ST Report: 16-Mar-90 #411

From: Kevin Steele (aj205@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 03/21/90-12:27:10 PM Z

From: aj205@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Kevin Steele)
Subject: ST Report: 16-Mar-90  #411
Date: Wed Mar 21 12:27:10 1990

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 > The Editor's Podium?

     This has been a  week for stories and  individuals running around with
 their hands on their hips being defiant and  generally mean to each other.
 Is the moon full?  Sure would seem so with all  the  rumors  flying about.
 Perhaps its  the expectancy  of the  userbase in seeing Atari hang another
 one in their (the users) ear.  CeBIT is right  around the  corner and most
 folks have  already heard  about the new hardware scheduled to be shown at
 this show in Germany.  (TT?) Read about it elsewhere in this issue. 

     The most reoccurring thing these days  is the  bumpy roads  leading to
 the Atari  oriented shows this year, with a number of fine shows scheduled
 to take place this  year, the  watchword is  now co-operation  between all
 parties concerned.   In  this issue  we take  a look  at how two shows are
 moving right along smoothly.

     The bottom line, as always, is to keep  the faith  as difficult  as it
 may become at times.....

                                      Thanks for your support,


                           HAPPY ST. PAT'S DAY!


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   Issue # 58

 by Michael Arthur

 Remember When....

     In 1985,  a company  called Mimic  Systems Inc.  introduced a hardware
 Apple II+  Emulator for the Commodore 64 called the Spartan, which had 64K
 of RAM, several C-64 cartridge slots,  and an  8-bit parallel  port in one
 external unit  (read: box), and featured "complete" Apple II compatibility
 for $600.00?

 > CPU Systems Roundup? XXV

             Apple II Push:  New IIgs, Mac IIfx, and SCSI/DMA

     In an effort to  revitalize the  Apple II  market, Apple  has recently
 instituted many new programs, including a new, extended marketing strategy
 for the Apple IIgs.  As part of these efforts,  Apple is  reportedly close
 to introducing  a new version of the Apple IIgs.  Called the ROM 04 GS (as
 opposed to the current IIgs, which  uses Version  03 of  the GS  ROMs), it
 will feature:

       - An extended 640*480 resolution, with 4 - 16 colors out of a
         4096 color palette.  Also, Apple has added a Graphics Coprocessor
         to the IIgs, resulting in vastly increased graphics speed....

       - Apple reportedly plans to use a 7 MHZ 65816 in the IIgs, as
         compared to the IIgs's previous chip, a 2.8 MHZ 65816

       - Increased 8-Bit Expansion Slot speed, and reportedly even a new
         16-Bit Expansion Slot standard for the IIgs.

       - GS/OS 6.0.  Version 6.0 of GS/OS, the IIgs's Operating System, is
         rumored to have an SCSI Manager, as well as drivers for the Apple
         Scanner, Laserwriter 2SC, and support for Microsoft's TrueImage

     Apple has  recently introduced  a High Speed SCSI Card, which provides
 both compatibility with SCSI peripherals (like  Apple's CD-ROM  Drive) for
 both the  Apple II  and Apple  IIgs, but  uses DMA  (Direct Memory Access)
 capabilties to achieve data transfer rates of up  to 1  Megabit per second
 on the IIgs, and .5 Mbits/Sec on the Apple IIe.  Cost: $200.00.

     Apple has  also introduced  a new  set of  utilities, as well as other
 hardware items for the Apple II line.    Apple  has  stepped  up  plans to
 finish development of a version of HyperCard for the IIgs.  However, while
 it is completely compatible with the Mac version, it seems  that Hypercard
 GS now  requires 2  Megs of RAM and 4 Megs of Hard Disk space.  Given that
 this version also does an inordinate  amount of  disk accessing,  and runs
 VERY slowly, Apple has decided to delay its introduction until it can take
  up 2 Double Sided disks (or 1.6 Megs of storage), and requires  only 1.25
 Megs of RAM, like Appleworks GS.

     An interesting  product recently  introduced by Apple is MIDI Synth, a
 new MIDI Sequencing Toolkit for the  Iigs which  supports up  to 16 tracks
 and 16  instruments at a time in stereo.  It also uses up only 25K of RAM,
 but takes up 30 percent of the IIgs's CPU time.  In addition, a MIDISynth-
 capable application  called SynthLAB  has been  introduced.  SynthLAB is a
 MIDI Sequencer which utilizes the abilities of the MIDIsynth Toolkit using
 the IIgs's  Graphical User  Interface.   Given the amount of support Apple
 is preparing for the IIgs, it seems that  Apple is  acknowledging that the
 Apple II  Line, which  provides $1 billion dollars a year for them, may be
 becoming dangerously neglected....

     Apple is also readying to introduce  its  new  Macintosh  IIfx,  a new
 version of  the Mac IIx with a 40 MHZ 68030 chip, 6 NuBus Expansion slots,
 and two I/O (Input/Output)  coprocessors, at  the NCGA  (National Computer
 Graphics Association)  Trade Show.   As part of the Mac IIfx introduction,
 Apple will introduce a new line of Graphics boards for  the Mac  II, which
 will  use  AMD's  29000  RISC  chip  to  greatly accelerate color graphics
 displaying.  The new Graphics Boards  are  expected  to  support  the full
 24-Bit (16 million colors) display capabilities of 32-Bit Quickdraw....

