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From: aa399@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Len Stys)
Subject: ST Report: 07-Oct-90  #640
Date: Sun Oct 21 15:13:16 1990

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 > The Editor's Podium 

     The WAACE show is in full swing at this time,  and is  it ever showing
 all the  right moves  toward becoming  the memorable  event of the year in
 the Atari community.  If I ever endorsed  attending a  show, its  this one
 without hesitation.   "Drop what you are doing and zoom right over", oh, I
 know its not that  easy, but  this show  will really  be worth  your extra
 special efforts  to make  sure you  are here  to see  all the neat stuff!!
          Please, if  you do  attend WAACE,  enjoy yourself to the max!  This is
 one superb, luxuriously comfortable and very elaborate show!



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   Issue # 86

 by Michael Arthur

 Remember When....

       In Late 1983, Microsoft announced the  "imminent" release  of Micro-
 soft Windows 1.0, and how Windows 1.0 received a lukewarm reception in the
 computer industry when it finally shipped 2 years later?

       Or how it licensed  aspects of  the Macintosh's  User interface from
 Apple to  protect itself  from a  lawsuit, with Apple signing an agreement
 that the judge  in  the  subsequent  Apple/Microsoft  Lawsuit  said wasn't
 written "with the greatest of care?"



 Part I

       When Steve  Jobs introduced  the first  NeXT Workstation in 1988, it
 was praised as a revolutionary advance in desktop computing.   Some of the
 computer  industry's   new  trends,  from  removable  disk  cartridges  to
 Unix-based Graphical User Interfaces, gained significant "media attention"
 from it.   However,  acceptance of the NeXT was slowed by complaints about
 its speed and lack of Third-Party support.   This, along  with Steve Jobs'
 own  "crusade"  to  sell  the  NeXT  mainly to universities, kept the NeXT
 Computer itself from becoming popular.

       Recently, NeXT  Inc. introduced  its NeXTStation  line of computers,
 which were  aimed at  rectifying its  earlier mistakes.   To gain industry
 support, NeXT's new workstations are targeted at the business market.   To
 stop complaints  about its  speed, the  new NeXTs  use a 25 MHZ 68040 chip
 (with a built-in floating point math unit) that  is 3-7  times faster than
 its old  68030 chip.   To  end the controversy surrounding its reliance on
 Optical Cartridges, the NeXTstation  Line uses  an internal  2.88 Megabyte
 Floppy Disk  Drive and  a built-in  105 Meg Hard Drive.  Also, to shore up
 one of the  NeXT's  greatest  weaknesses,  the  NeXTstation  line supports
 color graphics.   The  result:  NeXT Inc., which only sold 8000 of its old
 NeXT Computer,  has  already  gotten  15,000  signed  orders  for  its new

       NeXT's new workstation line consists of NeXTstations, and NeXTCubes.
 The NeXTstation has a slim "pizza-box" shape, meant  for use  as a desktop
 PC, while  the NeXTCube is a traditional "12-inch cube", being marketed as
 a network server.  Here is more information on NeXT's new systems:

       1) NeXTstation Monochrome System:  This has 8 Megs of RAM, and comes
          with a 1120*832 monochrome resolution.  Cost: $5000.00.

       2) NeXTcube Monochrome System:  Like the original NeXT Computer,
          this computer has four NuBus Slots and 8  Megs of  RAM.   It also
          has a monochrome 1120*832 resolution.
                    Cost: $8000.00.

       3) NeXTstation Color System:  This version of the NeXTstation has 8
          megs of  RAM, and  can display  4096 colors  out of  a 16-bit (or
          65,536 color) palette.  It also has a 1120*832 resolution.
                    Cost:  $8000.00.

       4) NeXTcube Color System:  This version of the NeXTcube has 8 Megs
          of RAM, can display 4096 colors  out of  a 16-bit  color palette,
          and has a 1120*832 resolution.
                    Cost:  $10,000.00.

       5) NeXTcube Plug-in Motherboard:  Like the original NeXT Computer,
          the NeXTcube's  motherboard is  actually a  NuBus Expansion card.
          As such, NeXT  Inc.  is  selling  the  NeXTcube's  motherboard to
          owners of the original NeXT Computer, as an upgrade.
                    Cost: $2000.00

        Along with  its new computers, NeXT Inc. has introduced Version 2.0
 of its NeXTStep Operating system.  Along with support for its systems' new
 features, NeXTStep now comes with a version of Display Postscript that can
 display color and monochrome  graphics.   Display Postscript  is a device-
 independent imaging  model that  displays documents  and text in a WYSIWYG

       Many of the supporters of the old NeXT Computer wanted it to support
 24-bit color.   In  response, NeXT Inc. is selling the NeXTdimension color
 board for the new systems.  The NeXTdimension board can display 16 million
 colors simultaneously  at a  1120*832 resolution, using Intel's 80860 RISC
 chip as a graphics coprocessor, in order to provide a  quick display.   It
 also has video-capture capabilities.  Cost:  $3000.00.

       The NeXTdimension  board also  features real-time image compression,
 using the CL550 chip, developed by  C-Cube Microsystems.   The  CL550 chip
 is  the  first  VLSI  chip  implementation  of  the JPEG image compression
 standard.    Developed  by  the  ISO  and  CCITT  International  standards
 organizations, the  JPEG standard  allows graphics images to be compressed
 up to 1/100th of their normal size.   The CL550  can compress  still color
 images  in  real-time  (at  a  rate  of  30  frames per second), and fully
 implements the JPEG standard.    Full-motion,  true-color  (or  16 million
 color) animations have previously been very difficult for computers, since
 such files can easily be several hundred megabytes large.  The NeXT dimen-
 sion board  will allow  NeXT users  to make  smooth, realistic true- color
 animations that consume far less disk space.

       In Part II of this article, CPU Report will detail  the new software
 available for the new NeXT Workstations....

 CPU MacNews 

       Aldus Corp. has introduced the "Aldus Design Team", a bundled set of
 its Macintosh  graphics software.   Aimed  at the  market for professional
 art design  and production,  Aldus' package  consists of  Freehand 2.02 (a
 Postscript-Based design and illustration program), PrePrint 1.0 (a utility
 for creating 4-color separations and enhancing images for final printing),
 and its Pagemaker 4.0 desktop publishing software.   Cost: $1300.00, which
 is $500 less than the three packages would cost separately....

       What  is  unique  about  the  Aldus  Design  Team is how it is being
 marketed.  With this package, Aldus is positioning its software for use as
 tools by  professional designers  and other areas of commercial art.  With
 this collection, the entire graphic-arts process -- from  design to layout
 to production  -- is  completely integrated.   This is the same thing that
 Desktop Publishing brings to the  publishing  industry,  and  many  of the
 tools used  in Desktop Publishing can be used in commercial art.  Also, by
 providing a "one-stop-shop", Aldus could make great inroads  in converting
 those shops that don't use microcomputers in their work.


 - Austin, TX                           AMD INTRODUCES "PC CLONE IN A CHIP"

       Advanced Micro Devices has announced a new VLSI chip that integrates
 most of the components of a PC AT Motherboard onto a single low-power CMOS
 chip.    Called  the  Am286ZXT,  this  device  incorporates  a  CMOS 80286
 microprocessor, 2 DMA and  2 interrupt  controllers, an  AT Bus Interface,
 and  a  real-time  clock,  among  other  things.    It  also  has a memory
 controller that supports the LIM EMS 4.0 Expanded memory standard.  AMD is
 selling 12  MHZ and 16 MHZ versions of the Am286ZXT.  Cost: $70 for the 12
 MHZ model, and $90 for a 16 MHZ Am286ZXT chip.

