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From: Bruce D. Nelson (aj434@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 01/17/91-08:43:57 PM Z

From: aj434@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Subject: Z*Net: 05-Jan-91  #9101
Date: Thu Jan 17 20:43:57 1991

        =========(( ===   -----------------------------------------
        =======(( =====        January 5, 1991     Issue #91-01
        =====(( =======   -----------------------------------------
        ==(((((((((( ==   Copyright (c)1991, Rovac Industries, Inc.

       PUBLISHER/EDITOR: Ron Kovacs        SENIOR EDITOR: John Nagy
      CONTRIBUTING EDITORS: Jon Clarke, Terry Schrieber, Mike Schuetz


     EDITORS DESK.........................................Ron Kovacs
     Z*NET NEWSWIRE.................................................
     ATARI COMPUTER DEMO CONTEST....................................
     REVOLUTIONARY CONCEPTS............................Donald Thomas
     GRAMSLAM GRAMMER..................................Press Release
     KIDS-91 PROJECT................................................
     PORTFOLIO PD SHELF...................................Ron Kovacs
     ST MEMORY UPGRADES................................Press Release
     PUBLIC DOMAIN UPDATE..............................Keith Macnutt
     GOODS AND SERVICE TAX HITS CANADA...............Terry Schreiber

 by Ron Kovacs

 Welcome to 1991!

 The issue number has changed to a new format to make it easier to locate
 past edition of Z*Net.  Simply, we have used the year and week in the
 filename.  Example:  9101  (1991 - Issue #1 of year or Week #1 of year)
 ZNET9101 is this issue number.

 Our staff is almost ready to return to work and we look forward to a
 full return by next week.  Most of us are getting settled into new
 routines with our real paying jobs and relocations made during the
 last 2-3 weeks.

 We have started a new conference in the FNET system to support the
 KIDS-91 Project and encourage everyone to join and participate.  The
 conference code is 20593 with the lead node 593.  Please send email to
 Node 593 if you are interested in joining.

 I want to also thank the 41 systems carrying the Z*Net Online Conference
 at the present time.  I greatly appreciate the support and will list
 all the boards and numbers in the next edition.  If you are interested
 in joining this conference, the code is 20448 and the lead node is 593.
 We are sending Z*Net issues out every Saturday night through the
 conference.  Comments and discussions about Z*Net and Atari are a
 regular feature along with assistance to those requesting it with Atari
 products and software.

 May 1991 be the best year for Atari and it's supporters.


 Atari stock is down again at the close of 1990 sitting at 1 3/4.  Sales
 for Atari's fourth quarter were excellent according to un-official
 sources.  The TT is now selling in Canada and Europe and should be in
 dealers hands this month.  The MEGA STe looks to be sold in only in
 North/South America.  The Europeans have the older Mega to get rid of
 first.  Lastly, the 16-bit 16Mhz Atari Home Game System is expected by
 the second or third quarter of 1991 and will have an adaptor to play the
 Lynx games.

 Bill Crouch's last day at Atari was Friday January 4, 1991.  There has
 been no official response from Atari on his departure, but low fourth
 quarter "numbers" may have played a part in his leaving.

 Atari dealers WILL be able to get the TT.  They have to give ATARI a
 letter stating that they have business and industrial clients.  Also,
 it is expected that the STacy will be sold through these dealers in the
 same manner.

 Jeff Earl, General Manager of Atari Canada announced this week a full
 one year warranty on all computer product from the 520ST on up.
 Previously the 520 & 1040 series were covered for 90 days only.  This
 brings Atari in line with the industry norm and still holds the "Power
 Without The Price" stature.

 Atari Canada has announced it will ad a new computer to it's 68000/030
 series.  Details on the new system are being withheld for it's premier
 at the Pacific Rim Computer and Communications Show in Vancouver B.C.
 next week.  (we did find out it will be released in a TT style case)

 Sega announced this week they will unveil Game Gear, the latest in
 handheld portable video games, at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las
 Vegas, Jan. 10-13.  Game Gear has a back-lit screen which enables
 players to play in all lighting situations.  Other options include a
 television tuner, which transforms the video game system into a portable
 color television, and a car cigarette lighter adaptor and rechargable
 battery pack.  The new color system sold more than 40,000 units in Japan
 after just two days of availability.

 Matsushita announced late this week that it has completed its
 acquisition of MCA Inc.  The merger, which was effective January 4th,
 was the second step in a two-step acquisition.  The first step, a cash
 tender offer for all outstanding shares of common stock of MCA at $66
 per share, was completed on Dec. 29, 1990.

 Hayes announced that an amicable out-of-court settlement of the patent
 litigation between Hayes and Prometheus Products Inc. has been reached.
 The settlement resolves all claims filed by Hayes against Prometheus.
 As part of the settlement, Prometheus has consented to a judgment that
 the Modem with Improved Escape Sequence patent issued to Hayes in 1985
 (Heatherington U.S. Patent No. 4,549,302) is valid and has been
 infringed by the manufacturer and sale of their products.  Prometheus
 has licensed the patent and is paying license fees to Hayes in
 connection with the execution of the license agreement.

