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From: aj205@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Kevin Steele)
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     Z*NET ATARI ONLINE MAGAZINE    October 5, 1990    Issue #540
                Copyright (c)1990, Rovac Industries, Inc.
                               EDITORS DESK
                              by Ron Kovacs

 The WAACE show is on this weekend and we hope for a good show.  Bob
 Brodie and other Atari personnel are said to be on hand and the
 meeting with Atari Elite members is also expected.
 Hyperpaint has been revamped to make better use of the features of the 
 STE.  Notable improvements in Hyperpaint 2 include hardware scrolling of
 IMG screens if a blitter is fitted, access to the STE's 4096 color 
 palette, IMG screens may now be set to any size within RAM constraints,
 and many other features quickened.  It is also possible to run the new 
 version of Hyperpaint without GDOS installed.
 Atari has also relaunched their comms package FaSTcomm.  Nicely GEM'd, 
 FaSTcomm supports VT100/52 and Viewdata, bachground up/downloading, call
 log and built-in text and Viewdata editors.  Waiting in the wings is 
 "the official Atari hard disk back-up package..."  -  Archive.  
 Hyperpaint 2 costs UK$34.95 (UK$10 for the upgrade) and FaSTcomm now 
 retails at UK$49.95 (UK$15 for the upgrade).
 Kuma has a couple of exciting looking products due for release soon.
 The first is Polyfiler, an innovative Hypertext style database that has 
 been in the making for sometime.  The second, Adimens, has been a very 
 popular database in Germany for a few years now.  Kuma will be plugging 
 a gap in the UK market when they launch an English version of Adimens in 
 late September, early October.
 The ST version of what is generally regarded as the standard paint 
 package for the Amiga is now available from Electronic Arts.  Deluxe 
 Paint will read all popular ST picture file formats, plus Amiga IFF 
 files, and boasts 999 animation buffers each of which can hold up to 999 
 frames.  Proportional fonts, font editing, color mixing airbrushes, STE 
 extended palette support, and real-time magnification are amoung st wide 
 array of features available.  Deluxe Paint will cost UK$49.99 until the
 end of November when the price will rise by UK$10.00.
 To make room for Calamus SL, the price of the current version will drop 
 to UK$265.00.  Calamus SL, which includes full color seperation 
 facilities will retail around UK$500.00.
 Gasteiner has announced that they are the sole UK distributors of AT 
 Speed at UK$239.99, and that Full Circle Technologies, who had announced
 they were supplying AT Speed at UK$269.00, are unable to supply the
 product.  AT Speed offers IBM ST emulation with CGA, Olivetti, Hercules 
 and Tandy 1000 display modes as well as full Atari mouse, RS232 and hard 
 disk support.  Atari SLM804 support will follow.
 Verbatim introduced the DataLife 3-1/2 inch Extra High Density (ED) 4
 MB microdisk this week.  DataLife 3-1/2 inch ED 4 MB microdisks can be
 easily formatted for Macintosh and IBM systems.  A number of
 manufacturers are developing compatible 4 MB disk drives which prompted
 Verbatim to make 4 MB media available now.  DataLife 3-1/2 inch ED 4 MB
 microdisks are currently being used by several manufacturers in the
 testing of their disk drives.  The disks suggested retail price is
 $14.77 each, or $147.70 per 10 pack box.
 IBM announced a price reduction on one version of its PSystem/2(a) Model
 80 by 7 percent.  In addition, IBM has withdrawn four models of the PS/2
 the PS/2 Model 30-001 and -021 and Model 80-111 and -311.  The
 withdrawals are effective December 27, 1990. 

 IBM                 FORMER   NEW      STANDARD 
 Model 80-121        $7,495   $6,945   20 MHz 80386; 2 MB RAM; 
                                       1.44 MB diskette drive; 
                                       120 MB fixed disk. 
 The Borland Round Table on GEnie will have a special guest November 4,
 1990 at 8pm.  Bjarne Stroustrup, the originator of the C++ language at
 AT&T.  Mr. Stroustrup is also the author of the book, "The C++
 Programming Language".  He will be answering questions about the nature
 and philosophy of C++.  To enter the Borland conference area, it's
 located at page 765;2.  The general format of the conference will be a
 question and answer session, with all submitted questions answered
 first.  If time permits afterwards, there will be an "open microphone"
 question period.  All questions for this conference must be submitted
 by November 1, 1990 and addressed in email to K.KLOP.
 Electronic Arts announced that in the week ending Sept. 23, the company
 shipped over $1 million worth of game cartridges for the 16-bit Sega
 Genesis console. 