       AND will start shipping the Am286ZXT in Early 1991.  With this chip,
 all that  a computer manufacturer will need to design an 80286-based PC is
 a keyboard controller, external memory, and  a video  display.   Since the
 PC Laptop  market is now leaning towards Intel's 80386sx chip, AMD expects
 its chip to be used in "notebook"-sized computers.  For example, companies
 like Zenith  or Atari could use this chip to make 80286-based notebook PCs
 for less than $750.00.


       Cray Research is  attempting  to  make  an  initial  entry  into the
 minisupercomputer  market,  with  the  introduction  of  its  new Cray XMS
 system.  Shown during  the semiannual  conference of  the Cray  User Group
 (CUG), the Cray XMS is a 64-bit system that is compatible with the line of
 Cray X/MP supercomputers.  It runs UNICOS (a version of Unix for  the Cray
 X/MP and  Y/MP), and  can be  bought with  32, 64, or 128 Megabytes of RAM
 standard.  The Cray XMS can perform up to 36 million floating point vector
 operations per second, with peak scalar performance of 18 MFLOPS.

       Minisupercomputers   have   great   appeal  among  universities  and
 businesses, many of whom can't afford an ordinary supercomputer.  They are
 also easily maintainable, and (unlike "real" supercomputers) don't require
 expensive cooling systems.  Cray Research  will be  shipping the  Cray XMS
 next month, for a base price of less than $1 million....

 - Topeka, KA                       DESKTOP "VIDEO TOASTER" SHIPS FOR AMIGA

       After  nearly  five  years  of  development,  NewTek Inc. is finally
 shipping its Video Toaster, a $1600.00 high-end video production board for
 the Amiga.   The  Video Toaster  features many  options found in broadcast
 video equipment costing $5000 - $10,000, including:

      1) 24-bit (16 million color) Frame Buffer, which is able to digitize
         and display "full color" video images in real-time.  Third-Party
         Amiga software developers are now adapting their graphics programs
         to allow them to support the Video Toaster's 24-bit graphics mode.

      2) Broadcast quality RS-170A Genlock, with support for the NTSC/PAL
         TV Video Standards.

      3) Real-time Digital special effects, such as:

         - Page Flips and Turns        - Frame Grab & Store
         - Pixelizations               - Mosaics and Transpositions
         - "Fish-Eye" effect           - Stop Motion
         - Character Generation

       Aimed at the professional broadcaster, NewTek claims that  the Video
 Toaster puts  "$100,000 worth of video equipment into a desktop".  Company
 representatives estimate that  a  complete  TV  broadcast  editing package
 (with an  Amiga 2000, Video Toaster, and an A/B roll editing system) could
 be put together for less than $10,000.  NewTek has now shipped 50 units to
 ABC, NBC, and other companies on "waiting lists". 

 - Tokyo, Japan                     TOSHIBA ANNOUNCES 16-MEGABIT DRAM CHIPS
        Toshiba Corp.  has become the first company to introduce 16-megabit
 DRAM chips.  They will begin  shipping samples  of these  new memory chips
 early next year.  These samples will be made at an existing factory, which
 now produces nine million  1-Megabit DRAM  chips (and  a million 4-Megabit
 DRAM chips) a month.  However, Toshiba is now building a new manufacturing
 facility for  the  new  memory  chips,  and  expects  to  begin full-scale
 commercial production of the 16-Megabit DRAMs in 1992.

       Currently, 4-Megabit  DRAM chips  are being  bought by  PC Clone and
 workstation vendors for their high-end systems.  With Toshiba's 16-Megabit
 DRAMs, one  can expect  80486 Workstations  with 16-32 Megabytes of RAM to
 begin appearing within a  year.   Texas Instruments  and Hitachi  are also
 working on 16-Megabit DRAM chips, but have not announced when they will be



 For Immediate Release
                            WAACE AtariFest '90

     The  Washington  Area  Atari  Computer  Enthusiasts  will  hold  WAACE
 AtariFest 1990  on October  6 and  7 1990.  This event will be the premier
 East Coast event for people who  are interested  in software  and hardware
 for Atari computers.  The show will be staged at the Sheraton Reston Hotel
 in Reston, VA.  Show hours will be from 10  am to  7 pm  on both  days. In
 addition  to  the  shopping  bargains  available from approximately thirty
 vendors there will be  a  full  round  of  demonstrations,  tutorials, and
 seminars.   A banquet  on Saturday evening will feature Charles Johnson of
 CodeHead Software with the  topic, "Atari  Through the  Looking Glass" and
 Current Notes  Magazine's "Author of the Year" award.  Special mixers will
 cap off the evening's festivities.   Approximately 3000  visitors from all
 over the  USA, Canada,  and other foreign countries attended the 1989 edi-
 tion of the show.

     Admission charges are $5 for one day, with  a 2-day  pass available at
 $7.   A discount  rate is  available for  ticket purchases by user groups.
 Children under 12 will be admitted free.

                         ATARIFEST '90 VENDOR LIST
 The following organizations are in the sales area of WAACE AtariFest '90. 

     Alpha Systems                 Application & Design Software
     Atari Corp                    Best Electronics
     Branch Always Software        Chuck Levin Music Center
     Codehead Software             Computer Digest
     Current Notes, Inc            D. A. Brumleve
     Data Inovations               Debonair Software
     Double Click Software         Dr Bobware
     FAST Technology               Frontier Software (UK)
     Gadgets By Small              GEnie
     Goldleaf Publishing, Inc      Gribnif Software
     ICD                           ISD Marketing, Inc
     Joppa Computer Products       L & Y Electronics
     Michtron                      SLICCware
     Step Ahead Software, Inc      Talon Technology, Inc
     Toad Computers                WizWorks!
                         Zubair, Inc.

The reason for the late arrival of this issue is the show, WAACE Fall'90
the show the east coast wait for... It is well worth the wait.

      The user participation is excellent, Saturday's attendance was
greater than anyone's expectations the count for the first day was 2000
people.  When I came through the main entrance area the lines went out the
front door of the hotel.
      During the show, I spoke to number of the vendors who have done the
"show circuit" this year and they all concurred that they had done more
business here in one day than they had during two of the most recent shows
combined.  This will give you an indication of the levels "feeding frenzy"
folks experienced in the east.  Yes, Bunky there is a strong marketplace
out here.

      Atari is here in force as promised and the support both in the
public eye and behind the scenes was commendable.  Atari is beginning to
show the long awaited "turn-around".  The confidence levels expressed
toward E. Kenan are quite high.  Most folks are confident that he is the
right man that will do the right things.

      Seminar attendance is very high, the majority of participants are
very much interested in the subject matter being offered at these sessions,
of note, Bob Brodie's seminar was "standing room only."  The STReport
seminar was animated with many of the folks in the full room asking 
questions.  The range of discussion included  the "future of Atari" and
went to Unix and the TT.  ISD's Nathan Potechin had a full house too.  As
he delivered his complete and detailed presentation of the fine ISD
products, Calamus and DynaCadd, Nathan found that the folks appreciated
his enthusiasm and support and had expressed a wish that Atari learn from
him.  The audience participation level was excellent. As usual, the most
important questions were "when is Atari going to advertise? And when is the
dealer network going to be rebuilt?"

      A full and detailed report of the new products and updates offered
by the exhibitors is in the works and will be provided in our next issue.
One item of strong interest is the true Multi-tasking system offered by
Sliccware.  Good stuff.


> CHARLES JOHNSON'S BANQUET SPEECH       A true high point of the show!

