Hamilton, ONT  L9C 3A5 Canada

                           Phone.. 416-575-3201
                           Fax.... 416-575-0283
                           BBS.... 416-389-9064
                               GEnie JMGSOFT


 > GLENDALE '92 STR SHOW NEWS              Its this weekend!

     The show  will be  held Saturday  and Sunday, September 12-13, 1992 at
 the Glendale Civic Auditorium, 1041 N. Verdugo Road, Glendale, CA.   Hours
 are 10:00 am to 6:00 pm on Saturday and 10:00 am to 4:00 pm on Sunday.

     General Admission is $6.00 per person with a two day pass costing only

     For those of you who will be needing lodging we have made arrangements
 with the  Burbank Hilton.   Regular rates are $119.00 per night but if you
 mention ATARI you will get a room for $65.00 per  night, single  or double
 occupancy.   Executive suites are also available for a per night charge of

     Reservations may be made  by  calling  the  Hilton  at 800-643-7400(in
 California), 800-468-3576(inside  the USA)  or at 818- 843-600(outside the
 USA).  The guaranteed reservation cut-off date is August 20th.  If you are
 quoted another rate ask for Roy Butler, Sales Manger.

 If you have any questions call:

                   John King Tarpinian at 818-246-7286.



                              GOODIES GALORE!

 by Doyle C. Helms Jr.
 Software Editor @ STReport

     Well, I guess I spoke to soon about the quantity of software flooding
 in to the PFS networks.  I guess the excuse for a drop off in uploaded
 files this week can be attributed to the Labor Day Holiday and everyone
 was either at the beach or having their last fling of the summer.

     Whatever the case maybe, I have a positive outlook for the coming
 months.  IMHO, I believe there will be some nice surprises in store
 Atarians in the near future.  If you know of a file that you haven't seen
 posted on the PFS networks, get that file and upload it for the rest of us
 to enjoy/use!  Come on, we did it for you! :-)

     Also check out "DARLAH'S TREAT OF THE MONTH".  The file details and
 file description will be listed at the end of this article each week.
 Check it out!  It's FREE!

      I.D.      : #25635<GEnie> - CAL.LZH<CIS>
      SIZE      : 95616
      UPLOADER  : J.WISNIEWSK2<GEnie> - 76703,4061<CIS>
      STaR Value: 8.5

     CALendar 6.3 is another great update of the famous CAL program from
     Bill Aycock. This program/Acc can almost fulfill any need in
     scheduling of events and important dates. Must have!

      I.D.      : #25623<GEnie>
      SIZE      : 71808
      STaR Value: 6.0

     TODAYS date program is a program that reads the system date and
     displays a text noting important event(s) that happened on todays

      I.D.      : #25618<GEnie>
      SIZE      : 87552
      UPLOADER  : M.FARMER2<GEnie>
      STaR Value: UNRated
     PC PURSUIT PERSUER is a program by Nathan Prichard. This is version
     3.7. This is a working shareware version. $10.00 shareware fee asked
     for.  Unable to verify due to I'm a not PC PURSUIT user.

      I.D.      : #25615<GEnie>
      SIZE      : 61056
      STaR Value: 9.0

     STDCAT 5.1 is one of the most involved and integral disk database
     programs for the ST I have ever come across. This program has features
     far to numerous to list here. Suffice it to say that if you want to
     get ALL those disks finally in some kind organized manner, then you
     MUST have this program!

      I.D.      : #25600<GEnie>
      SIZE      : 63744
      UPLOADER  : A.WATSON6<GEnie>
      STaR Value: 6.5

     RECIPE BOX is a nice program for the user that stores recipes on their
     computer. this program appears to be well thought out and the user
     interface is easy to understand even for the novice.