 But ponder, if you will, these questions:

 1)    If  Apple  begins  to  actively market the Apple IIgs towards the US
     home/small business market, how  well will  it fare  against the Amiga
     and  Atari  ST,  in  terms of both software/hardware capabilities, and
     general support?

 2)  Given both Adobe Type Manager's rising sales (and IBM's endorsement of
     Display Postscript), and the enormous amount of revenue that Adobe may
     lose in  terms of  licensing Postscript,  was Adobe's  decision to put
     Postscript in the Public Domain wise?



       Microsoft Corp.  recently announced a 100 percent stock dividend for
 its shareholders, in  order  to  double  the  number  of  shares  of stock
 presently in  circulation.   Microsoft will issue one additional share for
 each piece of stock  held  by  its  shareholders,  resulting  in  that its
 outstanding nubmer  of shares will increase from 56 million to 112 million
 shares.  Two interesting things about this episode  are that  this type of
 action  (more  commonly  known  as  "stock  splitting") is VERY rare among
 computer software companies,  and  that  it  shows  Microsoft's prosperous
 condition  as  a  computer  company.   Curiously, it will also drastically
 increase the number of shares held  by  Bill  Gates,  one  of  the largest
 owners of Microsoft stock....


       Compaq  Corp.  and  Businessland  have reached an agreement allowing
 Businessland to sell Compaq's products.    In  February  1989,  Compaq had
 stopped selling  computers via Businessland because of allegations that it
 started favoring IBM's PS/2 computers after Compaq rejected Businessland's
 request for  a deep  discount on hardware.  Compaq products had previously
 accounted for 15% of Businessland's revenue.   Oddly  enough, while Compaq
 was  able  to  foind  other  ways  to  sell its products, Businessland had
 experienced great financial troubles in  1989.    Given  that  one  of the
 results of  this was  Businessland's trying  to make  up for lost sales by
 selling the NeXT Computer, and that  the new  Compaq/Businessland contract
 has no mention of additional discounts for Businessland....


     In a  move which  has brought  it great  industry acclaim, Apple Corp.
 has decided to extend its warranties on hardware products from  90 days to
 an entire  year for  U.S. customers,  who can  get service  from all Apple
 authorized  dealers  worldwide.    Interestingly  enough,  Apple  has also
 announced  AppleCare,  an  extended  service  plan  for  "out-of-warranty"
 hardware products where one  can purchase  an AppleCare  6-Month Contract,
 so as to get a Half-Year Extended Warranty on all Apple products purchased
 after 1978....

 - Frankfurt, W. GERMANY      * CHIP MAG. READERS VOTE ZENITH Z-248 # 1 *

     Readers  of  Chip  Magazine,   West  Germany's   prestigious  computer
 magazine, have voted the Zenith Z248 as the number one business machine of
 the month.   Following the Z248 in second place is the IBM PS/2  model 30,
 closely tracked by the Compaq/Deskpro 286. Fourth position is taken by the
 IBM XT-286 (an old favourite), followed by Commodore PC-20 and  PC-30, and
 the Tandon  PCA. Ninth  position is taken by the Apple Macintosh II, which
 was number one in January of this year.   On the home computer  front, the
 Commodore Amiga  500 and  C64 continue  to hold  the top two spots, whilst
 Atari's 1040ST and the  Schneider  PC1  are,  respectively,  in  third and
 fourth spots. 


 > MVP AWARDS CPU/STR Spotlight?   Saying "Thanks" to the "GOOD GUYS"

                          MOST VALUABLE PERFORMER


                                ATARI CORP.


          E. Shook                                G. Johnson
          J. Townsend                             D. McNamee
          K. Badertscher                          R. Brodie
          D. Brown                                A. Pratt
          C. Cherry                               A. Salerno


 Helpful-> Factors deciding this category are;
 A)   Is the  candidate willing  to go  the "extra  mile" to  help the user
     achieve an equitable solution...  

 B)  Is the candidate willing to question certain policies when they appear
 to  not be in the best interests of both the company and the user....

 C)  Is the candidate straight forward and "obviously committed" to helping
     the user...


 Courteous -> Factors deciding this category are;

 A)  Is the candidate capable of "keeping their cool" when facing a hostile
     or irritated user...

 B)    Is  the  candidate  willing  to  continue to try to help the user by
     telling themselves "the customer is always right"....


 KNOWLEDGABLE -> Factors deciding this category are;

 A)  Is the candidate willing to share his knowlege  in the  true principle
 of  sharing knowlege...

 B)  Is the candidate always "ready willing and able" to offer explanations
     and help regardless of his/her candidateal attitudes...

 C)  Is the candidate able to reach a "higher  authority" easily  to obtain
     information not readily accessable..


 SINCERITY -> Factors deciding this category are;

 A)  Is this candidate treating all users equally, offering help to all the
     users to the best of their ability...

 B)  Is this candidate held in high regard by the users for keeping his/her
     word and does this candidate take pride in keeping promises...

 C)   Is this  candidate willing to speak their mind instead of feeding the
     users the "company line" of usual pablum..