        Good evening, ladies and gentlemen (and Atari fanatics -- who may or may
not fit into either of the above categories).  I hope everyone's
enjoying the show so far, and enjoying your dinners.  A lot of chickens
and cows made the supreme sacrifice so that we might dine well tonight,
and I'd like a minute of silence in their honor.

  Well, OK.  Maybe not a whole minute.

  When I first came up with a concept for the speech tonight, I was
going to draw a complicated parallel between the Atari saga and Lewis
Carroll's Alice in Wonderland.  I pictured Jim Allen as the White Rabbit
(if you know Jim, you'll know what a funny image that is...Jim in a
bunny suit...), Dave Small as the Mad Hatter, and maybe Sam Tramiel as
the Cheshire Cat.  As I thought about it some more I realized that Atari
itself would make the perfect Alice....only when she got to the part
where she had to drink the potion to make her larger, she read the
labels wrong and accidentally kept drinking the one that made her
smaller, and smaller...and smaller... 

  Anyway, as I thought about this some more, I started to realize that
pointing out mistakes we all know about (and there are many) doesn't
really do much to help our situation in the Atari community.  And
besides, I couldn't think of a good person to use for that caterpillar
guy that smokes the hookah.

  This last year has been a very hard one for Atari users and
developers; there were several months at the beginning of the year when
absolutely NO product was coming out of Sunnyvale, and many dealers were
forced to close their doors because they simply couldn't get computers
to sell.  At the Glendale show last month, I talked to a charming old
gentleman who bought a T-shirt from us.  He explained that he would have
loved to buy something else, but he had no money to spare....because the
Atari store he used to work at had closed, and he had lost his job.  He
looked at me with sad eyes and said, "I'm sure you know what I mean."

  So what does help our situation?  Sarcastic tirades against Atari
execs?  endless conferences on Genie?  a bottle of great chardonnay?
Well, all of these things have their place, but I'm not sure they're
going to solve anything.

  It seems to me that what the Atari world needs more than ever right
now is a clear vision of the future.  There are some developments on the
horizon that are going to pose great challenges for Atari in the months
to come.  Apple has awoken from its long, sated slumber and decided that
they just might be interested in the home market after all; they've
announced no less than three new low-cost Macintoshes, starting at about
$1000.  Steve Jobs has announced a new model of the NeXT computer that
will have a color display, and sell for a much lower price.  And of
course, Windows 3.0 is making rapid strides toward a total takeover of
the IBM world.

  The unique quality of the Atari line of computers has always been
its combination of a high performance, user-friendly interface (the GEM
operating system) with a very low price tag.  But both of these
advantages may soon be stripped away, because the big boys have woken up
and noticed our niche.

  It remains to be seen whether Atari is going to be able to muster the
combination of planning, dedication, and vision that it will need to
even hold on to its present small share of the market.  Perhaps the new
leadership will be able to get things back on track...and perhaps not. 
Unfortunately, my crystal ball gets very cloudy when I ask it this

  Many Atari developers are starting to look at other platforms for
their products, and my company, CodeHead Software, is no exception. 
We're working on Mac and PC versions, not because we love those systems
(we don't), but because of simple economics, and the simple need to keep
putting food on the table.  We're NOT planning to abandon the Atari
market...but it's gotten harder and harder to stay in business, with all
of our eggs in one basket.

  Atari still does have one edge left, however...the incredible loyalty
and dedication of its users.  You won't find a more passionate group of
computer users on any other platform; Atari people care about their
computer, they care about the decisions made in Sunnyvale, and they're
not reluctant to say so....loudly and in as many places as possible.

  So what does loyalty and dedication have to do with Big Business? How
can our passion translate into useful effective choices that serve both
the users and the manufacturer?  What does involvement and committment
mean in the bigger picture?

  There are some signs that things may be changing on the Atari side. 
There's a new president (Elie Kenan), who just may turn out to be the
new broom that sweeps clean.  There are rumors of new product
announcements coming at Comdex that will surprise the industry the same
way the announcement of the ST surprised everyone back in 1985.  And
Atari seems to be much more committed to its developer support program
than at any time in the past.

  On the software developer's side, one important occurrence has been
the formation of the Independent Association of Atari Developers (known
as the IAAD).  This group shows promise of becoming an invaluable
resource for software manufacturers, giving them a forum for discussion
of issues, a united voice with which to speak to Atari, and a way to
approach some of the problems that still plague our
the grim spectre of software piracy.

  It seems that there just might be hope for a mutually supportive
environment to develop.  What we, as Atari users, can do to help this
happen is to keep speaking out, to keep protesting when we feel
something is wrong, and to keep coming up with ideas and suggestions to
help Atari along the road to success.

  The past year may have been rough...but the coming year is gonna be a
doozy!  Atari's going to have to be very quick on its feet to survive
the Apple and IBM market blitzes that are imminent.

  Apathy has never been a least on the user's side.  But
now, it's more important than ever for each and every one of us to think
carefully about our own personal commitment to Atari, and our own vision
of its future....and to speak out about it, loudly and sincerely.

  So in closing, I'd like to leave you with a short prayer.

  Our users, who art in Germany
  Vanishing be thy name
  Thy TT come, thy Lynx be fun
  If you can find a local dealer
  Purchase this day our daily disk
  And forgive us our bugs
  As we disembowel those who pirate our software
  Lead us not into Cupertino
  But deliver us from evil MS-DOS
  For thine is the Fuji
  And the power without the price
  For ever and ever (or until the warranty expires)



 Feature for feature, DC Desktop is the best buy available!

 In case you aren't aware of what DC Desktop already has to offer, here is
 a brief synopsis:

 + Place program icons directly on the GEM desktop - even documents!
 + NOW desktop folder icons; open a folder directly, no more searching
 + Execute program icons by double clicking or by pressing a 'hot key'
 + Chain program execution - when one exits, another runs
 + Extended parameter passing
 + Unique file, drive and folder icons
 + Color icons
 + Exclusive CABINET virtual disk drive - store files from anywhere in
   your system in one location - A desktop in a window!
 + Keystroke equivalents for the desktop menus
 + Call up desk accessories with a key press
 + Load or save up to 11 different desktops with a keypress!
 + Load or save up to 11 different CABINETs with a keypress!
 + Exclusive SHOW replacement modules - replace the system SHOW file
   routine with several modules that:
     - View text, 1st Word or Word Writer files (complete mouse control!)
     - View Degas, Degas compressed, NEO, ART, Tiny, Spectrum (normal,
       compressed and smooshed), image and Macintosh MacPaint pictures
       view any picture in any resolution!
     - Verbose list or extract ARC files
     - More modules on the way!
 + Replace the desktop with a picture or  pattern, even  randomizes either 
 + A _completely_ recoverable TRASH to safe-guard your files
 + A printer spooler which spools normal printing, screen dumps, and even
   works like  a printer queue which you can copy files to or delete files 
 + Close to 100 never-before-seen icons
 + An icon editor which allows you to import icons  from different  files; 
 the icon  editor is  more like  a paint  program with  a host  of special 
 + Call up the file selector with a key press
 + Completely modular - save valuable system memory!
 + All modules can run as stand-alone programs with a simple key press -
   no need to use memory to access all features!
 + A command line interface
 + A terminal program
 + A folder sorter
 + Special hooks to work best with Quick ST 2.2
 + 100% pure assembly language - FAST, FAST, FAST!
 + Completely _open_ architecture with examples and technical  information 
 so you  can hook  into the  DC Desktop,  create your own SHOW modules, or 
 create special RAM resident programs -  all information  included in  the 
 package + Even more!