      I.D.      : #25599<GEnie>
      SIZE      : 58240
      UPLOADER  : A.WATSON6<GEnie>
      STaR Value: UNRated

     This program will help the user in converting recipes from other
     formats to that of RECIPE BOX. The included formats covered are;
     Meal-Master, Q-Book, Assistant-Chef, Computer Chef or any ASCII file
     to RECIPE BOX format. UNRated due to lack of "other" file formats to

      FILENAME  : EASYGO 1.0
      I.D.      : #25597<GEnie>
      SIZE      : 31232
      UPLOADER  : A.WATSON6<GEnie>
      STaR Value: 5.0
     EASY GO is a file launcher program.  The user interface is ZESTDESK
     like. This program is shareware crippled. The first 6 entries on the
     selection screen are usable, the rest are not without registration.
     From Mountain Software.

      I.D.      : #25588<GEnie>
      SIZE      : 2816
      STaR Value: UNRated

     This CPX will let you change the DIP switches inside your MSTE or TT.
     This program is in German.

      FILENAME  : SLM DRIVER (Modified)
      I.D.      : #25579<GEnie>
      SIZE      : 29440
      STaR Value: UNRated

     This is a modified FSM/FontGDOS printer driver for the Atari SLM
     Laser Printer.  This file is from Atari.  DO NOT call customer service
     for assistance with this driver; leave comments in the GDOS topic in
     CAT 14 in the Atari RT on GEnie.  UNRated due to I don't have an Atari
     SLM Laser Printer.

      FILENAME  : CLASS 4 
      I.D.      : #25574<GEnie>
      SIZE      : 108032
      UPLOADER  : G.WREN<GEnie>
      STaR Value: 7.0

     CLASS 4 is a grade book program for teachers/instructors that use
     their ST/TT in/for the classroom record keeping.  The user interface
     in a clean GEM operation with many options.  I rated this program at
     7.0 STaR Value because of the detail workmanship that appears to have
     been put into this program.

      I.D.      : IDLE.LZH<Delphi>
      SIZE      : 14181
      UPLOADER  : KMTV<Delphi>
      STaR Value: 8.5

     This is one of the, if not the best screen saver I have had the
     pleasure of using.  This Accessory is similar in quality and style
     like that you would expect from CODEHEAD.  The ACC is configurable to
     just about any need the user may come across.  The time limit for
     engaging the saver is user variable of course, but the user can invoke
     the saver simply by moving the mouse to any of the user defined
     corners of the screen.  The author also states that this saver is
     compatible with any screen size or video enhancement including
     overscan. MUST HAVE!!

      I.D.      : ANSI15b.LZH<Delphi>
      SIZE      : 98816
      UPLOADER  : JHCURTIS<Delphi>
      STaR Value: UNRated

     ANSITERM is a 100% ANSI VT-102 compatible terminal program that
     supports 16 colors, blinking text with 80 columns. Support for X,Y and
     Z modem protocols. 

      I.D.      : JEKL132.LZH<Delphi>
      SIZE      : 93893 [Jekyl132.lzh] - 40624 [JEKLSHL.LZH]
      UPLOADER  : JHCURTIS<Delphi>
      STaR Value: UNRated

     JEKYL 1.32  protocol and JEKYL SHELL is the latest version of the
     JEKYL transfer protocol.  JEKYL allows the user to download a file
     while chatting with the sysop.  This program only works with another
     JEKYL configured terminal or BBS.

      I.D.      : POWERDOS.LZH<Delphi> -  #25538<GEnie> PDOS<CIS>
      SIZE      : 27520
      STaR Value: 5.0 

     PowerDos from DragonWare is touted to be a very powerful multi-tasking
     GEMDOS replacement for TOS.  I am unable to verify the  ability to
     multi-task,  I can state that the I/O  disk operations are sped up
     appreciably. Dragonware also has released a couple of associate files
     to enhance the users use of PowerDos.  If you try it out and I
     recommend that you do, so be sure to download the files ALIASDRV.LZH,
     PMONITOR.LZH, MEM_SNAP.LZH and PDEXPERT.LZH.  A developers kit is
     offered by DragonWare to help developers produce optimum multi-tasking
     software for PowerDos.  I would have given PowerDos a higher STaR
     rating IF I had been able to verify the MT capabilities!  I would like
     to note that I have problems with PowerDos when attempting to use
     DIAMOND BACK 2.42.