 Lotus Development Corp. is planning on releasing a CD-ROM called
 "HOUSEHOLD MARKETPLACE".  This CD-ROM claims to contain data of about
 120 million people in the US.  It lists income profiles, spending habits
 and marital status among other things.  This is believed to be an
 infringement of an individual's privacy and rights.  Lotus says that
 this CD-ROM will only be sold to "legitimate businesses".  Now, if you
 don't want mail-order and other telemarketing outfits to bug you, you'll
 have to write in to Lotus to explicitly exclude you from their list.
 You can write to:  Lotus Development Corp., Attn: Market Name Referral
 Service, 55 Cambridge Parkway, Cambridge, MA 02142.  The Wall Street
 Journal had run an article in their November 13th's issue (on page B1)
 headlined as: "Lotus - New Program Spurs Fears Privacy Could Be
 Undermined". -- Harish Pillay   harish@itivax.bitnet

 ===========================                  Press Release

 As Atari Computer Corp. gets into full swing for 1991, dealers are
 requesting as many demonstration programs as possible to "show off" the
 abilities of our hardware.  We are looking for demos that feature DMA
 sound, digitized speech, and advanced color graphics that will make
 people want to buy the STe/MegaSTe/TT series of computers.

 Submitted demos might include:

 o  Demos that take advantage of the expanded STe/TT color palette.
 o  Demos that show off the abilities of existing presentation graphics
    packages such as the Cyber Series, Deluxe Paint, and others.
 o  Demos along the lines of Cool STe and Tony Barker's.
 o  Interactive demos -- self running demos that a shopper in a store
    can get involved with.

 All submitted demos will become property of Atari Corporation, with all
 rights reserved and may be freely distributed to our dealers and users.
 Judging will be done by Atari staff in Sunnyvale and all decisons made
 by the judges will be considered final and not reviewable by any other
 person or agency.  Employees (and their families) of Atari Corporation,
 its advertising agencies, and its subsidiaries are ineligible.

 One winner and two runner-ups will be selected from the files either
 uploaded to our Email address on GEnie (ATARIDEV), CompuServe (70007,
 1072), or mailed directly to our offices at:

 Atari Corporation
 1196 Borregas Avenue
 Sunnyvale, CA 94086
 Attention: Bill Rehbock

 Mailed entries must be postmarked no later than March 26, 1991 and
 received by us in-house by April 5, 1991 to qualify for entry.  The
 contest prizes are listed below.


 1st Prize..........32MHz TT030/8-50
 1st runner-up......16MHz MegaSTe/4-50
 2nd runner-up......Lynx & 2 additional games

 Feel free to copy this announcement as long as it is reproduced in its

 ======================            PART 36 - "CALLING ALL PROFESSIONALS"
 by Donald A. Thomas, Jr.

 (This is PART 36 of a series of articles published and distributed by
 Artisan Software.  Please feel free to copy and distribute this article
 as you please provided you include all unedited text.  Also feel free to
 upload to boards and communication services.  These articles are
 designed to entice you to take constructive action.  Write to involved
 parties and tell them how YOU feel about the subject.)

 Jan Dean & Associates, in Fort Worth, Texas, are business seminar
 specialists.  Rick Dean, Marketing Director for the firm, contacted
 Artisan Software having seen the article in the December issue of START
 magazine.  Rick explained that their organization has provided their
 audience with in-depth perspectives of how Macs and IBMs are used in
 business environments.  Most recently, they discovered the power and
 value of Atari 16-bit machines and are excited about the possibility of
 presenting the Atari alternative in their seminars.

 Atari Computer Corporation has made arrangements to provide Jan Dean &
 Associates some equipment and several key software companies are
 supplying samples of their packages.  Rick contacted Artisan Software
 for testimonials from persons who use Atari computers in business
 settings.  The resulting list has been sent to Rick's attention.

 This notice is an appeal for others to send any information they may
 have to Rick for his project.  He needs the name, address and phone
 number of contacts throughout the U.S. who can explain how they use
 Atari computers professionally.  If you or someone you know fits this
 catagory, please jot a note to:

   Mr. Rick Dean
   P.O. Box 11722
   Fort Worth, Texas  76110

 To order Artisan Software's updated new paperback edition of The
 REVOLUTION HANDBOOK, send $14.95 (plus $1.50 shipping and handling) to:
 ARTISAN SOFTWARE, PO Box 849, Manteca, California 95336.  The 1989 disk-
 based version is available through select Atari dealers including
 Megabyte Computers (Hurst, TX), Computer Studio (Asheville, NC) and in
 the December issue of STart magazine.

 ================                   Press Release

 Release Date: 1 January 1991

 Phil Comeau Software announces the release of Version 3 of the GramSlam
 Grammar and Style Checker -- the first grammar, writing style, and
 readability analyzer for the Atari ST.

 GramSlam checks documents for over 1200 common grammar and writing-style
 problems.  GramSlam's readability statistics help the user tailor
 writing to a particular audience.  GramSlam can improve the quality of
 any written work -- memos, letters, stories, resumes, manuals, and
 business and school reports.