 D)  Is this candidate using the priciples of fair play and honest dealings
     as a guideline...

 E)  Is this candidate always "up front and on the line" with the users...

 F)   Is this candidate willing to bring user suggestions to the higher ups
     in hopes of having the suggestions considered..



                         First Place  :      BOB BRODIE

                         Second Place :      D. MCNAMEE

                         Third Place  :      E. SHOOK

                         Fourth Place :      CHAS. CHERRY

     Actually, all  the  candidates  are  winners.    As  a  result  of the
     extraordinary efforts of Bob, Elizabeth and Dan, everyone at Atari may
     enjoy basking in the lights of the winner's circle.


                          MOST VALUABLE PERFORMER




          Fast Technology                    Blue Chip Software
          Gribnif Software                   Spectrum Holobyte
          Strata Software                    Maxwell
          Practical Solutions                Regent Software
          ISD Marketing                      Timeworks
          MichTron                           Intersect
          Talon Technologies                 MegaMax
          Soft-Logik                         Avant Garde
          Migraph                            Codehead Software
          Word Perfect                       Gadgets by Small
          Image Systems                      Imagen
          Little Green Footballs             Soft-Trek
          Branch Always                      Neocept


 Helpful-> Factors deciding this category are;
 A)  Is the candidate willing  to go  the "extra  mile" to  help the caller
     achieve an equitable solution...  

 B)  Is the candidate willing to question certain policies when they appear
     to not be in the best interests of both the company and the user....

 C)  Is the candidate straight forward and "obviously committed" to helping
     the user...


 Courteous -> Factors deciding this category are;

 A)  Is the candidate capable of "keeping their cool" when facing a hostile
     or irritated user...

 B)  Is the candidate willing to  continue  to  try  to  help  the  user by
     telling themselves "the customer is always right"....


 KNOWLEDGABLE -> Factors deciding this category are;

 A)   Is the  candidate willing to share his knowlege in the true principle
     of sharing knowlege...

 B)  Is the candidate always "ready willing and able" to offer explanations
     and help regardless of his/her candidateal attitudes...

 C)   Is the  candidate able to reach a "higher authority" easily to obtain
     information not readily accessable..


 SINCERITY -> Factors deciding this category are;

 A)  Is this candidate treating all users equally, offering help to all the
     users to the best of their ability...

 B)  Is this candidate held in high regard by the users for keeping his/her
     word and does this candidate take pride in keeping promises...

 C)  Is this candidate willing to  speak  with  the  users  and  maintain a
     positive presence  in the  marketplace in support of the products they

 D)  Is this candidate using the priciples of fair play and honest dealings
     as a guideline...

 E)  Is this candidate always "up front and on the line" with the users...

 F)    Is  this  candidate  willing to accept user suggestions in providing
     updates for future releases.

 And the winners are:

                             Commercial Group

          General Use
                              First Place  : CODEHEAD SOFTWARE

                              Second Place : A&D SOFTWARE

                              Third Place  : PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS

                              Fourth Place : MICHTRON

                              First Place  : ISD MARKETING

                              Second Place : SOFT-LOGIK

                              Third Place  : MICHTRON

                              Fourth Place : MIGRAPH

          Special Use
                              First Place  : FAST TECHNOLOGY

                              Second Place : GADGETS BY SMALL

                              Third Place  : SOFT-TREK

                              Fourth Place : BRANCH ALWAYS

                             Shareware Group:

          General Use
                              First Place  : LITTLE GREEN FOOTBALLS

                              Second Place : G.A. Szekely  ARCIT

                              Third Place  : M. Street     FILESPY

                              Fourth Place : G. Steffens   GEMINI

                              First Place  : SaraWare      DISKCAT

                              Second Place : C. Lung       SHEET

                              Third Place  : J. Brochu     SLIDESHOW

                              Fourth Place : C. Daymon     CONVERT

          Special Use
                              First Place  : G. Sothan      AUTOSORT

                              Second Place : H. Hugh        SCODESAV

                              Third Place  : L.E. Pulley    MEGAMATIC 

                              Fourth Place : S. Guber       CDK FONTS

                            Public Domain Group

          General Use
                              First Place  : D. Waynren     ARC 6.02

                              Second Place : J. Webb        LHARC-ST

                              Third Place  : G. Woodside    VKILLER

                              Fourth Place : J. Eidsvoog    TOPDOWN

                              First Place  : C. Walters     IMAGE CAT

                              Second Place : J. Corey       2COLUMNS.LZH

                              Third Place  : C. Daymon      Manual Maker

                              Fourth Place : L. Novak       DCOPY

          Special Use
                              First Place  : J. Ness        QUICK CIS

                              Second Place : M. Vedermann   DC SHOW-IT

                              Third Place  : G. Meyer       AREACODE

                              Fourth Place : A. Hamilton    XYZ143.TTP


 > TURBO ST 180 CPU/STR InfoFile?   An overview of the new goodie!