      I.D.      : NBM12.LZH<Delphi><CIS>
      SIZE      : 21275
      STaR Value: 7.5

     Jim Ness has updated his fine benchmark program. This program is one
     of the finest benchmark programs for the ST/TT. Give it a try, "I bet
     mine is faster than yours..."

      I.D.      : HARDCORE.LZH<Delphi>
      SIZE      : 172800
      UPLOADER  : DPANKE<Delphi>
      STaR Value: 8.5

     Jeff Minter of LLamatron/Mutant Camel fame is now working on a new
     original game. This "demo" only has 5 levels. The reason for only five
     levels is that Mr. Minter has another project under his belt that he
     is having to time-share with this program. HARDCORE may only have 5
     levels, but when you finish the 5th level the game repeats itself
     beginning at the first level only the level of difficulty increases!
     This is a must have for ANY Atari gamer!

      FILENAME  : Dr. NECRO v.0.62
      I.D.      : #25630<GEnie> - DRNEC.LZH<Delphi><CIS>
      SIZE      : 50560
      UPLOADER  : K.SCHAFER4<GEnie> - K.SCHAFER<Delphi>
      STaR Value: 6.5 <color only>

     This is a limited level demo of a Dr. Mario clone game. This version
     .63 has 3 playable levels and info about the finished product. If you
     are a Dr. Mario fan, this demo is worth a look.

      I.D.      : SYSINFO.LZH<Delphi><CIS>
      SIZE      : 55808
      STaR Value: 5.0
     This system utility program allows the curious to view the "insides"
     of your systems setup. Works(so says the uploader) on ST/STe/TT. This
     program is from the Netherlands.


     Starting this week, a highlight of DARLAH'S TREAT OF THE MONTH will be
 presented.  This file will change each month, its offered FREE of download
 charges to Atari ST Roundtable members on GEnie.  To download the "TREAT"
 file just enter M475;9 after GEnie log-on.

                       "DARLAH'S TREAT" of the MONTH
                              SEPTEMBER 1992

     This archive contains a demo version of Oregon Research's new program
 Diamond Edge.  The most advanced set of disk management tools available
 for your Atari ST: Disk and data recovery, Complete Undelete, file
 validation and disk diagnostics, Data protection, Disk optimization, Bad
 sector mapping, hard disk partitioning, Disk information archival editing
 and restoration, and much more.  Diamond Edge will be released on Sept. 12
 at the Glendale Atari Show.

     Well that about wraps it up for this week.  Support your favorite
 On-Line Service by uploading files to their respective libraries!  The
 three online services ALL offer FREE upload time!  When you upload a file
 the normal billing charges are suspended for the time of the upload. 

 Until next time...


 > STReport CONFIDENTIAL    "Rumors Tidbits Predictions Observations Tips"

 - Boston MA                            BCS TO SPOTLIGHT ATARI FALCON

     Big doins'  in the  Boston!   If you would like to the ALL NEW Atari's
 FALCON 030, you're invitied  to attend  the BCS  General Meeting September
 23rd.    Atari  will  roll  out  the FALCON030 in all its glory. The North
 American unveiling will be held at  7:30 pm  Wed., Sept.  23rd at  the New
 England Life  Hall, 225 Clarendon Street, Boston.  Atari has also promised
 to loan a FALCON 030 for a hands-on  demonstration the  following evening,
 Thursday September 24th.  This event is slated 7:00pm in MIT's Bdg. 4, Rm.
 270.  You need not be a BCS member to attend either meeting, and admission
 is free!

 - Sunnyvale CA                        NEW FSMGDOS IS "CIRCULATING"

     Everyone's anxiously  awaiting the "new" FSM GDOS based on Bitstream's
 Speedo.  Preliminary  testing  indicates  it's  completely  compatible and
 quite fast.   Bitstream  is among  the largest  of font  publishers in the
 world.  Their huge library of fonts  in Type  1 format  sell at reasonable
 prices.   Bitstream recently  released a  new font scaler that's in almost
 universal use by both hardware and software vendors.  This new Font Scaler
 will be the standard supported by Atari.