 Version 3 of GramSlam offers many significant improvements over the
 previous version, including checks for: doubled words; British vs.
 American spelling; capitalization problems; unclosed parentheses and
 quotation marks; sentences ending with prepositions; incorrect form and
 use of "i.e." and "e.g."; punctuation placed incorrectly inside or
 outside quotation marks; inappropriate use of contractions.

 Other features added to Version 3: problem reporting can be limited to
 problems exceeding a specified severity; preference for British or
 American spelling rules can be selected; works more consistently with
 different word-processor formats; GRAMSLAM.PRG can be renamed
 GRAMSLAM.ACC to use as a desk accessory; problem context in problem
 reports has been expanded to four lines; problem phrase file has been
 compressed; user's manual has been completely rewritten.

 Version 3 of GramSlam is priced at $39.95 (+ $3.00 S/H).  Customers who
 purchased GramSlam prior to 31 December 1990 can upgrade to Version 3
 for $10.00 (+ $3.00 S/H) before 1 June 1991.

 For further information, contact:

 Phil Comeau Software
 43 Rueter St.
 Nepean, Ontario
 Canada K2J 3Z9
 (613) 825-6271


 The KIDS-91 Newsletter
 A Global Dialog for Children 10-15 Years
 Issue number 5, December 15 1990

  1. The KIDS-91 project
  2. The Newsletter
  3. Progress report
  4. Some new responses
  5. Documents and Files
  6. If you don't have a modem
  7. Invitation to Norway in May
  8. For more information about KIDS-91.

 1. KIDS-91
 The  objective of KIDS-91 is to get as many 10 to 15-year-old children
 as possible involved in a GLOBAL dialog continuing until May 12, 1991.
 We want their responses to these questions:

 1) Who am I?
 2) What do I want to be when I grow up?
 3) How do I want the world to be better when I grow up?
 4) What can I do now to make this happen?

 We would also like them to illustrate their future vision, for example
 in a drawing, a video tape, or something else.

 On May 12, 1991, the children will be invited to "chat" with each other
 in a global electronic dialog.  Exhibitions of selected parts of the
 responses will then be sent back to the children of the world to see and

 The KIDS-91 newsletter is an information bulletin for participants,
 sponsors, teachers, mediators, promoters, and others.

 Suggestions and contributions to the next issue are welcome.  We hope
 to port it within 45 days or so.  Write the Editor to receive future
 issues of the newsletter.

 Editor/Project director:  Odd de Presno
 Mail address:             Saltrod, Norway (Europe).
 Telefax:                  +47 41 27111
 Online addresses:
    Internet:               opresno@coma.uio.no
    UUCP/EUnet:             uunet!coma.uio.no!opresno
    S.H.S. BBS:             SYSOP (Phone: +47 41 31378)

 Our two Internet/BITNET discussion lists, KIDS-91 and KIDCAFE, have
 quickly become key meeting places for people involved in the KIDS-91

 To join KIDS-91 send the command SUB KIDS-91 Your name to
 LISTSERV@vm1.NoDak.EDU.  (For example: SUB KIDS-91 Ole Olsen.) The
 command should be in the BODY of the text.

 The Danish Ministry of Education's "Skolernes DataBase Service" (more
 than 250 schools connected) has parallel KIDS-91 and KIDCAFE conferences
 in Denmark.  Messages are fed from the Internet/BITNET discussion lists.
 Messages entered by Danish participants are ported to the global
 discussion lists.

 Parallel conferences are also in place on other networks.  For example,

  * GeoNet, on a bulletin board called "GD-KIDS-91".  Internet  address:

  * SciNet, Toronto.  All messages from the lists are exchanged with the
    KIDS91 and KIDCAFE conferences respectively.  Our "call for help" has
    been posted in ENET.SYSOP (the European FidoNet System Operator's
    conference) and FN.SYSOP (world-wide FidoNet sysop's conference), on
    BOOKMAIL in Frankfurt am Main (Germany), in the "kids.91" conference
    on IGC/US, in the misc.kids newsgroup on the National Centre for
    Software Technology in Bombay (India), as well as other places.

 "I am right away going to post the great idea of KIDS-91 on our Notice
 Boards and to all Indian Sites.  You are very likely to get a lot of
 responses from interior India ....."      --Jagdeep Antani.

 And then:

 "..  I have been to one village in the state of Maharashtra (India).  I
 collected responses of about fifty students from that place.  ...  I
 will keep on typing the responses.  All are from students of rural
 background.  They are not aware of environmental degradation, drugs and
 other things.  The most touching where the responses about what they
 wanted to be.  There are many interesting responses..."
 --Pradeep Waychal.

 The invitation to participate has been mailed out to 54 schools in
 Moscow!  We are spreading out in Brazil, Argentina (through el Programa
 Nacional de Comunicacion e Informacion Cientifica y Tecnologica de la
 Secretaria de Estado de Ciencia y Tecnologie, 250 nodes), and Germany.