 + One _completely_ LOW price of $39.95

 DC Desktop  offers features  of dozens  of current  ST software, all which
 for more than DC Desktop alone!


 The Double Click Software DC Desktop has been upgraded to version 1.2

 Owners of version 1.0 may uprgade to version 1.2 for $15.00

 This cost covers the new manual $7.50 and the new disk and programs $7.50

 If you do not wish to purchase the new manual, you may buy only the disk.
 We strongly recommend you purchase the new 88 page manual.

 To upgrade, send in your original disk plus the required amount _and_
 $3.00 for shipping and handling.

 If you do not wish to return your original disk,  or have  lost your orig-
 inal disk, include an extra $5.00 with your order.

 You must be registered with us to order the upgrade.  If you have not sent
 in your registration card, you can do so with the upgrade order.

 If you are a resident of TEXAS, include 8.25% sales tax.

 Update prices at a glance:

          New disk alone                          $ 7.50

          New disk and lost disk fee              $12.50

          New disk and new manual                 $15.00

          New disk, new manual and lost disk fee  $20.00

          Shipping and handling                   $ 3.00

               TEXAS residents add 8.25% on total

 The New DC Desktop v1.2 features include:

 + Folders on the desktop: open folder directly, copy/move directly to
   desktop folder icon
 + Color icons for all icons
 + Unique icons for all folders possible
 + Position drive letters anywhere within the icon
 + Random bootup picture
 + Random bootup pattern
 + Added features in DC Icon Editor
 + DC Terminal program now included
 + Folder sort program included
 + Brand new "point and click" 88 page manual.  Very easy to follow, all
   instructions explained in a simple step-by-step fashion.
 + Diablo emulator compatible
 + All bugs have been squashed
 + more

 If you have questions, or you wish to place an order by phone, please
 call us today at:


                   We accept VISA and MASTERCARD orders.

                       We can also be reached online

                                 On GEnie:

         On CompuServe (GO ATARIV, vendor area 13 (very shortly))

                                On Usenet:

                                On our BBS:


                    :HOW TO GET YOUR OWN GENIE ACCOUNT:

      To sign up for GEnie service: Call: (with modem) 800-638-8369.

               Upon connection type HHH (RETURN after that).
                         Wait for the U#= prompt.

                 Type: XTX99587,CPUREPT then, hit RETURN.

                       **** SIGN UP FEE WAIVED ****

           The system will now prompt you for your information.

               -> NOW!  GENIE STAR SERVICE IS IN EFFECT!! <-


 The Roundtable is an area of GEnie specifically  set aside  for owners and
 users of Atari ST computers, although all are welcome to participate.
 There are  three main  sections to the Roundtable: the Bulletin Board, the
 Software Library and the Real Time Conference area.

 The Bulletin Board contains messages from Roundtable members  on a variety
 of Topics,  organized under  several Categories.   These  messages are all
 Open and available for all to read (GEnie Mail should be used  for private

 If you  have a question, comment, hot rumor or an answer to someone else's
 question, the Bulletin Board is the place to share it.

 The Software Library is  where we  keep the  Public Domain  software files
 that are  available to  all Roundtable members.  You can 'download' any of
 these files to your own computer system by using a  Terminal Program which
 uses the 'XMODEM' file-transfer method.  You can also share  your favorite
 Public Domain programs and files   with   other   Roundtable   members  by
 'uploading' them  to the  Software Library. Uploading on GEnie is FREE, so
 you are encouraged to participate and help your Roundtable grow.

 The Real Time Conference is an area where  two or  more Roundtable members
 may  get  together  and  'talk'  in   'real-time'.  You can participate in
 organized conferences with special guests,  drop  in  on  our  weekly Open
 COnference,  or  simply  join  in  on  an  impromptu chat session.  Unlike
 posting messages or Mail  for other  members to  read at  some later time,
 everyone in the Conference area can see what you type immediately, and can
 respond to you right away, in an 'electronic conversation'.


 > Stock Market ~ STReport          Watching the Scheckles..  "Scheckle"

                                                     THE TICKERTAPE

 by Michael Arthur

       On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, the price of Atari stock stayed
 the same.  On Thursday, the price of Atari stock went down 1/4 of a point,
 and was down another 1/4 of a point on Friday.  Finishing up the week at
 $2.50 a share, the price of Atari's stock had gone down 1/2 of a point
 since September 21, 1990.

    Apple Stock was down 2 1/2 points from Friday, September 21, 1990.
           Commodore Stock was down 1/8 of a point from 9/21/90.
              IBM Stock was down 3/8 of a point from 9/21/90.

                Stock Report for Week of 9/24/90 to 9/28/90

 STock|    Monday    |   Tuesday   |  Wednesday |  Thursday  |   Friday   |
 Reprt|Last      Chg.|Last     Chg.|Last    Chg.|Last    Chg.|Last    Chg.|
 Atari|   3     ---- |  3     ---- |  3    ---- |2 3/4   -1/4|2 1/2   -1/4|
      |              |             |            |            | 59,900 Sls |
  CBM |4 5/8    - 1/8|4 7/8   + 1/4|  5    + 1/8|4 3/4   -1/4|4 5/8   -1/8|
      |              |             |            |            |150,700 Sls |
 Apple|30 1/4  -1 1/4|  30    - 1/4|29 3/4  -1/4|28 1/4      |  29   + 3/4|
      |              |             |            |      -1 1/2|1,571,800 # |
  IBM | 105   - 1 3/4|106 3/8      |105 3/8  - 1|104 3/8  - 1|106 3/8  + 2|
      |              |       +1 3/8|            |            |1,975,100 # |

  '#' and 'Sls' refer to the # of stock shares that were traded that day.
                  'CBM' refers to Commodore Corporation.


 > RESPONSIBLE COMPUTING STR Feature   "extoll the virtues of computers"

                          COMPUTER LEARNING MONTH

 by Hank Vize

     What? A month designated to extoll the virtues of computers in Educat-
 ion? Nah. Never heard of it.  Well it's true. Each October, for the past
 four years, the Computer Learning Foundation has sponsored computer
 competitions, computers in education awareness events, and educator
 curriculum challenges.

     This year the Foundation has enlisted the Chipmunks as their official
 "Spokesmunks".  They have also found a non-computer corporate partner, Del
 Monte Snack Cups, to provide special offers to parents and Schools on
 software programs approved by the Foundation. (more on this subject later)

     Once again IBM, Apple, and Tandy will be offering systems as prizes. 
 Apple will offer Eight Grand prizes, Macintosh computer systems, to the
 Schools that offers the best plans of integrating technology in the
 classroom.  IBM will offer four systems, IBM System 2/Model 25,to the
 Schools that submit the best Science lesson plan.  Twelve more IBM systems
 as Grand prizes to help kids "Key into Responsible Computing".  Tandy will
 supply Twelve model 1000/2 computers to schools that help kids "Key into
 Multi-Media" in the classroom.  Three Grand prizes will be awarded in the
 Certified Schools Sweepstakes.  One of each of the afore mentioned sys-
 tems. There are also several School - Community contests with complete
 computer systems as prizes. 
     The Foundation is endorsed by the Stated Departments of Forty-Eight
 states, Puerto Rico, the District of Columbia, and Four Canadian provinces
 Minsitries of Education.   
     Other organizations have endorsed the program.  The following is a
 partial list.  The American Federation of Teachers, Association For Child-
 ren & Adults with learning disabilities, ACM, EDUCOM, Boys Clubs of Ameri-
 ca, Girls Incorporated, National Catholic Educational Association, Nation-
 al Education Association, National PTA, and the National School Boards

     Corporate sponsors are numerous. Computer Companies, Software Publish-
 ers, Publications, and educationally minded corporations create a list too
 long to mention here. (Atari Corp not listed)  

     The Foundation offers Computer Learning Materials for Educators. 
 Lesson Plan Books for grades K through 12, ($6.00 ea).  They also have a
 Special Education Lesson Plan Book ($6.00).  Also offerred is a Telecom-
 munications Guide ($10.00)and The University Software Resource Guide
 ($1.00).  Materials are also available for parents.  The "Parent Pack"
 consists of "Everything You Need to Know (But Were Afraid to Ask Kids)
 About Computer Learning", "Preparing for a Career in the 21st Century",
 and "Family Activities Guide" ($4.00 per packet).