 - San Francisco, CA                          PACIFIC CALLING.....
     Attention  all  Atari  ST  and  Falcon  programmers.    Do  you have a
 commercial grade program which you would like published and distributed in
 north  america?    Pacific  Software supply, North America's largest Atari
 Software  Distributor,  is  looking   for   high   quality   software  for
 distribution through  our dealer network.  If interested contact Mr. Curry
 or Mr. Whitten at (805)543-1037.


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                            STReport's MailBag

                    Messages * NOT EDITED * for content


 Conf : Atari Explorer
 Msg# : 250/270  Lines: 15  Read: 2
 Sent : Sep 08, 1992  at 8:39 PM
 To   : Tim Shepherd
 From : Wiz at Fnet Node 642, Hero's Haven
 Subj : Re: <2986> Falcon Video

  Previously Tim Shepherd wrote:  
  - Look people, this IS the new market leader! Clones simply DO NOT       
  - compete It will sell, becuase it hasnt been even SNIFFED at by our     
  - local press, and even my MACINTOSH clients are aware of it!!!!!  Its a 
  - winner before it hit our shores. My business, even though we DO NOT    
  - advertise as being an Atari dealer at all...gets a phone call A DAY    
  - now about it frome people who own AMIGAS, MACS, PCS and even Ataris.
  - I would say theres something in this!

 Thats great.... Now sell as many as you can so Atari can come out with a
 better machine......One that suits my needs better.... This being
 expandable, a detached keyboard, higher graphic rez (A must!), a non Atari
 specific memory arrangement, and  a faster processor....

 Conf : Atari Explorer
 Msg# : 251/270  Lines: 13  Read: 2
 Sent : Sep 08, 1992  at 8:42 PM
 To   : Tim Shepherd
 From : Wiz at Fnet Node 642, Hero's Haven
 Subj : Re: <2987> Falcon video

  Previously Tim Shepherd wrote:  
  - The Falcons a real computer for a real man. If you cant handle yould be
  - better off buying something with less power, try a 386 or something.   
  - Its morwe in your league by the sounds of it. (at least the Falc is    
  - NOT backwardly compatible with a Calculator!!!)
  - Tim NZ

 Hey bud.... Shove it!  I've owned Ataris since the 800...  Ataris are just
 what I need.. Only Atari has fallen to far behind, and the Falcon doesnt
 make up for it..  It is a giant step in the right direction, but it just
 didnt make it...... Lets hope the 040 will though.......

 Conf : Atari On-Line
 Msg# : 326/337  Lines: Extended  Read: 2
 Sent : Sep 09, 1992  at 06:39 PM
 To   : Stingray
 From : Wen Hsieh at Fnet Node 467, SHERWOOD FOREST

 S> It just occurred to me last night.  If someone out there is goin in
 S> on a Falcon, it is going to cost a bundle.  FIrst you get the
 S> computer.  A falcon is $800.  They will probably sell at that price
 S> until they get here in quantity.  Then you have to get a monitor. 
 S> Most decent VGA/SVGA monitors run at LEAST $450.  I know, I run my
 S> ST off one.  So, from the get go, the user is spending about $1250! 
 S> And if he goes with the 4meg Falcon(lets be honest, you really have
 S> to as you need the memory and only Atari makes the upgrade boards)
 S> you start at $1400!  Tack the monitor cost onto that and Boom!
 S> $1850.  That is almost Two Grand for a computer with NO software
 S> because I can get a 486 with EVERYTHING and Monitor for $1600. 
 S> That's $250  less than the Falcon and the 486 comes with a 105meg
 S> hard drive.  Atari better drop its prices, it can't afford to sell
 S> the Falcon at that price... 

 For years, PC users have been telling us prices of S/VGA monitors that
 are way lower than what you've quoted.  USA*FLEX, Flexvision 14" SVGA
 for $329.  Samsung 14" SyncMaster 2 at .39mm for $249.  SyncMaster 3
 at .28 mm for $299.  No name monitor from FCS, 14" SVGA $285.  Want
 more, I've got my Computer Shopper out.  Don't compare cheapo
 monitors that comes standard with clone packages with your NEC dream
 monitor on the Falcon.  If you want quailty, you'll pay for it, it
 doesn't matter which computer you buy.  Ask that dealer of yours or
 call him up and ask him what kind of monitor you're getting and how
 much is it alone.  You'll get the true price and quailty of the
 monitor you'll be getting if you just asked.  Remember the Falcon has
 a standard S/VGA monitor port.