 The first batch of responses came in from the Paterson School System in
 NJ, USA, a network of 25 7th grade classes.  Then there's the Americans
 living in Germany, WCU MicroNet (a North Carolina, USA, network with
 more than 50 subscribing schools), the Big Sky Telegraph (Dillon,
 Montana), TOGL (Telecommunications Opportunities for Gifted Learners) in
 Florida, the schools in Sacramento, the Seabury Hall High School in
 Maui, Hawaii, and many more.

 In the city of Santa Monica (USA), they decided that all Santa Monica/
 Malibu schools with students in the appropriate age range will be
 brought online the PEN system to participate in KIDS-91.  Phone lines
 will go in.  Modems will be provided.  Five hundred KIDS-91 flyers will
 be distributed to teachers and others.  Wow!

 Wait, there's more: they are developing a multi-national real-time
 continuous-action full-color satellite video linkup -- a "Hole in Space"
 --  for the climactic day of KIDS-91, May 12, 1991.

 Others are eager to exploit amateur packet radio in connection with the
 project.  Lynn Richardson put news about KIDS-91 up on his radio
 bulletin board (email address on CompuServe: 73417,437), and is planning
 to distribute it nationwide.

 Initially, we thought that teachers and schools were our only target
 group.  Wrong!  There's also a lot of interest in groups working with
 preventive care as illustrated by Mr. Volker Ulle at Langenhagener
 Verein fuer Sozialarbeit e.V. in Germany, and the Department of
 Preventive and Adolescent Health Care at the Medical Faculty, Charles
 University, Prague, who is running a major KIDS-91 campaign in

 Czechoslovakia came online after having read about KIDS-91 in the Online
 Journal of Distance Education (Alaska, USA).  This magazine goes to
 about 2000 people in 40 countries.

 We also have contacts in other countries in Eastern Europe.  Via FidoNet
 we correspond with Daniel Kalchev of Sofia, Bulgaria ("I was told, some
 months ago, that it's not  possible to use the phone lines for data
 transfer -  well, 'theories' may not  be true sometimes", he wrote.)  We
 also have several contacts in Poland Via modem from Riga, Latvia, we
 learned that the children's newspaper "LaBA" featured a story about
 KIDS-91 in their November 9th issue, and that responses are now being
 received.  We expect a batch to arrive by courier later this month.

 FidoNet is also our gateway to Singapore, Hong Kong, South Africa, and
 to a helper in Brazil.

 John Carson of the Northern Territory University, Darwin, Australia,
 wants to make KIDS-91 a project for his graduate diploma in Educational

 Winding down, we have friends in CHATBACK, a network for children with
 special needs in the British Isles.  And then there is Peter Flynn of
 Ireland (of SCHOOL-L discussion  list fame), and  a host of others that
 we should have mentioned.

 So far, we have received responses from:

 * Fenwick in Ontario, Newfoundland, Kelowna B.C. and Lismore (Canada),
 * Oslo, Saltrod and Valderoy (Norway),
 * Seattle, Mt. Vernon in New York, Seabury Hall School on Maui, Hawaii
   and Paterson in NJ (USA),
 * Madrid (Spain),
 * Rio de Janeiro and Mercs in Curitiba (Brazil),
 * the English Grammar School in Riga (Latvia),
 * Byron Bay, O'Connor Catholic High School in Armidale, Kentucky, and
   Uralla N.S.W. (Australia),
 * London (UK),
 * Moscow, USSR,
 * Asahi-cyo elementary school in Tokyo (Japan),
 * Herttoniemi School in Helsinki (Finland)
 * Buenos Aires (Argentina)

 Here are a few examples from our new participating countries:

 >From Moscow (USSR):

 1.  My name is Yulia Snegiryova, I'm 12.  I love my country.  My country
 is very beautiful.  Only beeing friends we can preserve beauty and

 2.  It's difficult for me to say, what I'm going to be, but I enjoy
 English and I want to study foreign languages.  I would like to have an
 interesting job and to meet with people of different countries.

 3.  I want me and everybody to live in peace on our planet.  I want
 people to understand each other and to love animals.

 4.  Maybe I can't do much, especially now, but I want to study well, to
 learn everything about our world, it's history, countries and people.

 >From Buenos Aires, Argentina:

 1.  My name is Maria Estefania Marini, and I am 10 years old. I am
 argentine.  I go to 5th form of school.  I like playing voley and
 tennis.  I have 10 dogs, 10 canary birds and a turtle.  My sister has a
 horse too.

 2.  When I grow up I will be a stewardess because I like flying and
 because my mother has been one of them.  I like being a lawyer too,
 because I want to protect people who need it.

 3.  I would like a world without poverty and without thieves.

 4.  I can call the police when I see a thief and I can give my savings
 to the poor people.  I think this is all I can do.  I wish that when I
 grow up I would make too much.

 >From Tokyo, Japan:

 1.  My name is Yuusuke Matsuo.  I am a boy.  I am 11 years old.  My
 hobby is playing with  miniture trains.  I am not good at sport.