     This year, the Foundations' theme is "Responsible use of Technology". 
 The Computer Learning Foundation has adopted the following "Code of Respo-
 sible Computing".

     I will respect others' right to privacy.  I will only access, look in
     or use other individuals', organizations', or companies' information
     on computer or through telecommunications if I have the permission of
     the individual, organization or company who owns the information.

     I will respect others' property.  I will only make changes to or
     delete computer programs, files or information that belong to others,
     if I have been given permission to do so by the person, organization
     or company who owns the program, file or information.

     I will respect others' rights to ownership and to earn a living for
     their work.  I will only use computer software, files or information
     which I own or which I have been given permission to borrow.  I will
     only use software programs which have been paid for or are in the
     public domain.  I will only make backup copy of computer programs I
     have  purchased or written and will only use it if my original program
     is damaged.  I will only make copies of computer files and information
     that I own or have written.  I will only sell computer programs which
     I have written or have been authorized to sell by the author.  I will
     pay the developer or publisher for any shareware programs I decide to

     I will only use computers, software and related technologies for
     purposes that are beneficial to others, that are not harmful
     (physically, financially, or otherwise) to others or others' property,
     and that are within the law. 

     Quite interesting....  
     The above code would probably do well in all UserGroup's bylaws. 

     You may be thinking all the above sounds wonderful, but I'm an Atari
 ST owner.  Is there is anything for me?  Yes!  To my knowledge, this is
 the first year that THERE IS SOMETHING FOR THE ATARI OWNER thanks to Del
 Monte.  As mentioned near the beginning of this article, Del Monte Snack
 Cups is offering a special software promotion and it includes some ST
 software.  I'm not sure where the Thanks should go.  The Foundation, Del
 Monte, or the software publishers that have brought us this opportunity. 
 I do hope that the Atari community will respond by participating and
 possibly shed new light on our beloved computer. 

     The following titles are available at up to 50% off the retail price. 
     From Sierra, Mixed-up Mother Goose, Kings Quest IV. Spectrum Holobyte:
     Tetris. Data East: North and South.  Lucasfilm Games: Maniac Mansion,
     Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.  Advanced Gravis: Switch Joystick. 
     I know the list is not long.  But to be included at all is a plus. 

     To receive the learning materials, write to the following address and
     request a Computer Learning Month booklet.

                       Computer Learning Foundation
                              P.O. Box 60007
                         Palo Alto, CA 94306-0007

 To receive the Del Monte Snack Cups family software and accessories

 Send $1.00 to:

                        Del Monte Snack Cup Catalog
                               P.O. Box 1636
                       Young America, MN 55394-1636

     The Computer Learning Foundation is an international non-profit 
 educational organization based in Palo Alto, California.  The Foundation
 is dedicated to increasing computer competency among youth by providing
 programs and materials to assist parents and teachers.  

 To these fine folks..
     We all thank you for your efforts and especially, a big "thank you"
 for including the Atari computers in your program.



                       CALLING ALL ATARI ST PIRATES!
                                 GET LEGAL

     If you have been -- ahem -- "trying out" a copy of Migraph's superb
 image editor software, Touch-Up, for the Atari ST, we're gonna let you
 come clean.  Go straight.  Lose the stigma.  Clear your conscience.  Come
 back to the fold.

     Touch-Up is quite simply a great image editing and scanning package.
 That's why people have been "trying it out."

     In return for making yourself an honest user, we'll make it worth your
 while.  It's very easy.


   1. Send us the disk that has your illegal copy of Touch-Up for the Atari
      ST (sorry, no phone orders).  We honestly don't care where it came
      from, and we promise not to dust the disk for prints.  _No questions

   2. Include a check, money order, Visa or MasterCard number (with
      expiration date) for $79.97 (US) payable to 'Migraph Inc.'

   3. Migraph will send you a nice, fresh Atari ST disk still warm from
      our duplication department, with the absolute latest version of
      Touch-Up for the Atari ST, complete with a brand new User Manual.

      It really is gratifying to tear open shrink wrap, and can't you just
 smell the fresh ink on the pages?

      After you've received your new Touch-Up package, you will be a fully
 legal, registered owner of Touch-up, entitled to all the rights and privi-
 leges thereof.  

 To wit:

 * Technical support by phone
 * Newsletters full of tips and tricks
 * Upgrade privileges
 * Special offers and discounts Migraph offers only to our registered

                   THIS OFFER EXPIRES DECEMBER 1, 1990.

  All will be forgiven, so hold your head high.  Get legal with Migraph.
        And never again feel guilty about double-clicking Touch-Up.

                               Migraph Inc.
                     200 South 333rd Street, Suite 220
                           Federal Way, WA 98003

                              (206) 838-4677



                          FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY


                              to the Readers of;
                         STREPORT ONLINE MAGAZINE
                  "The Original 16/32bit Online Magazine"

                         NEW USERS; SIGN UP TODAY!

               CALL: 1-800-848-8199 .. Ask for operator 198

                 You will receive your complimentary time
                       be online in no time at all!

                            ATARI ST ARTS FORUM
                                An overview

     The Atari ST Arts Forum is comprised of a set of communication tools
 which together create a unique environment where you can exchange
 information with a whole community (located in different parts of the
 world) who share your interest in the exchange of information and programs
 relating to Atari ST graphics and entertainment (games).

     The Atari ST Arts Forum, like all CompuServe Forums, is comprised of
 the following major areas:


     The Message Board of this Forum is where you will find many people
 corresponding with each other on a 24 hour basis.  Being that message
 correspondence does not require you to be online at the same time as the
 person you are exchanging messages with, you can log-on at any convenient
 time to read your waiting messages and reply to them in order to keep a
 conversation on-going.  This is one of the best methods for meeting new
 people from all different types of backgrounds and who are located in
 different parts of the world

     Enter "MES" at any Forum "!" command prompt or select the appropriate
 menu choice to access the Message Center.


     The Libraries section of the Forum is a resource area containing
 thousands of programs, text files, picture files, help files, and text
 files such as past transcripts from online national conferences,
 professional reports, news, and reviews.  Most text material can be read
 online or downloaded to your computer system for lasting reference.  Our
 Libraries are also filled with a wide assortment of Public Domain and
 Shareware entertainment and graphics-related programs which will make your
 ST do some unbelievable things!

     Enter "LIB" at any Forum "!" command prompt or select the appropriate
 menu choice to access the Forum's Libraries.


     Electronic Conference Rooms are areas where members gather for "live"
 conversation.  You may find several members engaged in a regularly
 scheduled meeting or participating in a special conference hosted by a
 guest speaker.  Impromptu Conferences among Forum members are always
 welcome!  In addition, watch the News Flash and Conference Announcements
 for information on any scheduled Conferences.