 Let's talk about your 486 setup.  Plan to run Windows?  Cut that
 105meg HD to 80 megs, you'll be throwing away 20 megs for DOS and
 Windows.  When you buy a Falcon, I could see that MultiTOS will take a
 max of 5 megs, so you'll only have 20 megs advangate over a 4 meg
 Falcon setup.  And over time you'll learn that ALL clone software will
 take up to double if not triple space compared to all similar Atari
 software.  You'll really need a 200 meg drive to be taken sersiously if
 you're a PC owner.   

 Plan to have better than PC speaker sound?  Add another $59, and this
 is being generous, if you want ture compatibiliy you'll spend $99 for
 an Ad Lid or if you want state of the art $199 for a SB Pro.

 Want a 19.6k modem?  You'll spend $400+ for one, while the DSP in the
 Falcon promise to do it via software.  We all know software is cheaper
 than any hardware emulation.  Just look at the Gemulator.  Knowing the
 Atari shareware community, I don't see it as expensives at all.  BTW,
 the DSP can go beyond 19.6K quite easily from what I've read.

 Want Windows to run at a respectable speed?  Better dump that standard
 cheapo S/VGA card for a $149-$249 S/VGA card.

 Want to have more conventional memory, shell out another $99 for
 a memory manager.  

 Trust me, I know a lot of people with PC that have 386/25/33 that are
 already thinking of expanding to a 486/50, because the power demands
 of PC software requires such.  How long before a 486/50 looks slow? 
 One, two years?  This is of course totally depended on your needs.

 Want a wordprocessor without pirating?   Do I really have to tell you
 how much Words and WordPerfect for Windows really cost?

 Want close to GEM like features?  Put out another $99-$199 for a
 Program Mananger replacement for Windows.  I know Windows, I worked
 with Windows, I've seen Windows run.  Windows is not GEM/TOS.

 You've haven't really compared prices, I see you're really green to
 the PC world too, or you'll know all the hidden costs.  Its
 unbelievable the hidden cost of a PC system that match some of the
 features of the Atari machines.  Of course there are hidden costs in
 the Falcon system too.  Like RAM costing more per meg than your regular
 standard SIMM.  Limited to below 800x600 resolution out of the box. 
 Additional resolution might be possible via third party, but that's
 additional expense.  Close system.  Possible mushy keyboard.  Alot
 more I'm sure you could think up.  Think about it and than make your

 Conf : STReport Online
 Msg# : 21937/21938  Lines: Extended  Read: 1
 Sent : Sep 10, 1992  at 8:28 PM
 To   : Gregory Fagan
 From : Len Waller at Fnet Node 18, ///Turbo Board Support BBS
 Subj : Atari

 GF> If you think that when you purchase a 486 for $200 more and skip out
 GF> from buying the falcon, you are getting a deal?  Fine.  Just remember
 GF> that the 486dx comes with the 486 chip, and the fast bus.  As far as  
 GF> I know, the Falcon has the same 32 bit bus??!!?? but also comes with
 GF> many of the things you will need to buy "cards" for to use.  Like     
 GF> midi, DSP, etc. 
 GF> *Origin: Fnet Node 637, Source Machine @Node 637 Mn.

 Yes but the Atari hasn't learned their lesson yet, they're still useing
 proprietary methods when the 486Dx clone is open technology.  I don't
 have to buy an IBM memory board before I can upgrade my memmory, I can
 buy what every is available and cheapest.  The Falcon may use normal
 simms for memmory but you still have to buy the board from Atari.  What
 about service, they have now all but shut down their service deptments.
 The price of compatable IBM features to exact Atari Falcon features
 would mean paying more for the IBM but going with the IBM I have serval
 advantages that you don't.

 1> If a new midi board comes out, new standards or whatever I buy the
 low cost board and install it.  You have to hardware hack or replace the

 2> If I want to upgrade to a 586 whnever they come out I buy the mother
 board and keep my exsisting cards, you again buy another whole machine.