     This is a brief description of some of the enhancements that have been
 made to  the 1.8  release of  Turbo ST.   More details along with complete
 application benchmarks will be  available shortly.   We  expect to process
 all back orders and updates this coming week.
      A. Many existing Turbo ST VDI, GEMDOS, and BIOS replacement routines
         have been updated or completely rewritten for additional speed.
      B. To further speed applications, many other routines such as the
         VDI inquire and attribute functions and Line A routines have now
         been replaced.
      C. For example, the time to page and scroll through a 9012 byte docu-
         ment using Word Writer ST 2.0 on an Atari ST with TOS 1.2 and a
         color monitor was as follows:
                     stock       stock      1040 ST with     1040 ST with
                    1040 ST     Mega ST     Turbo ST 1.6     Turbo ST 1.8

         page      11.5 sec     9.2 sec        8.0 sec          6.7 sec
         scroll    67.2 sec    48.5 sec       43.0 sec         34.1 sec
      A. Polygon and diagonal line drawing in all screen resolutions.
      B. Polygon fills in all screen resolutions.
      C. Icon and pixel drawing in all screen resolutions.
      D. High speed circle drawing on monochrome and Moniterm monitors.
      A. The tiny 6x6 font is now drawn in all screen resolutions.
      B. Colored GEM text is now speeded up in medium resolution.
      C. Custom GEM fonts as used by Font Tricks are now speeded up.
      D. Bold face text on monochrome and Moniterm monitors is speeded up.
      A. Versions for large screen Moniterm monitors have been added.
      B. Both auto folder and desk accessory versions are included.
      C. Turbo  ST's use of the blitter will always match the Desktop's    


 > WOA ANAHEIM STR FOCUS?     The show must and will go on!

                                       WORLD OF ATARI SHOW  -> ANAHEIM, CA.

                              WORLD OF ATARI
                             APRIL 7 & 8 1990

     WORLD  OF  ATARI  will  be  held  at  the  Disneyland  Hotel,  Anaheim
 California, on April 7th and  8th.    For  Reservations,  Car  Rentals and
 Airline tickets,  call: 1-800-842-9034.   The  hours of the show are 10 am
 till 6pm on Saturday, the 7th and on Sunday; 10am till 5pm.   Admission is
 $5.00 per day or $7.00 for both days.
     Atari Corporation  will feature  their full  line of products.  And of
 course, many of the companies we are all familiar with  will be displaying
 their latest products. 

 Exhibitor Listing;

               Atari Computer                Best Electronics
               Beckemeyer Development        Brumeleve Software
               Carter Graphics               Blue Chip Software
               Computer Games +              Codehead Software
               Double Click Software         BRE Software
               Gribnif Software              Soft-Logik
               Gadgets by Small              DataFree Industries
               FAST TECHNOLOGY               ICD INC.
               JRI Inc.                      ASDE Software
               Imagen Corporation            LucasFilms Software
               Maverick Creations            Migraph Inc.
               Megamax Inc.                  MichTron Inc.
               Mid-City Compu-Soft           Micro Creations
               Prospero Software             Sierra Online
               Seymor/Radix                  Slicc Software
               Softrek Marketing             San Jose Computer
               Talon Technology              Word Perfect Corp.
               Wuztech Inc.                  Sprokits Computer
               Strata Software               STV
                             Zubair Interfaces

  plus many more...

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                 for the readers of CPU NewsWire/STReport

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     notables as Dave Small, Dr. Dave Brewton, Joe Speigel, Earl  Hill, Bob
     Mulholland, George  Miller, Milt  Creighton, Brian  Miller, Mike Rosen
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     World Magazine  for the  low, low  price of  $12.00  (REG $18.00!) per
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 ST WORLD    Subscription                    Mail To:
                                                    ST WORLD MAGAZINE
                                                    2463 LANTONA CT. ne
 Please enter my subscription to ST World for       SALEM, OR.,  97303
 a period of (1)one year @ $12.00 { }                 1-503-393-9688
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 Name: _______________________________________________________________

 Address: ____________________________________________________________


 Phone:______________________Computer System:_________________________

 Amount:$______________Check#__________Money Order#________DO NOT SEND
 American Express - VISA - MasterCard#_______________________exp:__/__


 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

 Make your reservations early!  

                        The Disneyland Hotel call: 
                 1-714-956-6400 for your reservations....


 > DynaCADD 1.7 CPU/STR Review?  When only the Best will do........

                           DynaCadd  Vs  AutoCad

 by Myles Goddard

        This  installment  will  go  into  the  comparison  of DynaCadd and
 AutoCad using a simple drawing of a double sided box.   The  setup of each
 program  is  somewhat  different  from  each  other  even though they both
 achieve the same results.  Remember that AutoCad  version 10  needs a math
 co-processor to  run at  all.  DynaCadd runs just fine without one but for
 more complex drawings, it wouldn't hurt  to have  one.   AutoCad's display
 needs to  be configured to your system type and set up.  Since most people
 do not have math co-processors or super high  resolution monitors,  I will
 not be  going too  much into detail about AutoCad's Drop Down Menu System.
 Your monitor and video card must be capable  of supporting  the Version 10
 enhancements otherwise  no matter  how many  times you  hit the top of the
 screen, the menus will not drop down for you.   Since most  users of IBM's
 have a  minimum of  EGA (640  x 350)  or enhanced  EGA (640 x 480) we will
 stick  to  those  resolutions.    I  am  running  Super  VGA  with  screen
 resolution of  1024 x  768 although  I prefer  using 800 x 600 most of the
 time.  Let's get started with our new drawing- The BOX. 