     Enter "CON" at any Forum "!" command prompt or select the appropriate
 menu choice to access the Forum's Conference Center.


     Announcements are written by the Forum Sysops and are designed to keep
 you apprised of any scheduled events, hot topics, new uploads, and other
 useful information pertaining to the Atari Community in general or the

     There are two announcements that are automatically displayed if you
 haven't read the latest update.  The News Flash Announcement is displayed
 when you first enter the Forum, and the Conference Announcement is
 displayed when you first enter the Conferencing area. There are other
 announcements that are available for reading from the ANNOUNCEMENTS menu. 
 These announcements include: The General Announcement, Message
 Announcement, Library Announcement, Membership Announcement, Sysop Roster
 Announcement, and New Member Announcement.

     Enter "ANN" at any Forum "!" prompt or select the appropriate menu
 choice to access the Announcements Section.


     The Member Directory is an area where members voluntarily enter their
 interests or seek out other Forum members who share your interests.  If
 you are in menu mode, you will be greeted with the Member Directory menu,
 which lists several choices for using the Member Directory.  If you are in
 "Command Mode" (non-menu mode), you will be greeted with the "Member
 Directory !" prompt.

     Enter "MEM" at the main Forum menu/command prompt or select the
 appropriate menu choice to access the Member Directory.

                             USER OPTIONS AREA

     The User Options area is where you can custom-tailor Forum and
 Messages Options to your preference.  After making changes in the options
 area, you will be given the chance to make the changes permanent or
 temporary for session only.  Any change made to the NAME, SECTIONS, or
 HIGH msg read options are considered permanent changes automatically by
 the Forum Software.  Of course, you can always make changes to these
 options again if you change your mind.

     Enter "OPT" at any Forum "!" command prompt or select the appropriate
 menu choice to access the User Options area.

     Forum Manager/SYSOP and contract holder for all of the Atari Forums on
 CompuServe, including the Atari ST Arts and Entertainment Forum, is:

                           Ron Luks [76703,254]

         Assisting Ron in the maintenance of the Atari Forums are:

     Mike Schoenbach    [76703,4363]**    Dave Groves      [76703,4223]**
     Charles McGuinness [76701,11]**      David Ramsden    [76703,4224]**
     Dan Rhea           [76703,4364]**    Bill Aycock      [76703,4061]**
     Dick Brudzynski    [76703,2011]      Don LeBow        [76704,41]
     Keith Joins        [76702,375]       Bob Retelle      [71550,3312]**

     All the assistant Sysops marked with an "**" in the above list are
 responsible for overseeing all the areas of the Atari ST Arts and
 Entertainment Forum, including the message board, the libraries, the
 announcements, and the conference area.



 > The Flip Side STR Feature             A "different" viewpoint

                    A LITTLE OF THIS, A LITTLE OF THAT

 by Michael Lee

 With the WAACE show this weekend,  I know we're going to be hearing of  a 
 bunch  of new products,  both software and hardware,  for our  ST's.   It 
 looks as if this is going to be THE show of the season.   If you you have 
 a chance, stop by and take a look at what's going on.  I think it will be 
 enough to even impress the "gloom and doomers".
 I'm sorry I missed last week (did you even miss me?),  but I hope I  have 
 enough good on-line gossip this week to more than make up for  it.   I'll 
 start you out with a couple of posts from Bob Brodie....
 The TT Monitor will support the ENTIRE group of ST resolutions,  as  well 
 as  the  new TT Low (320x480) 256 colors and the TT Medium  (640x480)  16 
 colors.  The only reason that you would need to have two monitors for the 
 TT,  is  if  you absolutely have to run 1280x960.   We will  sell  a  new 
 Moniterm like monitor for the TT...(if you want to buy a TT) you'll  have 
 to wait until COMDEX,  November 12-16,  1990....We'll have them there, no 
 problem.  (From Bob Brodie, Atari User Group Co-ordinator - GEnie)
 John Russell at JRI has done it again.  He has a product out called STacy 
 RAM  that will allow you to replace the board with the ram in  the  Stacy 
 with another board that will use SIMMS to do RAM upgrades.  I saw it last 
 night at the San Leandro Computer Club. He and I both gave a presentation 
 to the club.   He went on first, showed his board, one of the guys in the 
 club had a Stacy-1 there that he wanted to upgrade.   John had his  board 
 installed,  up and running before I was finished with my talk.  (From Bob 
 Brodie,Atari User Group Co-Ordinator - GEnie)
 I've noticed the recent thread about Unix for the TT.   From Usenet comes 
 Mint,  a tos multi-tasking prg with utilities and sample shell.  Here's a 
 copy of the release.   (From Kent Cavagnah,  Atari West BBS,  Atari 16/32 
 bit Conference)
      Press Release:
 Here are the binaries for MiNT,  a single user multitasking extension  to 
 TOS  (the  sources  are being  posted  to   MiNT 
 provides  a  number of facilities that are limited or  lacking  in  other 
 multi-tasking environments for the ST, including:
   -- pipes, named fifo's, and pseudo-ttys
   -- signals, including kill(), signal(), sigsetmask(), and sigblock()
      system calls
   -- process groups and job control 
   -- resource limits
   -- process priorities
   -- fork() and vfork() system calls
   -- new devices: midi, null, mouse (Sun-compatible), tty, and fd0-fd2
      (for accessing stdin, stdout, and stderr through the filesystem);
      these, and the normal con, aux, and prn devices are accessible
      through files on a fake drive V:
   -- processes are available through drive X:; deleting a process
      kills it, and they may be renamed just like TOS files
   -- all system calls are accessible through the GEMDOS, BIOS, and XBIOS
      traps, so it should be easy to write MiNT programs with any existing
      ST compiler
   -- supports the TOS 1.4 "fastload" bit, CTRL-ALT-DEL for rebooting,
      and fixes some TOS bugs (including the infamous I/O redirection
 MiNT can run GEM programs,  but no more than 1 at a time (you can have  a 
 GEM program and several "plain" TOS programs running simultaneously).
 You can run MiNT as an AUTO folder application,  or stand-alone.  This is 
 a  problem  with GEM,  not MiNT;  other window managers don't  have  this 
 problem,  e.g.,  the MGR window system from Bellcore runs under MiNT, and 
 the X window system should also run okay.
 Also,  MiNT is freeware, *not* a commercial product or shareware; and the 
 source  code is available.   I would encourage people to tinker with  it, 
 improve  it,  and fix bugs.  My hope is that MiNT can become  a  reliable 
 alternative to TOS for people who want a more Unix like environment.
      Eric R. Smith                   email:
      Dept. of Mathematics   
      University of Western Ontario   ersmith@uwovax.bitnet 
      London, Ont. Canada N6A 5B7 
      ph: (519) 661-3638 
 Question from Richard Fingers on GEnie:
 Hello fellow GFA users!  I talked to my dealer about the 3.5 upgrade  but 
 he said he hadn't heard anything about it and could not even get the  3.0 
 version  anymore.  I  showed him the messages (from GEnie) but  he  still 
 didn't know anything.   Will 3.5 be available commercially (i.e. disk and 
 NEW manual in same package)?
 Answer from Rick Taylor on GEnie:
 Your dealer was probably only aware that Antic no longer held the  rights 
 to GFA 3.0 and thus assumed that he could no longer get the product.  The 
 new  3.5 version is already for sale at the better  Atari  dealers.  I've 
 seen  the package (including UK manual for interpreter and compiler)  for 
 $100-$130 at some of the dealers local to us here in Southern California.
 The upgrade kit should be available now; Computer Network in Glendale CA, 
 said that they expected their shipment of kits to arrive any day now.  If 
 you would like more information from them, their phone number is 818/500-
 3900. Talk to Mark.
 Answer from Norm Weinress on GEnie:
 Tell  your  dealer  that the upgrades are being  distributed  by  Pacific 
 Software.  If they don't know who that is, they ain't an Atari ST dealer!
 Until next week.....