 3> Software IBM clones have been around for ages and software  support
 is huge and wide spread in the stores and otherwise, Atari keeps
 changing it's operating system and therefor no backward compatablitly
 maybue not so with the Falcon this time but every other time it was that
 way.  I on the other hand with my software for my 286 can buy a 386-486
 and 586 and still use that software.

 Atari is a great system I'm just tired of paying to upgrade and not
 getting the same deal that the IBM users are.  I love the Atari ST I
 have now, it's been a great machine but I won't be upgrading to the
 latest version of Atari product for the reasons stated.  Everything is
 pretty well modular in the IBM and nothing is modular in the ATari, at
 least not in memory boards, nothing, you can't taske your 250.00 memory
 upgrade from your 1040 that made it a 4 meg machine over to the Falcon,
 you can't trade it in like you can with IBM equipment.  Other than cost
 where is the advantage??   I don't see it.

 Now I didn't state all of this to start fights and arguements, if you
 can make your point as I'm sure you'll try... I'm interested in hearing
 your side of things.

 --- Blue Wave/QWK v2.10

 From GEnie's ST RT

 Category 18,  Topic 20
 Message 248       Sat Sep 05, 1992
 S.WINICK                     at 07:10 EDT
 John (TOWNS),

     On the Jewish holiday of Passover, the youngest child in the family
 asks what is known as the "Four Questions" which serves as the foundation
 of retelling the story of the exodus from Egypt.  The questions are all an
 expansion of the basic "Why is this night different from all other

     Perhaps what your Atari owners are trying to ask is merely their
 version of that question, rephrased as "Why is this Atari different from
 all other Ataris?"  Perhaps the 1992 version of "The Four Questions" in
 Atariland might go something like this:

    Why is this Atari (Falcon) different from all other Ataris?  On all
    other Ataris, the FCC wreaked havoc, but this Atari we're told
    will have no problem!

    On all other Ataris, FCC rejections caused delays in approval and
    product supply to the United States market, but this Atari, we're
    told, will fly through with ease, despite the addition of so much
    extra electronics within the same case that has been so troublesome
    in the past.  Has Atari devised a neat way that by adding a faster,
    more powerful processor, 10 extra megs of RAM, a hard drive,
    cooling fan motor and DSP circuitry, the RF will be reduced?  Neat

    On all other 1040-style Ataris, copious amounts of metal
    shielding and what appears to be after the fact supplemental
    shielding along with a gaggle of screws and twist tabs had to be
    added in order to finally get an FCC Class B rating, but on this
    Atari the folks back in Sunnyvale tell us they're not at all

    On all other 1040-style Ataris FCC approval dragged on for many
    months, but on this Atari there doesn't appear to be any sense of
    urgency to start the approval process rolling by actually
    submitting the thing to the FCC.  After all, it is only September
    and Sam didn't promise to have them start arriving until next month

     Well....   there you have it.  I hope those of us who are truly
 dedicated to the platform will enjoy this "religious experience" parody. 
 The questions and concerns of your Atari owners are sincere, and this
 message is not intended as anything other than a lighthearted parody of
 their concerns.  I hope it is taken in just that spirit.  ;-]

 Sheldon (Computer STudio - Asheville, NC)


 From GEnie's ST RT

 Category 18,  Topic 20
 Message 30        Sun Sep 06, 1992
 B.CARRIER                    at 20:55 EDT
  ...been away for awhile.  Went to the Ct. Atari show in Hartford, nice
 Brian Gockley), got interested in the "Falcon" computer.....

 Is this a topic about the new computer or a forum for name-calling,
 puncuation lessons, responsible journalism, or plain old mud-slinging?  I
 thought I was caught in the Bush/Clinton campaign rhetoric.

 When I first bought my first Atari computer, (1983), and subsequently
 joined Genie, I used to think that Lloyd Pulley, and others, were real
 jerks to criticize Atari Corp.

 I hated it, and him, when he kept reminding us that the Tramiels would
 never deliver on their promisies to make the ST a viable computer on the
 home and business market in this country.(?)