 2.  I would like to be a cook at "Blue Train", especially nicknamed "the
 Great Dipper" (bullet train).

 3/4.  I will join a group which is very active in environmental
 movement.  I have already decided not to use spray things.  I should do
 recycling as much as possible.  We should reuse the heat from factories
 to make the water at home hot.

 >From Helsinki, Finland:

 1.  I am Aino Telaranta and I'm almost 14 years.  I play the piano.  I'm
 concerned about pollution and the Iraqi situation.  I like music: pop,
 rap, hip hop, heavy (not hard) and so on.  My sister and I have a

 2.  I really don't know, but I have a little bit thought of becoming a
 pediatrician or a doctor.  And why?  I don't know that either.

 3.  I want the earth, water and other nature to be clean, there should
 be no wars and it should no matter how somebody looks or thinks.  I+d
 like the world to have no famine and no violence.  No racial
 descrimination, no dictators, people shouldn+t destroy nature, and
 people are equal.  People should have work.

 4.  I must save the world as much as I can.  I should never tease
 anybody or be a racist and I should never kick or hit anybody.  I can
 give money to the Red Cross and so on.

 These following files are now available by email from the archives of
 the KIDS-91 discussion list.

 The "Letter to  Teachers" and Newsletter #4  have been translated into
 Spanish.  File names:  TEACHR-S and NEWS-4S.

 The "Action Guide" (filename: ACTIONGD) is a list of 17 suggested
 KIDS-91 classroom activities.

 The "Overall Proposal for Support" is a general proposal for KIDS-91
 sponsorship.  It may be used as an appendix to your own applications for
 support of local KIDS-91 activities. (Filename: SPONSORA.)

 The children's responses are stored in files with names like RESP1190
 and RESP1290.

 For information about how to download these files, send a request to the
 editor using the email address above.

 Teachers without access to communications equipment can get the
 responses sent to them on computer diskette.  Here's how: Send a letter
 with a preaddressed return envelope and a formatted DOS diskette (360KB
 5.25" MS-DOS/XT, or 720KB/1.4 MB 3.5" DOS).  Enclose a check for US$
 10.00 payable to KIDS-91 (plus any amount that you would like to donate
 to the project).  Send this to:

      c/o Odd de Presno
      4815 Saltrod
      Norway (Europe)

 He will send you as many received responses as possible (up to the
 capacity of your disk).  If you also want some of the other files,
 please indicate that in your letter.

 Those who want files sent to them in Macintosh format can send to SciNet
 using the address below.

 On Sunday May 12, 1991, we invite the children of the world to
 participate in a KIDS-91 Celebration with youth in other countries via
 a variety of technologies.  And all of you are invited to celebrate the
 occasion with us in the small town Arendal in southern Norway (your
 editor's home town).

 The KIDS-91 Celebration will be integrated in a "Nordic Children's
 Cultural Week" in Arendal.

 A communication centre will be set up.  All children present will be
 given a chance to "chat" electronically, and the dialog will be
 displayed on large screens for everybody to see and enjoy.

 For more information, send an electronic message to the editor, or call
 Anne-Tove Vestfossen of the Nordic  Children's Cultural Week at +47 41

 about KIDS-91, or if you want to help out or participate, contact the
 editor, or one of the following persons:

  Nancy Stefanik:   MetaNet=stefanik, PeaceNet=nstefanik,
                    AppleLink=x0447, TCN=tcn145
  Jonn Ord/SciNet:  jonno@scinet.UUCP

  You can also write to

     KIDS-91, c/o SciNet, 131 Bloor Street West, Suite 200,
     Box 326, Toronto, Ontario, M5S 1R8, Canada

 January 3, 1991 - Z*Net Update

 We have started an FNET conference to support this project and sysops
 interested in joining should send a request to Node 593 for addition
 to the conference.  Conference code is: 20593.  Lead Node is 593.

 Compiled by Ron Kovacs

 The following list was compiled from CompuServe's APORTFOLIO Forum and
 the GEnie Portfolio Roundtable.  This is a compilation of new Portfolio
 files recently uploaded to these services.  Some were tested locally and
 comments added to the descriptions already available.

 SNATCH.ZIP  17116
 Here is a Terminate and Stay Resident Utility that you can run with your
 favorite painting program on your PC and create PGF files suitable for
 veiwing on your Portfolio.  Once the file is created, transfer it to
 your Portfolio and view it with PGSHOW.

 PGS110.ZIP  7168
 PGSHOW 1.10 - The FULL-FEATURED Portfolio Graphic File Viewer.  This new
 version of PGSHOW supports a new compressed picture format.  The same 6
 graphics (this time in PGC format) are included.  A tool for converting
 PGF files to PGC format will be available soon.  A new version of
 PGEDIT will also be available. (c)1990 Software Vineyard  All Rights
 Reserved - by Don Messerli

 Enter the area code and see the state abreviation --or-- enter the state
 abreviation and see all the area codes for that state.  This file was
 called areacd.100 in the M100 forum on CompuServe.  The author
 originally ported it to compile under Power BASIC, but now it is
 doctored to work on PBASIC as well.  Warning--there is no ON-ERROR-GOTO
 in PBASIC so it will crash.  Original program by Don Zeikel, Portfolio
 port by John Feagans.