        At the Main AutoCad  Menu, we  need to  select #1,  to start  a new
 drawing.   It will  prompt you for the drawing name so in our case we will
 select, The BOX.  It will draw the work area for you and display  the side
 menus and  the command line area at the bottom of the screen.  Here's what
 we do first -

       Select Setup -            Loads setup options
                                 Select UNITS from screen menu
                                 Select ARCHITECTURAL   
                                 Select SCALE
                                 Select 1/8" = 1'
                                 Select PAPER SIZE
                                 Select A  8.5" x 11"

                         Select Settings -

     Drop Down Menus            |         Side Menus
    Select Drawing Aids         |    Loads Settings menu
    Can select SNAP, GRID       |    Select GRID, SPACING & SNAP
    AXIS, VIEWS, etc by         |    Select 1" GRID
    clicking mouse over         |    Select Linetype
    desired option.             |           Submenu appears-
    Modify Layers               |           ?/create/load/set
    Lets you name layers        |           Load CONTINOUS linetype
    assign linetypes, styles    |    Select Limits (borders, etc)
    colors & sets current       |
    layer attributes            |


      Before we finally begin,  we  need  to  make  a  couple  of  more key
 adjustments to make our drawing easier to work with.  We access
 these by using the function keys.  

 They are-
                   F6 - This is the COORDINATE on & off toggle   
                   F7 - This is the GRID on & off toggle
                   F8 - This is the ORTHO on & off toggle
                   F9 - This is the SNAP on & off toggle

      Now we  are ready  to begin our doghouse.  We have selected the color
 red for our drawing color.  Remember that with AutoCad, you can have up to
 255 colors and DynaCadd for the ST is monochrome
 only.  Here we go.....

         Step 1.        LINE -   from point - 7'0", 12'0"
                                 to   point - @4'<0
                                 to   point - @3'<270
                                 to   point - @4'<180
                                 to   point - C

                                    *  Hitting C will close the
                                       rectangular shape.

         Step 2.        ZOOM -   Window
                                 1st corner -    6'0",13'0"
                                 other corner -  12'0",8'0"

                                    *  This zooms in so we have a
                                       better view of our working

         Step 3.        DRAW -   To make our outside walls we need
                                 to offset the inner walls to a   
                                 specified distance.
                                 Select DRAW from side menu, go
                                 down the column to OFFSET, select.
                        OFFSET - Offset distance - input 3"
                                 Select object to offset.
                                 Select each line of your inner
                                 walls. Choose side to offset.    
                                 Repeat for each side of doghouse.

         Step 4.        FILLET - To connect your outer walls to each
                                 other.  Exit DRAW menu, return to 
                                 main side menu, select EDIT.  Move
                                 down to FILLET. Select FILLET    
                                 radius 0.  Hit return to repeat  
                                 fillet command.  Select top line
                                 and right vertical line.  Hit
                                 return and they will connect.    
                                 Repeat sequence to connect the
                                 remaining walls.

         Step 5.        REDRAW - Drawing is full of Blip marks so 
                                 we need to redraw the screen to 
                                 remove them.  Type REDRAW clean up
                                 the screen.

         Step 6.        CHANGE - We want to change the thickness of our
                                 walls so they will be 2'5" tall. Go to
                                 the Main Side Menu and select EDIT. A
                                 submenu appears will appear.  Select
                                 CHANGE.  A list of options will appear.
                                 The Command Menu at the bottom of the
                                 screen will prompt you to select objects
                                 you want to change.  Move the cursor to
                                 every "wall" on the screen and click the
                                 mouse button. Hit return. Then select
                                 the option THICKNESS.  The Command menu
                                 will display the old thickness, which 
                                 is in our case is 0'0". Input 2'5". Hit
                                 return again and even though you can't
                                 see a difference yet, the change was
                                 indeed made. 

         Step 7.        VPOINT - This step is an option but gives
                                 pleasing results to view your drawing
                                 from an angle other than from above.
                                 Go to Autocad side menu again and this
                                 time go to DISPLAY.  A submenu appears
                                 with the option VPOINT showing.  Select
                                 VPOINT and hit the return key. The
                                 screen will change and show a rotating
                                 figure with X,Y & Z axes.  Move the
                                 mouse and the figure will rotate.  By
                                 doing this you can view from any angle,
                                 above or below the horizontal plane.

         Step 8.        HIDE -   After completing step 7, you are
                                 presented with your box viewed
                                 from above and to the right of your
                                 drawing origin.  It appears that you
                                 have X-ray vision because you can see
                                 through the walls!  If you want to see
                                 what your BOX will look like in a
                                 more realistic way, select the HIDE
                                 command.  This will redraw your drawing
                                 and show only the lines that would be
                                 visible in real life.

       This is  a small demo to show what it takes to draw a small box with
 Autocad.  The next installment will  cover the  procedures needed  to draw
 the  same  box  drawing,  except  using  DynaCadd  1.7.  Both programs are
 extremely powerful and accomplish any task assigned to  them, therefore we
 will not  go into  the advanced features, such as the 3D and Autoshade, in
 this series of reviews. 

                                        Until next time......   


 > Stock Market ~ CPU NewsWire?   Watchin' those Schekles grow!