 Lloyd was 100% right then, and 100% right now.  ANY way you spell it -
 Atari Corp. has pulled the rug, slowly, oh so slowly, out from under
 us....their best and most unheralded salesmen, for so long now.

 Proof?  The ST/TT line of computers has been at the top of the computer
 line since 1986, and STILL, no one outside of the Atari community has ever
 heard of them.  Atari Corp. has advertised ONLY to their loyal users. 
 People like Tom McComb, who like "another brick in the wall", keeps
 believing that despite failing specific magazines, almost zero stock
 prices, vaporware, 300 mile dealers, NO advertising, no support from
 computer mags,  and etc., feel compelled to remind us that we don't spell
 very well, or most importantly, must not denigrate the company who has
 made such a fine computer, and let others try to make it successful.  

 The fact is, and even people "like him" must admit it, is that us Atari
 owners have always felt embarassed to acknowledge that we actually own an
 Atari computer.  "No it's not IBM compatible" - "No, it doesn't lust play
 Pac-Man" - "Yes, it can write a letter" !!!
 lust=just, yes, I'm tired too Tom.  Forgive me.

 As to Lloyd.  True Atari afficiandos (how's that), should be thankful for
 people like him and ST Report for trying to present the real story.  I
 know John Jainschigg, and he tried to do the same, until Atari realized
 that John wanted to tell us what was really going on - and then pulled the
 mag "in-house"!  Guess what that means.

 The old saying, "the proof is in the pudding", applied to Atari Corp.
 under the Tramiels, takes on greater meaning.  NO pudding.  Great 3rd
 party software, and hardware, has kept this platform afloat for many
 years.  .....and, of course, many, many, loyal rowers and bailers - or is
 it "bailors", Tom?

  I love my Mega 2, even though I have to drive about 70 miles to get it
 fixed or see anyone who knows what I'm talking about.  My user group,
 STARR, has shrunk to 6 people - and they all have IBM clones that they
 demonstrate at every meeting.  

 Lloyd, I think you write just fine.  I thought you were way off base a few
 years ago, but boy has Atari proved me wrong.  IF ANYONE HAS SWITCHED TO

 Where is START, Byte (for just a mention), EA, Microprose, Analog,
 Electronic Boutique (in the East), Compute???

 Sure, here comes the Falcon.  Lets all get excited again.  I think I'll
 wait, and like Mr. McComb, put down users who can't quite believe what's
 coming out of Atari mouths - whoever they may be this month.

 By the time Atari delivers, (there's a word they don't understand), the,
 (or A), Falcon, the rest of the real computer establishment will have
 twenty-seven models just like it, and us loyal atarians will still be
 drooling over promises, specifications, and idiotic forums like this one. 

 I hope you all have a "Falcon" for Christmas.  Anybody wanna (sic) bet?

 Anybody wanna buy a bridge in Brookl.... no, make that 1000 shares of
 Atari Corp. stock?(!)

 Hey, it's cheap.  Less than $2.00 a share.  

 Lloyd, and STReport, keep on keepin' em honest (double sic), and don't
 let idjits like McComb influence honest reporting.  I was at the Ct. show,
 heard the same, can't prove it, don't need to, and support you.   Keep up
 the good work and tell it like it is.  You may be the only ones left doing

  If Atari Corp. doesnt deliver the everything else you
 have all waited patiently, and expensively, for......then IGN PERM.

 Category 14,  Topic 20
 Message 56        Mon Aug 31, 1992
 J.RICHTER [J.RICHTER]        at 23:55 EDT

 Forgive thirsty and parched patrons for our crankyness! We have been
 dreaming of cooling waters with class "B" TT030's floating by our way in
 large ATARI shipping crates..  Our screens filled with scalable rotatable
 FSMGDOS fonts complete with jealous lears from PC owners peeking over our
 shoulders..  The shipping crates have all sunk, the FSMGDOS boxes never
 looked quite right to ATARI marketing.. they never got shipped!  OH ATARI,
 fill our empty cups with the cool, cool waters of truth, give us all the
 strength to wait on your final promise.

                                         May the FALCON be with you


                      STReport's "EDITORIAL CARTOON"

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