 FTM11.EXE  39717
 FTMenu 1.1 - Improved File Section!  More Files!  Better Spelling!  All
 the changes that have been requested have been implemented.  Written by
 BJ Gleason, Thin Air Labs.

 PGF01.ZIP  9892
 Selection of dithered and converted graphics files for the Portfolio in
 the PGF format.  You MUST have PGF.COM or PGSHOW.EXE to view these
 files.  The Syntax is PGSHOW MIME.PGF <enter>  Enjoy..more on the way.

 PGEDIT.ZIP  70784
 PGEDIT 1.00 - The Portfolio Graphic Editor.  This program lets you
 create, modify, and edit PGF files for use with PGSHOW, PGF.COM, and
 PBASIC 3.1.  PGEDIT does not run on the Portfolio.  It requires a
 desktop PC with 512K of RAM (360K free), VGA card, and Microsoft
 compatible mouse.  All of the contents of PGSHO101.ZIP are also included
 in this file by Don Messerli, (c)1990 Software Vineyard  All Rights

 PGF.COM  63
 Here is the smallest DOS command to display .PGF file - 63 bytes.  The
 syntax if PGF filename.PGF.  You must include the entrire filename.  The
 picture is displayed and waits for a keypress.  Written by BJ Gleason.

 FS.EXE  2432
 A flight simulator for the Portfolio! Needless to say, an executable of
 this size makes certain compromises... but your imagination fills in the
 blanks.  You can simulate a color display if you have some colored

 DREAM.PF  12704
 This is a file that contains a proposed software and hardware
 combination for the Portfolio that makes up Dave's Dream Portfolio.
 This is a spinoff of Steve Gibson's article about Steve's Dream Machine.
 This is meant to generate a discussion as to what is needed to make the
 Portfolio a more useful computer.

 FT4LPT.ARC  2464
 A DEBUG script file and docs to hack FT.COM to use the second printer
 port LPT2:  To let one port be dedicated to talking to your little

 PILOT.TXT  1996
 Description of the FX-4 Flight Planner and FX-3 DUATS Communications
 software.  The FX-4 features a full U.S. NAVAID and airport database and
 will generate detailed leg-by-leg trip plans in seconds.  You may select
 the route or let the FX-4 select the NAVAIDs along an optimal great
 circle route.  The FX-3 provides access to the FAA DUATS weather
 briefing service and provides Weight & Balance, TAS, Rate, Fuel, and
 Wind calculations.

 QUICK.ZIP  7273
 If you have Quicken on your home computer, get this program for your
 Portfolio!  This will let you keep track of your transactions on the
 road, and then you can import the file directly into Quicken when you
 get back to home base.  Shareware.  Uses Portfolio-only features.

 PF11.ZIP  12244
 Significant upgrade to PF10 - Move, Mark, Etc.  Turbo Pascal Source
 included.  File manager for the Atari Portfolio similar to FM or DR/CO
 from PCMAGNET.  Small.  Bug correction for hang when copying.

 Othello for the Portfolio...  Written by BJ Gleason

 FENCE.EXE  4741
 Written by BJ Gleason. The game of Fences... hit the target by putting
 up fences to bounce the ball...

 PBAS30.ZIP  65693
 PBASIC 3.0 - Strings.  Faster.  More Functions.  Help File for Address

 LMINE.EXE  6561
 LandMine... Find all the bombs.

 SPIN.EXE  4125
 Arrange the numbers in order... not as easy as it seems...

 REV.EXE  3800
 The Game of reverse - swap a list of numbers until they are in order...

 MasterMind for the Portfolio.  4 digits, 10 gueses... try your skill.

 A synopsis of DOS commands with syntax and examples of use.  Includes
 examples of * and ? wildcard use.  It can be kept conveniently in the
 the Atari Portfolio as an Address Book (.ADR) file.  This allows quick
 data-base-like access.  An essential supplement to the PF/DOS "HELP"
 command for infrequent users of MS/DOS.

 PCLOK.ARC  4096
 Update to PortClok and PortDiv to fix a problem that allowed multiple
 copies to be installed into memory.  PortClok also updated so that menus
 better reflect the options available eliminating some confusion
 regarding it's use.  PortClok now Version 2.1, PortDiv now Version 2.2,
 the ARC file also includes updated documentation.

 A Portfolio worksheet with the high ASCII characters arranged for easy
 perusal, and copy/paste if desired.  Or, the ALT-key code can be noted
 for later use.

 Blackjack game written specifically for the Portfolio, but also works on
 a regular IBM PC machine.

 This will allow you to easily input Quicken checkbook data onto the
 Portfolio, which you can later import to Quicken on your desktop PC!

 UniFORTH.  I haven't tried it but it's supposed to work.  Use the
 portfolio's editor.