 Z*NET ENGLAND UK NEWSWIRE brought to you Ctsy of Paul Glover of the
 ST Club Newsletter of Nottingham England.

                            Z*NET NEW ZEALAND
                              by Jon Clarke
                       ============================Pun of the day==
                       = Hussa'n I said that?                    =
 This week we are going to look at some of the top software titles across
 the Alantic in the United Kingdom.  Current for October 1990.
 Top 10 budget games titles.

  1.  Italia                            Code Masters
  2.  Pro tennis Simulator              Code Masters
  3.  Grim Blood                        Mastertronic
  4.  Targhan                           Action 16
  5.  SAS Combat                        Code Masters
  6.  Formular 1 Grand Prix             Micro Value
  7.  Advanced Ski Simulator            Code masters
  8.  league Challenge                  Atlantis
  9.  Rock Star                         Code Masters
 10.  Fast Lane                         Action 16

 Top 10 PD / Shareware titles.

   1. ST Writer                         Word Processor
   2. Sheet spreadsheet                 Spreadsheet
   3. Spell Checker and word counter    Word Processing
   4. FastCopy                          Copier Utility
   5. Ani ST                            Graphics
   6. Kid Publisher                     Eduction {Dot does it again}
   7. Neochrome                         Graphics
   8. UniTerm                           Communications
   9. S-Copy3                           Copier Utility
  10. Virus killer                      Utility

  The top 10 selling full priced games.

  1. Kick off                           Anco
  2. F-19 Stealth Fighter               Microprose
  3. F-29 Retaliator                    Ocean
  4. Imperium                           Electronic Arts
  5. Italy 1990                         US Gold
  6. World Cup Soccor 1990              Virgin
  7. MidWinter                          Rainbird
  8. Flood                              Bulldog
 10. Emlyn Hughes International Soccer

 NB: Budget games are priced under ten pounds Sterling.
     Full priced games are priced over five pounds Sterling.
     Not all these tiltles are available in the USA.
     PD list from the top UK PD libaries over the last six months.
     Other lists sourced from Gallup.

                          START ONLINE PREMIERES
                 Compiled by Ron Kovacs  Ctsy CompuServe
 Recently, Antic Online changed it's name to STart Online on CompuServe. 
 The area previously dedicated to Antic Online reports has been changed 
 and now contains direct reprints from STart magazine.  Here is a recent 
 capture of the area.
 CompuServe     START
 1 Introduction to START ONLINE
 2 Feature Stories/Reviews/Atari News
 3 Software Shelf
 4 RLE Art Gallery
 5 Atari Users Group Listings
 6 The Atari Forums (SIG*ATARI)
 START ONLINE magazine offers exclusive coverage of the Atari computer
 world, specializing in the ST and 8-Bit computer lines.  Our online
 magazine offers the following features:

  ...and much more.

 You can download software from START ONLINE!  Every month, our Software
 Shelf will feature programs from previous issues of START Magazine.
 Download as many as you like:  they're all available at normal
 CompuServe connect charges.

 At the end of every month, Software Shelf programs will be moved into
 the appropriate Atari Forum Libraries, and new programs will appear on
 the Shelf.  (Type GO ATARINET to get to the Atari Forums.)

 Although the online community is probably your best and most effective
 link to the Atari world and other Atari computer users, local Users
 Groups also offer a valuable service in providing support and offering
 assistance.  Our Users Group listings will put you in touch with your
 local organization.
 Look for more current Atari news.  We've streamlined many procedures
 and made many technical improvements which let us offer hot news and
 timely features very quickly (usually within 24 hours).
 START ONLINE copyright 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990 by Antic
 Publishing Inc.  All Rights Reserved.  Antic, Antic Online and START are
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 independent corporation not affiliated in any way with Atari Corp.
 Atari is a trademark of Atari Corp.  All references to Atari products
 are trademarked and should be so noted.