                                                    THE TICKERTAPE

 by Michael Arthur

 Concept by Glenn Gorman

       On Monday, Atari stock went up 1/8 of a point, and up 1/8 of a point
 on Tuesday.   It  stayed even  on Wednesday, and went up 3/8 of a point on
 Thursday.  Atari stock dropped down by 7/8 of a point on Friday. Finishing
 up the  week at  6 3/4  points, Atari stock has stayed even since the last

        Apple Stock was up 3 1/8 points from Friday, March 5, 1990.
            Commodore Stock was up 1/4 of a point from 3/02/90.
                IBM Stock was up 1 5/8 points from 3/02/90.

               Stock Report for Week of 3/05/90 to 3/09/90

 STock|   Monday   |   Tuesday   |  Wednesday  |  Thursday  |   Friday    |
 Reprt|Last    Chg.|Last     Chg.|Last     Chg.|Last    Chg.|Last    Chg. |
 Atari|6 7/8  + 1/8|  7     + 1/8|  7     ---- |7 5/8  + 5/8|6 3/4   - 7/8|
      |            |             |             |            | 303,300 Sls |
  CBM |  9    + 1/2|  9    ----- |8 7/8   - 1/8|8 7/8  ---- |8 3/4   - 1/8|
      |            |             |             |            | 40,200  Sls |
 Apple|34 1/2  +3/4|35 1/4   +3/4|35 3/8   +1/8|36 3/4      |36 7/8  - 1/4|
      |            |             |             |      +1 3/8|2,057,800 Sls|
  IBM | 105   + 1/8|105 3/4  +3/4|105 1/2  -1/4| 107  +1 1/2|106 1/2  -1/2|
      |            |             |             |            |1,750,800 Sls|

      'Sls' refers to the # of stock shares that were traded that day.
      'CBM' refers to Commodore Corporation.
       '----'  means that the stock's price did not change for the day.


 > ATARI SHOWS CPU/STR SHOW NEWS?    Organized or Disorganized? 


 by R.F. Mariano

     Why must the attractions that please  the Atari  community always wind
 up involved  in one  controversy or  another?   Is the feeding of egos the
 singular most important activity centered around  these shows?   Must they
 seemingly all  have scheduled  THEIR dates  first?   Are the organizers or
 promoters all required to have their own little following of  groupies who
 seem  to  do  their  bidding..  good,  bad  or  indifferent?    Must we be
 subjected to this sort of thing  year  in  and  year  out?    I  know, all
 questions  and  no  answers.    Isn't  that always the case?  This year is
 exceptional in the amount of garbage  flowing through  the rumor pipeline.
 This is  the main  reason for  this article.  To try and kill these rumors
 before thay do any damage.
     Below,  we  present  the  initial  notice  (official)  of  this year's
 upcoming WAACE  (OCT 6-7)  show, this notice was circulated last December.
 Certainly, these folks  gave  enough  advance  notice  to  make  sure that
 another show would not be planned right on top of this one. 
     We find  that the  Glendale show  (SEPT 15-16)  is "kind of close" but
 perhaps not too close (commented by  a few  observers).. even  though most
 folks with  experience in  the show circuit seem to think a month apart is
 still too close.   When John  K. Tarpinian  (co-ordinator of  the Glendale
 Show) was interviewed, he pointed out that there had never been an adverse
 effect to any of the shows  on the  east coast  by the  close proximity of
 dates and  expressed that  he felt  that would  be the case this year too.
 The dates for this show were given to  Atari last  year when  we cancelled
 our '89  show and  we are scheduled for SEPT 14-15 1991, he said.  When we
 called and spoke to the folks at WAACE  they felt  that they  would rather
 not say anything negative.  We congratulate them for being gallant.

     While we  feel the  spirit and intent in scheduling the Glendale dates
 was wholesome and above reproach, it would appear  that true co-ordination
 between the  two groups was definately lacking.  We tried to find explicit
 date information posted by the west  coast group  that preceeded  the east
 coast group  to no avail.  While the old adage of "who announced the dates
 first" means little or nothing, the bottom line remains, the  two landmark
 shows are  scheduled far  to close  to each other.  It is quite clear that
 Atari is committed to supporting both  of  these  great  shows  because of
 their popularity and of course, the timing and locations of both shows.

     If  the  two  main  shows  (in  our humble opinion) had been scheduled
 further apart, the users would not be torn between attending either one or
 the other,  they may  very well  have attended both.  As an aside, we have
 heard from a number of developers, big and  small, who  have mentioned the
 sheer expense  and problems of operating their business' and attempting to
 attend both shows with them scheduled so close together.   Hopefully, this
 year these two shows will be the lone exception to the "unwritten rule" of
 thirty days or more between shows.  It really is a shame, seeing these two
 fine shows scheduled so close together.  Oh well, such is life...  Besides
 which the bottom line  here  is  to  support  the  efforts  of  these fine
 Usergroups in making these shows first class successes.

    WAACE/Fall'90 CPU/STR SHOW NEWS     WAACE, Showcase of the East

    Reprint from STReport 119 (12/22/89)

                         WAACE AtariFest/Fall '90

      The  AtariFest  planning  team    of    the   Washington  Area  Atari
 Computer Enthusiasts is busy working to make the 1990 event the best ever.