 > NEODESK 3 !STR InfoFile                    "A WELCOME ENHANCEMENT!"

                      NEODESK 3 THE REAL ALTERNATIVE!


     NeoDesk 3 is a complete replacement for the built-in desktop that
 comes with the Atari.  It is the easiest and most affordable way to rea-
 lize your Atari's true potential.

     NeoDesk 3 adds many new features and enhancements over the original
 desktop, while keeping full compatibility with your current and future

     Not only will your computer be more powerful, it will also be much
 easier to use.  It doesn't get any simpler.  NeoDesk 3 is the ultimate
 upgrade for your Atari ST.


     NeoDesk 3 can easily be installed so that it comes up whenever you
 turn on the computer.  


     NeoDesk has "JILLIONS" of new features and enhancements available,
     this is only a few of the more outstanding features we found to be

     Store files and folders temporarily in memory while changing floppy
     disks, paths, or reorganizing your hard disk.  You can think of it
     sort of an automatically expanding and shrinking ramdisk.  The File
     Clipboard grows and shrinks according to the files you place within

     Write important notes, numbers, or doodle right on the desktop itself! 
     Simply double-click on the desktop itself and a cursor will appear. 
     [Esc] clears the line.

     Place commonly used programs, files, and folders  directly on the
     desktop.  You can then select the icon and use  "Install Desktop
     Icon..." to rename the icon and assign a unique key to it.  Selecting
     that key will select and open the icon.

     Assign different icons (each with its OWN COLOR) to any file or fol-
     der.  This makes it much easier to locate and manage them.  Many icons
     are included, with more available.  And of course, you may create your
     own Icons or use the Icons from earlier versions.

     This multiple window Icon Editor lets you edit and modify custom icons
     for any file or folder.  Includes a complete set of drawing tools. 
     Select "Edit Icons..." to call it.  Double-click on any icon to edit
     it, on the desktop to edit it.  This editor is far superior to any
     Icon editor I have used, including the older version from Gribnif.

     Easily split a window so that it will display two different parts of
     the same directory.  Very useful when copying or manipulating files. 
     To do this, drag the "Split Window Bar" under the window information
     line to any window position.

     A new window button (left of the bottom horizontal bar) lets you
     select all the files in a single directory, even if they don't fit in
     the window.  You can even keep files selected while you scroll the
     window to a new location by holding down the [Shift] key.

     Each window can be set to display text or icons, independently of each
     other.  Each window can even have its own sorting and text options. 
     The new button at the lower left corner of the window toggles a window
     between text or icons.

     No more useless disk swaps.  In a very efficient and fast manner, as
     many files and folders that will fit into all the available memory are
     read in at once.  Especially nice for hard drives, this feature is a
     real benefit for all hard drive users.

     NeoDesk 3 can intelligently detect the type of format used on the
     original disk and format the destination disk the exact same way. You
     can even copy identical hard disk partitions.

     Automate any series of desktop operations like opening windows,
     copying or deleting files, executing programs, etc.  Then assign them
     to any key on the keyboard.  Select the menu entry once to start
     recording and a second time to end recording.  Does not record inside
     of running programs or in dialog boxes.

     Drag any group of files to any program icon and that program will be
     automatically executed with all the selected files as parameters.

     Easily search your system for that missing file.  When found it will
     open a window to it, scroll to the file, and select it.

     Up to six file templates are supported.  For example, you could have a
     single window display all files ending in both ".TXT" and ".DOC"

     You can specify 9 or 10 sector format, number of tracks, and even use
     the newer "Twister" option.

     You can easily reorder any directory on your system.  Select it once
     to enter the reorder mode, a second time to exit it.

     Neodesk 3 is able to display Degas, Degas Elite, and NeoChrome pic-
     tures.  Right mouse button goes forward a page, left mouse button back
     a page.

     You can select the type of application you are using, if NeoDesk
     should unload for it or not, and more.

     The Diablo Emulator purrs like as kitten with Neodesk 3, just    drag
     a file or a number of files to the LASER PRINTER ICON and they will be
     printed.  Has a 'form feed' in the drop down menu if needed.


     NeoDesk 3.01 has many other features many of which were barely touched
 upon here.  Features like a NEW ENHANCED Control Panel with its own 
 screen saver and corner clock, Printer Queue, Print Directory function,
 and much more.  NeoDesk 3 comes with a superb, well written 140 page
 illustrated instruction manual, two disks, several extra utilities (one
 can even replace the system fonts!), and a recoverable trashcan for
 NeoDesk.  The FORMAT AND FILE COPY functions in Neodesk 3 are so unique
 they even remove the boredom of these mundane everyday tasks by providing
 information relative to the task and it is constantly updated.  This is a
 very nice touch.  The Gribnifs have really outdone themselves on this one! 
 This version is equal to if not better than TOS 2.0.

 How to Order

     To order your own personal copy of NeoDesk 3 for $69.95,  Please
     call the TOLL FREE ORDER LINE: 1-800-284-4742.  

     You will receive ** FREE ** 2nd Day Air shipping.  

     If you have any questions at all, or comments about the NEW NEODESK
     3.01, you may reach us at:

               Voice:  (413) 584-7887 Fax:   (413) 584=2565

                             Gribnif Software
                               P.O. Box 350
                             Hadley, MA  01035



                    //////NEW ENGLAND ATARIFEST '90\\\\\\

                                STATUS REPORT

                Confirmed to exhibit as of Sept.- Oct. 1990

  ////////////////////MANUFACTURERS, DEVELOPERS, ETC.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

     o Atari Corporation (U.S.)          o Gribnif Software
       Sunnyvale, CA                       Northampton, MA
       Bob Brodie                          Rick Flashman, Dan Wilga &
                                           Tricia Metcalf
     o Beta-Cad
       North Attleboro, MA               o Bill Jensen
       Dick Barlik                         Jamaica Plain, MA

     o Codehead Software                 o Chor-Ming Lung
       Los Angeles, CA                     Boston, MA
       John Eidsvoog

     o Dr. T's Music Software            o Taylor Ridge Books
       Boston, MA                          Manchester, CT
       Al Hospers                          Clayton Walnum

     o Fast Technology                   o TidBit Software Engineering
       North Andover, MA                   Maynard, MA
       Jim Allen                           Jeff Lomicka


     o Bit Bucket Computer Store         o Granite Computers
       West Newton, MA                     Nashua, NH

     o Computer Bug                      o Micro National
       Hadley, MA                          Danvers, MA

     o Computer Zone                     o Syntronics Computer Center
       North Attleboro, MA                 Boston, MA

     o ERM Electronic Liquidators
       Melrose, MA

  ///////////////////////////////USER GROUPS\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

     o Atari UG of Greater Hartford         o Rhode Island ACE
       Hartford, CT                           Providence, RI

     o BCS/Atari                            o South Shore Atari Group
       Boston, MA                             Hyde Park, MA

     o Nashoba Valley Atari Users' Soc.     o S.T.A.R.R.
       Acton-Boxboro, MA                      New Haven, CT

     o N. Attleboro Atari Computer Club     o Valley Atari ST
       North Attleboro, MA                    Methuen, MA

  /////////////////////////SEMINARS (TITLES TENTATIVE)\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

          0915   "GEnie STAR*SERVICES"
                 Darlah Pine, GEnie Atari RoundTables

                 Nevin Shalit, Step Ahead Software

          1100   "CALAMUS AND OUTLINE ART"
                 Nathan Potechin, ISD Marketing, Inc.