                               Z*NET CANADA
                            by Terry Screiber
 Ever tried to get the latest version of a shareware program?  Now where
 is that address, I'm sorry, we don't take credit cards!  A quick trot to
 the bank or post office to get that U.S. or Canadian money order or
 maybe not so quick.  There are other problems involved as well but I'm
 sure you know most of them.
 Commercial software houses have distributors so why not the small
 independents?  Dammed good idea?  I thought so, thus along with our
 retail store we are opening an area called Sharewares, a one stop
 clearing house for Atari ST shareware software.  Shareware will be taken
 on consignment and offered for sale through outlets in Vancouver and
 Seattle via Visa or Mastercard with royalties paid on sales at the end
 of each month.
 We are also planning on advertising in Club newsletters and magazines,
 this should help those Authors on a small budget to get some exposure.
 For more information contact me at (604) 278-2099 during business hours.
 Atari Canada's General Manager Geoff Earle announced today a one hundred
 thousand dollar expansion to Atari Canada's service area.  This includes
 new equipment and more staff to handle the service and shipping of
 repaired equipment. "We realize there have been some problems with the
 service department in the past" said Geoff, "but with this expansion and
 an inter-departmental network online we hope to become one of the elite
 that is know for their service as well as their product lines".
 Recent marketing studies done by Atari in Canada have found the consumer
 is not buying on price but after market service.  Atari is taking steps
 at this time to bring their service up to standards which will equal or
 surpass most in the consumer market.  This will also reflect on dealer
 orders with a faster turn around on parts and supplies.
 The Pacific Rim Computer and Communications Show is Western Canada's
 answer to Comdex.  This is held in Vancouver every year, this year
 falling on January 14th to 16th and attracts the who's who of the
 computer manufacturers.  Atari has attended this show before in
 conjunction with dealers but this year there are a few changes.
 Atari is serious about business applications and this show will be the
 first in a line of a new business campaign.  Atari users have long known
 the positive aspects of the computer and now with the new "Atari TT"
 they have a more serious contender for this market.
 In attendance will be Jimmy Hotz (Hotz Box), Nathan Potechin (ISD
 Marketing), Geoff Earle (Cdn General Manager), Denise Carrol (Marketing
 Coordinator), Murray Brown (Western Canada Sales and Marketing Manager)
 as well as Tim Breck and Paul Garay, two notables in the MIDI field.
 The Atari area will be a show within a show featuring demonstrations on
 Desktop Publishing, Desktop Music, MIDI, Networking, Educational and
 Research, Word Processing and more.  The entire line of products, Stacy,
 Portfolio, and MS-DOS line as well as the Emulators for display and
 demonstrations and of course, the 68000 and 68030 line.

                                LUNACY 3.0
                              Press Release
 >  LUNACY 3.0 IS DONE!  *

 After many months of long, hard work...not to mention a lightning strike
 or two, LUNACY 3.0 is now available to registered users!  New features
 to 3.0 include:
 * TOS 1.4 compatibility.
 * Start level selection (1-20).
 * Joystick and/or keyboard control.
 * Repeat block sequence...play same game again and again!
 * Save configuration of keyboard layout, sound, and preview selections
   to be loaded every time.
 A playable version of this shareware program will be uploaded to GEnie
 for distribution everywhere, but with some changes...
 1.  As of the date 3.0 is uploaded to GEnie, registration for LUNACY!
     will change to $12, up from $10 for LUANCY! 2.0.

 2.  Instead of a 20-second delay before each game, the version uploaded
     will, in essence, be a "demo."  Only 75 blocks will be able to be
     placed before the game ends...I am trying this tactic in an effort
     to get more registrations (looking at GEnie alone, the ratio of
     downloads to registrations is greater than 40-1 and from the
     responses I've been getting about the quality of this game, I feel
     that registrations are a small price to pay for a quality game).

 3. Because this will be a demo game, I am offering the following
    registration procedure...

    a.  Before I upload version 3.0, I will still honor any and all
        registrations for $10 as long as they are postmarked the day
        before LUNACY! 3.0 appears in the GEnie libraries.  The day V.3.0
        is available, the registration cost will be $12.  Anyone
        registering from now on will recieve LUNACY! 3.0 for their

    b.  Tentatively, 3.0 will be uploaded within the next two to three
    c.  If you do wish to upload, send $10 to:
        7 Sarah Avenue
        Springfield, IL  62703
        and make sure you send your return address.
 I hope this new NETWORK 23 policy will not offend too many people.  I
 am just trying different methods to entice people to register shareware.
 All shareware authors NEED registrations to survive!  I realize that the
 size of 3.0 as a download file and the fact it is only a demo will scare
 some people away from downloading it.  For this, I am sorry, but I also
 know that many people will put up with a 20-second delay.  How about a
 minute delay? or 5?  where does it end?
 Hopefully this file will also show people that I am dedicated to working
 on and improving LUNACY!  I believe (or would LIKE to believe) that many
 people did not register because of the untested "promise" of future
 upgrades...upgrades that may NEVER materialize while one is stuck with
 paying $10 for a one-shot deal.  If you are one of those people, now's
 your chance to register and get an improved LUNACY!  Future work will be
 dedicated to a true 2-player game mode and new, exciting options that
 are described in the game manual.