                THE DATES AND SITE FOR 1990 HAVE BEEN SET:
                         6 AND 7 OCTOBER, 1990 AT:
                    THE SHERATON RESTON IN RESTON, VA.

      This modern,  attractive  conference    facility  offers    plenty of
 nicely  arranged   space  for   exhibits,  demonstrations,  seminars,  and
 hospitality.    Pricing  for  vendor  space  is  being    determined,  and
 arrangements for setup are being made with a professional exhibit firm.

      Conducting the  show in  a hotel  will allow longer show hours on the
 two days and  increased  opportunities  for  demonstrations  and seminars.
 Exhibitors and  out of  town visitors  will find the in-hotel location far
 more comfortable and convenient.

      The decision to use commercial space was partly determined by the end
 of our  partnership with Fairfax County Public Schools Office of Adult and
 Community Education and partly  by our  own desire  to afford  vendors and
 visitors a better show.

      Potential  exhibitors  should  expect  to receive information packets
 during February.  We will  need  financial  commitments  from participants
 soon thereafter in order to conduct a suitable promotional campaign.

      This change  of approach  will bring  the cost of the WAACE show more
 into line with similar Atari shows.  In order to keep costs  within reason
 we will need strong support from the entire Atari community.
      We are  making this  announcement at  such an  early date in order to
 give everyone a chance to organize their schedules.  We  hope that  all of
 you will  help us  to make this event an enjoyable experience for all East
 Coast Atarians.

       Further information on this  subject can  be obtained  by contacting
 the WAACE Chairman;

                             Mr. John D. Barnes
                            GEMail to J.D.BARNES.
                 Watch for new contact names in mid January.

                   Note the above bracketed notice is a
                   Reprint from STReport 119 (12/22/89)


 > PCD2 AH-HA! CPU/STR FOCUS?   Limited success but getting better...

 ctsy GEnie Atari ST RT

 R.AMBLER posts;
     I received  my PALS on Friday the 9th, installed them, and after doing
 the continuity check on the connector, I was able to bring up  PC ditto II
 on the  first try.   Its  everything Avant-Garde  claimed it would be, and
 after I use it a while, I'll probably find that it's even better.  This is
 a great product, and is well worth the wait.

     I have  an Atari  1040 rev  D, and  although it was a tight fit, I was
 able to install the board internally.  After removing the  center post for
 the keyboard  and the  rf shield,  I installed the board between the power
 supply and the disk drive with the connectors toward the back.   The board
 should located  just in  front of  the case mounting hole which is next to
 the power supply.  The small metal box  in the  center of  the motherboard
 has little  metal tabs  which should  be bent down so that they do not cut
 through the  insulating pad.   The  connector cables  required three bends
 each (two 45 degree and one 30 degree) and actually end up helping support
 the keyboard. 

                         If I can be of any help, let me know.

                                             Bob Ambler

 J.DEDAY posts;
     I received my MEGA  back from  the service  center today  with PC-D II
 installed, the  clip is  solidered to  the 68000.  Th dealer is telling me
 that it is a good connection!  The problem is it locks up at  the starting
 DOS prompt!   I removed the two PAL chips and I'm sending them back today.
 Has any one with a rev. 4 MEGA 2 ST got PC-D II running?

                                                 Jeff DeDay

     Another failure!!!  Got my new pals and tried it  out.   After several
 attempts to  install PC  DITTO II I got it to boot!!!  Great, I thought To
 bad it does not run any  programs correctly  except one--PREP.   It   even
 failed to  run XTREE  and LOTUS  123. I am going to leave a message to AG,
 and if I do not get a response, look for one more  person asking   for his
 money back.

 L.LOE posts;
     For those  of you who got the new PALs in and still lock up at the DOS
 prompt.  I repositioned my PCDII and  got  locked  out.    I  then tweeked
 everything and  put the  connector back  on the go!  Finally in
 frustration I pressed real hard down on the  connector and  it popped down
 firmly on  the 68000.   Hooray  it works again.  Maybe that is all that is
 wrong with yours.  

                                             Good Luck! 
                                             Larry Loe

 BOOJIBOY posts;
     JEFF.W, I am sorry to hear that A-G won't be  attending the  WOA show,
 but I would prefer them straightening everyone's problems so that when the
 next show comes around they can  proudly  display  their  wares.    In the
 meantime, I  am enjoying PCD2.  I don't know if it was the PALs or the IMP
 GLUE chip that I replaced.  All I know is that when I replaced them and it
 still didn't  boot it  became obvious  that it was the connection with the
 clip.  I bet 90% of the problems are connection related.   I cannot stress
 enough to use lots of TWEEK.

     Without soldering,  my clip is on rock solid.  For those interested, I
 have a Mega ST2 with 2 megs, Rev. 5 board, and it  came with  the infamous
 daughterboard  on   top  of   the  68000  processor.    I  desoldered  the
 daughterboard and soldered it to the  top of  the clip.   Everything works
 fine.   Now if  A-G will upload their software blitter fix, I can at least
 get most of the programs that use the blitter up and running.  Also, since
 the connection was perfected, my Spectrum pictures look fine.