 SCI13.ZIP  104580
 C on the Portfolio!  Uploader put system files on ram card and ran C
 from a 40k c: drive, since C is just a hair too bit for the 32K card.
 You'll need ANSI.SYS and CONFIG.SYS on c: as well.

 DEBUG.COM  17640
 This is a version of debug that will run on any computer especially the

 Like Etch-a-Sketch, electronically.  A fun program, with a cheap and
 innovative shareware offer.  This program is SHAREWARE.  (c) 1990 David
 E. Stewart.

 Here are the messages in their entirety taken from the ST BB where
 Portfolio support was 1st given.  This file has been archived.

 ==================                        Press Release

 *Labor charges (parts not included):

 520ST or 1040ST to 1, 2, 2.5, or 4 meg              $42
 MEGA ST to 4 meg, 520STfm to 1 meg                  $21
 Blitter Installation                                $21
 TOS 1.4 Installation                                $ 6
 PC Ditto II or Accelerator Board Installation       $36
 1.44meg Floppy Drive modification                   $24
 Repairs or STacy upgrades                          call

 * - add $5 for return shipping for each box, so you save if you get it
 all done at once and you mail it all in one box; if you want it insured
 that's about $5 more, and if you want shipped at at faster rate that's
 extra too.

 Call, Erik Muldowney, at (904)-478-8290 weekdays, (904)-651-5776
 weekends to make arrangements first.

 Tired of trashing desk accessories and auto-folder programs because of
 "out of memory" messages?  Of sitting and waiting while the next level
 of the dungeon loads from virtual memory?  Is there a program you've
 been drooling over but can't use?

 Then let me expand your ST's mind!  Who needs an expensive upgrade
 board!  They just take up room and screw up when you give them the least
 little bump!  My method solders the chips directly to the board, and I
 can do this for any ST.  Even the ones with the chips under the power
 supply!  The only parts I need are the chips, some jumper wire, and in
 some cases some capacitors and resistors.  I came up with this method of
 upgrading the memory when I discovered that my 1040ST's DRAMs were under
 the power supply, and I couldn't use Barry Orlando's method.  When I was
 done I realized that it would work on any ST, is not sensitive to
 impacts, and you don't have to buy sockets.

 DRAM chips have come down quite a bit, around $5.50 apiece for 70ns 1meg
 x 1s.  The prices seem to vary a little with time.  I get mine from
 Lifetime Memory Products, at (800)-233-6233, call them for current
 prices, and tell them Erik Muldowney sent you.  If you want your STacy
 upgraded, you will need a different type of chip.  To go from a STacy 1
 to 2 or 4 meg you need 1meg x 4 ZIPs, SAMSUNG part # KM44C1000Z, and
 you'll need four of them for 2meg, eight of them for 4meg.  These
 goodies are a bit more expensive, thank ATARI for that.  If you want to
 upgrade a STacy, don't order chips yet.  Give me a call first.
 Regardless of what type of computer you have or chips you are buying I
 would advise you to get 100ns or faster.  No problem, since you almost
 can't find anything slower than 80ns.

 If you want TOS1.4 or Blitter chips installed, you will either have to
 send your machine to me first or open it up yourself.  The reason is
 that some ST's have 2-chip ROM sets and some have 8-chip sets, and some
 have a spot for the Blitter and some don't.  If yours doesn't have a
 spot for a Blitter you'll have to get a daughter board, and the only
 ones I'm familiar with are also processer accelerators too, which are
 expensive.  If you know what you need you might try Toad Computers at
 (800)-448-8623.  They have the TOS chips for $83 a set.  If you want a
 Blitter-and-socket, try Best Electronics at (408)-243-6950, they have
 them for about $47.

 As you can see I have added the 1.44meg floppy drive modification to my
 list.  This will require the purchase of a special Floppy Drive
 Controller chip and board, as well as a drive mechanism.  I will get
 back to you on the source of these items (thanks to Paul Gittins for
 that one).

 What are my qualifications, you ask?  Well, I have an A.S. in
 Electronics technology and I'm working on a B.S. in Electrical
 Engineering, and I have some Air Force tech school under my belt too.
 Also, I have been an ST'er for over 2 years and have done many an
 upgrade and repair in that time.  And I've been doing this for about a
 month with success.

 One of my first customers asked for some guarantee that he wasn't
 sending his ST into oblivion, never to see it again.  I thought about it
 and came up with this: if you request I'll send you two copies of a
 signed letter describing our agreement (what I'm going to do to your
 machine, what it will cost, how I'll replace it if I botch the job,
 etc.), and if you like it you sign and send one copy back with your
 machine.  You can send it registered mail if you like, so I'll have to
 sign a form to receive your machine at the post office, and you'll get
 the form.  Hopefully that should satisfy the paranoids out there (I
 understand, I've heard horror stories too).  Also on request I can give
 you the names of satisfied customers, after getting their permission.