 If you have any opinions, or want to attack or praise this stand I am
 taking with a demo version, feel free to write me at R.MARTIN22 (maybe
 soon to be changed, watch this area) and tell me what you think.  I am
 not trying to make people angry with me...that is not my intent.  I
 would just like to see some return on my hard work.

                            FASTER THAN LIGHT!
           FastCopy III  vs  DeskTop Formatter 1.1 and Others!
                              by John Strand
         (Reprinted from the Puget Sound Atari News, August 1990)
 First I would like to say that I am not an expert on copying or
 formatting programs but FastCopy and DeskTop formatter really intrigue
 me so I thought I would compare the two and also some other copying and
 formatting programs.
 FastCopy III is a new freeware copy/format program from Germany by
 Martin Backschat.  DeskTop Formatter 1.1 is a shareware copy/format
 program from John Harris of California.  These copy/format programs are
 to be use with one or two disk drives; and yes, the programs do make
 copies very fast!

 FastCopy III

 FastCopy not only makes copies, it will format disks very fast (fastest
 I have seen so far).  You can format a disk on one or two sides, up to
 11 sectors, and up to 86 tracks.  The program has many other functions
 and most are self explanatory, but not all.  There is a >HELP< menu to
 explain the functions, however it's in German!  The author offers a
 manual printed in English that explains every function of the program
 for 50 Deutsch-Mark (about $30.00 U.S.).  With this purchase you'll also
 receive the latest version of FastCopy.
 FastCopy has ten main buttons located in the middle of the screen that
 do the following; copy disk, scan disk, format disk, directory, quit,
 new conf, virus check, soft format, streamer, and help.  These functions
 are straight forward with the exception of the 'streamer' function.
 This function is supposed to let you read and write to a hard disk
 partition, but I could never get it to work (maybe this is where English
 manual would help!).
 When clicking on the 'directory' two boxes will appear in the upper
 right of your screen.  One is a standard Atari close-window box with up
 and down arrows below it so you can move one file at a time through your
 directory.  The other box has an X in it to exit the directory.  Below
 the X box is an Atari slider box which allows you to click on or drag
 (like the standard Atari window) to check on your files.  Below the main
 buttons are three boxes with more buttons.  The lower left box has the
 following buttons: Verify Destination, Fast Format Destination, Read
 Disk Configuration, Multiple Copy and Get Sectors.  The lower center box
 contains the Source and Destination buttons (A: to A:, A: to B:, B: to
 B: or B: to A:) and there are some buttons for 2, 3, 6 and 12 ms which
 is the step rate ('mit shift' - whatever that is?).  The lower right
 box has buttons for disk configuration that can be set for one or two
 sided disk, sectors (01 to 11), starting track and ending track (00 to
 DeskTop Formatter 1.1

 This is another copy/format program that will format a disk on one or
 two sides, up to 11 sectors, and up to 82 tracks.  The shareware cost is
 $10.00, but this also includes RamPlus, a ramdisk and printer spooler
 program plus a mouse doubler, screen saver and a cluster fix program to
 fix a bug in GEM DOS.  The DeskTop Formatter's 'window' looks like that
 of most other format programs.  The top half of the window has buttons
 for doing the formatting chores which includes one or two sided disks,
 sectors/track from 01 to 11, and tracks from 80 to 82.  The format can
 be normal or twisted.  The lower half of the window is used for copying
 disks A: to B:, A: to A:, etc.  There are Auto or Manual modes for
 copying.  The Auto mode detects how the original disk is formatted and
 makes the copy the same way.  The Manual mode allows you to choose the
 starting and ending tracks to be copied (this is mainly for use when
 copying a non-TOS formatted disk).  There is also a 'Test' button that
 will test for errors on the disk.  The 'Erase' button quickly erases the
 directory and FAT sectors of the disk.  'Verify' and 'Format
 Destination' buttons complete the available options.

 Although Desktop Formatter is not as sophisticated as FastCopy, it is
 still a very good program (and, you get the ramdisk/printer spooler,
 mouse doubler, screen saver and the cluster fix programs too).