          1300   "NEODESK 3: THE ULTIMATE DESKTOP"
                 Rick Flashman, Gribnif Software

          1400   "WHATEVER COMES TO MIND"
                 Jim Allen, Fast Technology

          1500   "ATARI SPEAKS"
                 Bob Brodie, Atari Computer (U.S.)


          Susse Chalet Boston                 $43.70/night single
          900 Morrissey Boulevard             $47.70/night double
          Dorchester, MA                      Phone (617) 287-9200

  ///////////////////////////SHOW INFORMATION\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

     Location: UMass/Boston              Hours: 9:00am - 4:00pm
               Harbor Campus
               Dorchester, MA            Admission: $5.00

     Date: October 27, 1990              Free Parking

  /////////////////////////////FOR MORE INFO\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

  o GEnie: Email D.JACOBSON2          o DELPHI: Email DPJ or NORMAN238
    ST RT Cat 11 Top 20                 ATARI/SSAG sig, DELPHI/Boston

  o BCS/Atari BBS (24h, 3/12/24/96)   o N.E. AtariFest '90 info-line
    (617) 396-4607                      (617) 527-4952 (recording)

  o Write: 
                         New England AtariFest '90
                        c/o Boston Computer Society
                             One Center Plaza
                             Boston, MA 02108

  Tables are still available ($150 single, $275 double, $35 UG single).
  Address inquiries to any of the sources listed above. Make checks
  payable to Boston Computer Society, and send to the address above.



     Atari UK has debuted its bundling deal with the 520 STe machine as the
 foundation in a promotion that gives away 300 UKP worth of software bun-
 dled with the machine for a price tag of 399 UKP. Also, SDL, Atari's main
 PC distributor has slashed pricing on Atari's range of PCs.  The company
 claims this move makes the Atari PCs the most competitive on the market. 
 The promotional bundle is called the Atari 520 STe Turbo personal computer
 pack, the Atari UK bundling deal includes the 520 STe; a Basic programming
 language package, Hyperpaint 2; Music Maker 2; Dragons Breath and Indiana
 Jones and the Lost Crusade.   The package goes on sale through Atari's UK
 dealers from the beginning of next month. 

     Atari UK has announced that at least 20 new software cartridges for
 its VCS games console system will ship this Autumn.  Atari claims that the
 games are indicative of that fact that there has been a massive revival of
 interest in Atari game consoles.  Atari further states that its game con-
 soles have an installed userbase of 1.5 million users world-wide, a figure
 Atari hopes to increase by another 200,000+ users in the UK alone this
 year.  The first group of five game cartridges have been preview released
 to the UK press.  They include, Meltdown, Motorpsycho, Ikari Warriors,
 Basket Brawl and Mat Mania Challenge. 

 - Sunnyvale, CA               NEW BOX FOR THE TT030 WITH MANY VME SLOTS

 tony@raid5.uucp (Tony Andrews) writes:
 Could you give me some more specifics about the VME on the TT? Is it a 6U
 card cage?  How many slots are available?  How much power is available? 
 Are A24/D16 and A16/D8 the only supported modes? (A16/D16 would be nice.) 
 Is host memory accessible by VME bus masters?

 I misspoke: A16/D16 is available.

     There is only one slot, but I have seen a new box for the TT030 with
 many VME slots -- this was from another company, in Germany, but it proves
 it can be done.  I think the internal slot is half-Eurocard, 3U. If I'm
 abusing the VME terminology, I apologize: I don't really grasp it myself. 
 The cards I've seen that fit are about 6.5" by 4.5".

     Host memory is not accessible through the VME bus -- that is, a VME
 card in the TT030 cannot be a bus master.  My standard answer on this
 subject is as follows: "It is not unreasonable to suppose that there may
 be a future machine from Atari with a full-size, full-feature, multi-slot
 VMEbus interface."
 Opinions expressed above do not necessarily -- Allan Pratt, Atari Corp.
 reflect those of Atari Corp. or anyone else.      ...ames!atari!apratt


 > Hard Disks STR InfoFile           Affordable Mass Storage....

                      NEW LOW PRICES! & MORE MODELS!!

                      ABCO COMPUTER ELECTRONICS INC.
              P.O. Box 6672  Jacksonville, Florida 32236-6672
                                Est.  1985

                   Voice: 904-783-3319  10 AM - 4 PM EDT
                     BBS: 904-786-4176   12-24-96 HST
                    FAX: 904-783-3319  12 PM - 6 AM EDT
   All systems are complete and ready to use, included at NO EXTRA COST
                 are clock/calendar and cooling blower(s).
                 (you are NOT limited to two drives ONLY!)
                   (all cables and connectors installed)

                           Conventional Shoe Box
            Model        Description      Autopark       Price
            SGN4951      51Mb 28ms   3.5"    Y          519.00
            SGN6177      62Mb 24ms   3.5"    Y          619.00
            SGN1096      85Mb 24ms   3.5"    Y          649.00
            SGN6277     120Mb 24ms   3.5"    Y          889.00
            SGN1296     168Mb 24ms   3.5"    Y         1069.00
            SGN4077     230Mb 24ms   3.5"    Y         1669.00


         20mb #AI020SC   379.95              30mb #AIO3OSC   419.95
         50mb #AI050SC   449.95              65mb #AI065SC   499.95
                           85mb #AI085SC  $559.95
                        MEGA ST Internal Hard Drives

                      (500 - 600k per sec @ 23 -33ms)

                         FROM 30mb 28MS @ $419.00!
                      Ask about our "REBATE SPECIALS"




       * SYQUEST 44MB (#555)>> ABCO "44" << REMOVABLE MEDIA DRIVE *

          - ICD Utility Software        - 3' DMA Cable 
          - Fan & Clock                 - Multi-Unit Power Supply
                          (1) 44 MB Syquest Cart.

                 --->> SPECIAL NOW ONLY __$769.00__ <<---

                      *** SPECIAL SYQUEST OFFER!! ***
                       ***** for $50.00 LESS! *****

                       SPECIALLY PRICED ** $1339.00 **

         - Syquest 44 Model [555] and the following hard drives -
          50mb SQG51   $1079.00           30mb SQG38    $1039.00
          65mb SQG09   $1119.00           85mb SQG96    $1129.00
           Listed above are a sampling of the systems available.
      Prices also reflect various cabinet/power supply configurations
    (over sixty configurations are available, flexibility is unlimited)
            *** ALL Units: Average Access Time: 24ms - 34ms ***

             LARGER units are available - (special order only)

                        NO REPACKS OR REFURBS USED!

       - Custom Walnut WOODEN Cabinets - TOWER - AT - XT Cabinets -
                   Keyboard Custom Cables Call for Info
                      ALL POWER SUPPLIES UL APPROVED

                       -* 12 month FULL Guarantee *-
                         (A FULL YEAR of COVERAGE)


                     DEALERS and DISTRIBUTORS WANTED!
                         please, call for details

                 Personal and Company Checks are accepted.

                        ORDER YOUR NEW UNIT TODAY!

           CALL: 1-800-562-4037   -=**=-    CALL: 1-904-783-3319
           Customer Orders ONLY               Customer Service
                                9am - 8pm EDT
                                Tues thru Sat


 > A "Quotable Quote" 


                                             .... P.T. Barnum

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