 I have now been doing this a while and know better how long a job takes,
 how much it costs to mail things, etc.  The prices are based on about $6
 per hour.  Which isn't much more than working in a fast food joint, and
 is a hell of a lot less than most electronics technicians charge.  Also,
 I've upgraded my STacy recently.  Surface mount chips are a pain!  So I
 decided to switch to ZIPs and do some drilling.  I've got access to some
 really great equipment for that, so it will be a bit easier and neater.
 As for repairs, I had not planned on originally doing them, there's no
 guarantees, and I'm not "an authorized ATARI service center", but it
 just sort of happened.  Lastly, I have decided that I can no longer
 order parts for customers before I receive the money for them.  I don't
 have the capital to be doing that all the time.  Therefore you either
 order the parts yourself and send them with the machine when they
 arrive, or you send the machine and a check for the parts at the same
 time.  Both take the same amount of time because I get parts fast and
 can be doing chip removal, trace cutting, and some jumpering while I
 wait for them.

 This text file may be distributed freely provided it is not altered.

 by Keith MacNutt

 ON-Schedule v3.1
 David Becker
 Genie- D.Becker8

 ON-Schedule is one of those programs you have always looked for but
 could never seem to find, that is until now.  This gem is one of the
 best calendar programs I've ever come across, and I've looked at a lot
 of them, hoping to one day find one that had even half the features this
 program has.

 ON-Schedule was written out of the need to create and track employee
 shifts and hours over each week and month, with the flexibility to
 simplify and speed the printing of shift schedules for up to 5 persons.
 These same features that allow a small company to operate more
 efficiently, also can be used by the average person to organize their
 social calendar.  Instead of shifts, they can enter appointments and
 commitments, along with the time each took, and at the end of the month
 find out within seconds, just how much time was devoted to each.

 For Epson compatible printers the driver is the default at run time, and
 if you own a non-epson printer you can enter the esc codes and use them.
 The only codes the printer driver really needs are the condensed on and
 off codes, which can be entered in a decimal format, and are saved with
 the calendar.  The user may also save the calendar in a ascii or degas
 PI? format for latter printout.  If the ascii file is used, then the
 calendar is printed in the normal format, from left to right or if the
 degas format is used, it will be printed at 90 degrees using the long
 portion of the page.  If using the degas picture file, the user is
 presented with a choice of draft, medium LQ or high LQ formats for the
 final printout.  I've never tried the draft format, but I know that
 using the other two will give a very nice output to the printer.

 Most features can be accessed by either drop down menus or by control
 characters, and makes for a very fast and flexible interface.  For users
 of NEODESK 3.0, saving the calendars in degas format allows you to bring
 up the month at anytime by just double clicking on the file.  This
 feature alone makes life so much easier in keeping track of all the
 birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions all at a glance.

 If your looking for a calendar program, you owe it to yourself to try
 out what I think is one of the best available.

 by Terry Schrieber, Contributing Editor

 The Goods and Services Tax was implemented on January 1,1991 and here
 are my experiences of the first few days.

 This tax was actually supposed to reduce the cost of manufactured
 products to the consumer - I have yet to see this.  At a certain
 computer store last week the price of a box of Sony 3.5 disks remained
 the same as did all the products on the floor but the difference being
 that now they were subject to a 7% GST tax.  This made them cheaper last

 A visit to the Safeway store to find that a prepared bar-b-que chicken
 is subject to GST as well as potato salad but cooked ham, pastrami, or
 basically any other prepared meats were not.  Strange.  Ice cream was
 not subject to taxation while toothpaste was, bread was un-taxed while
 donuts, cookies and muffins were.

 Perhaps all the bugs are not quite out of the system as yet and we
 should give it a chance but first impressions are showing that the
 savings will not be passed on to the consumer and that a review of what
 is subject to the tax should be done.


 Editors Note:  TX2 formatted text provides color graphics to regular
 ascii files.  A recent utility uploaded to GEnie allows you to format
 Z*NET and ST-REPORT issues and read them with the viewer with color
 fonts and text.  The following is a capture of the text files provided
 in the ARC file.

 In this ARC file are the TX2_VIEW program, the documentation files (to
 be read from the program), and an index file for GEnie Lamp #1.14.

 This is a DEMO.  Every 30 seconds or so, an alert box will come up
 reminding you to register.  Also, the program will automatically quit
 after 4 minutes.  (Registered users, you should have gotten the "key"
 from me to unlock this program.)

 Starting with this version, .FST files will not longer be used.
 Instead, index (.IDX) files will contain the index.  This only needs to
 be present to use the indexing features; it is not needed for fast

 Note that this version is not 100% compatible with the old one.  Issue
 #1.14 will not work perfectly; the title of each section will not be
 highlighted.  Starting with the next issue, though, it will work
 perfectly with this version, but not the first.  (Future issues will
 still be compatible with version 1.2, but the titles will be messed up
 a little.)

 To get a fully functional version, please send $10 to:

         David Holmes
         13124 Rose Ave.
         Los Angeles, CA 90066

 I will send you a "key" program to unlock this demo and remove its
 limits.  This key will also work for future versions uploaded to GEnie.
 (Please do not distribute the key to unregistered people.  I would
 consider that piracy.)

 Copyright (c) 1990 David Holmes
 GEnie address: D.HOLMES14

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