 Well, now down to the nitty-gritty.  How fast are these programs?  The
 following information tells just how fast these two programs are by
 comparing them to the standard Atari desktop and other popular copying
 and formatting programs.

                                                       Time Required
 Formatting   --------- Disk Parameters ---------    (minutes:seconds)
 Program      Sides    Sectors   Tracks     Bytes     Verify Off/On
 Atari desktop  2         9        80      726,016     n.a. / 1:39
 FastCopy III   2         9        80      737,280     0:36 / 1:08
 (Extended      2        10        82      839,680     0:53 / 1:27
  Formats)      2        11        82      924,672     1:10 / 2:17
 Formatter 1.1  2         9        80      728,064     1:07 / 1:40
 (Extended      2        10        82      830,464     1:09 / 1:42
  Formats)      2        11        82      912,384     1:09 / 2:15

 Univ. Item
 Sel. III       2         9        80      726,016     n.a. / 1:32
  format)       2        10        82      828,416     n.a. / 1:43

 Formatter 4.0  2         9        80      726,016     1:09 / 1:44
  format)       2        10        82      828,416     1:10 / 1:47

 Formatter      2         9        80      726,016     1:09 / 2:13
  format)       2        10        82      828,416     1:11 / 2:17

 Express Format 2         9        80      726,016     1:07 / n.a.
 (Extended      2        10        82      828,416     1:09 / n.a.
  Formats)      2        11        82      912,384     2:12 / n.a.


 For testing copy speed I used a disk formatted to 2 sides, 10 sectors,
 82 tracks (839,680 bytes) and copied 692,869 bytes of information to the
 disk.  Here are the results:

 Copy                Format Destination     Time Required (min:sec)
 Program             Disk While Copying     Verify Off / Verify On
 Atari desktop              No                    n.a. / 2:58
 FastCopy III               No                    1:11 / 2:03
                            Yes                   1:57 / 2:19

 DeskTop formatter 1.1      No                    1:21 / 2:11
                            Yes                   2:21 / 3:17

 Universal Item Selector    No                    n.a. / 3:50

 DC Formatter               No                    1:57 / 1:57
                            Yes                   2:57 / 2:57

 ProCopy                    No                    1:19 / 1:51
                            Yes                   2:15 / 2:10

 Cheetah ver 2.0            No                    2:12 / ----

 Synchro Express            No/Yes*               0:47 / ----

 * Note: Synchro Express is a hardware chip that plugs into both your
   printer port and second floppy drive port.  This disables your second
   floppy making it a 'receive data drive' only.  It did not matter if
   the disk in the second drive was formatted or not, it still copied in
   47 seconds.

 In fairness to Atari it is my understanding that the Atari desktop
 verifies each track while doing formatting and copying.  This means that
 FastCopy (with the verify option on) is only 31 seconds faster for
 formatting and 55 seconds faster for copying than the Atari desktop.
 However, using FastCopy without verify these speed increases jump to:
 1 min. 03 sec. for formatting and 1 min. 47 sec. for copying.  This
 seems to not be too risky.  I've been using 'no-verify' standard format
 and copy with FastCopy and DeskTop Formatter and have had no problems.

 One thing I found strange was during the writing of my review.  I bought
 a Megafile 30 hard drive and apparently when the the Atari hard disk
 driver is installed you can get a few more bytes when formatting.
 Without hard disk driver installed you get 839,680 bytes with FastCopy
 for a 2 side, 10 sector and 82 track format.  With the hard disk driver
 installed for the same format you get 841,728 bytes and there were
 similar byte gains with all the formatting programs.

 As you can see both FastCopy and DeskTop Formatter are very fast at
 doing copying and formatting (most of the other programs are fast too,
 just not as fast).  I do not know if I will send $30.00 to Germany to
 get the English manual since I am able to use most all the functions of
 FastCopy.  But I will send the $10.00 to John Harris for DeskTop
 formatter and RamPlus because these programs are worth it and I want to
 support American developers.  A word of warning when you use the
 extended formats (11 sectors and higher than 81 tracks) the disk might
 be incompatible with other drives (especially older drives).  I found 
 this out at one of our meetings when I tried a file copy on a disk
 formatted to 11 sectors and 82 tracks.  The club's IB drive didn't
 understand the format, so I had to reform at my disk.  Good thing I had
 FastCopy along to do it with!

 Well there you have it.  I hope you have enjoyed reading this article as
 much as I have in writing it.

 Happy Atari computing! 'Till next time....

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Kevin Steele (aj205.Cleveland.Freenet.Edu)

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