 J.DERRICK posts;
 To AVANTEGARDE   It's  great to hear all these success stories.  I'm still
 waiting for my PCD II to arrive.  SN is 024351.  Called you  about a month
 ago and  I was  told it'd  be another  week.  My patience is wearing thin.
 Please ship it. 

 J.KARP posts;
     hello again...  Well I still haven't been able to  get my  PC DITTO II
 board to  work correctly.   I  had Curtis  Rubel come  over today with his
 board, which is known to  work,  and  still  a  no  go.    I  have checked
 continuity  on  the  68000  more  times  than  I  care  to  remember,  and
 desoldering the clip at this point would be a nightmare....  I  have  1040
 ST.   The 68000  is under the keyboard, but I have left  left the keyboard
 to one side, but still no  go!    Could  anyone  tell  me  if  there would
 necessarily be  any signs,  other than  PC D2  failing to boot which would
 visualize if the driver  chips needed  to be  replaced? My  1040ST has two
 LS373's, which  the manual  says should  be switched, but I know that Dave
 Small said that only the SGS versions were  trouble for  SPECTRE GCR.   My
 chips  appear  to  be  MOTOROLA  LS373's.    If these chips did need to be
 replaced, would there be any other signs?  My computer works fine in every
 way, except  for running PC DITTO, which locks up while reading my DOS 3.3
 disk.  DOS 2.1 reads in  fine, but  programs act  a bit  flaky...   I will
 replace these chips if it will help, but since everything else is working,
 I'd only want to swap them out as a last  resort   as my  soldering skills
 aren't the greatest. ADVICE PLEASE !!! 
                                                  John Karp

 R.LOWREY                     at 00:35 CST
 Well, I  got my  PALS today  and it is a no go...I have a 1040 with 4M New
 Technologies upgrade...get to the  "insert  DOS  disk"  and  it  dies like
 before...I  have  TWEEKed  the  S**T  out of EVERYTHING and screwed around
 with the "clip" for about 2 hours with the same results...  Not completely
 giving  friend  &  I  will  go  and  try to install it on 2 other
 machines this weekend (stock 520 and modified 1M 520) and see if  it works
 on either IMP  chips in my machine...  Hope it does work, but it
 is looking pretty dim right now... 
                                                       Robert L.

 GWULRICH  posts;
 The following is a list of  programs I  have successfully  run using PCD2,
 with no  problems.      LOTUS 123 - HARVARD GRAPHICS - MAGIC PC (data base
 4.5 -  QUICKEN (home acct'g) - DIRECTORY MAGIC - PCTOOLS 5.5 - XTREE PRO -
 688 SUBMARINE GAME - TETRIS - C SHOW - and several PD  programs.   PCD2 is
 more than  AG said that it would be, and I am quite pleased.  (I just wish
 they would  have  said  something  early  on  about  the  RF  shield being
 unneccesary as  the sharp  edges of the RF shield did penetrate and damage
 the flat cables).


 > NEW SOFTWARE CPU/STR OnLine?    Europe entertains the world...

 Conf : Atari ST/Mega
 Msg# : 4758  Lines: Extended  Read: 1
 Sent : Mar 10, 1990  at 8:14 AM
 To   : ALL
 From : THE WANDERER at *Share Wares California*
 Subj : Updated Gamers list

     This is a list of games EXPECTED to be released soon for  the Atari ST
 according to  the European ST magazines.  Yet more proof that the European
 market is keeping us alive.  Without it, the ST would be as obsolete as a
 TI 99. 

 Editor Note:

     While agreeing the new software raises the awareness level for the ST,
 we certianly  do not  agree that  the ST  is obsolete without "games" from
 Europe.  The important thing  to  take  notice  of  is  that  the European
 programmers  see  the  ST  and  an excellent vehicle through which to sell
 their software.  Why is easy, you see, they have  a larger  installed user
 base at  this time.   Now  once Atari US begins its sales through the mass
 marketers and provides the  US market  with the  STE units  and of course,
 Stacy, we shall see the "grand transformation" in the states also.

          =================                  =====================
               ACE                                 Artronic
               Abrams Tank Simulator               Microprose
               Adidas' Golden Shoe (soccer)        Ocean
               Alien Legion                        Gainstar
               Ancient Art of War                  Broderbund
               Anti-terrorist Mission              Artronic
               Aquaventura                         Psygnosis
               Atomic Robokid                      Activision
               Attack Football                     Software Studios
               Back to the Future II               Imageworks
               Barbarian II                        Psygnosis
               Basketball                          Mindscape
               Battle Command (Carrier Command 2)  Ocean
               Battle of Britain (Finest Hour)     Lucasfilm
               Betrayal                            Rainbird
               Blade Warrior                       Image
               Blue Angels                         Accolade
               Bruce Lee Lives                     Mindscape
               Cabal                               Ocean
               Cadaver                             Imageworks
               Carthage                            Psygnosis
               Castle Master                       Domark
               Centiblast                          Gremlin
               Champion Boxing                     Alternative
               Cloud Kingdoms                      Logotron
               Code Name: Ice Man                  Sierra
               Combo Racer                         Gremlin
               Conflict                            Mastertronic
               Conquest of Camelot                 Sierra
               Conspiracy                          Accolade
               Crackdown                           US Gold
               Crazy Bikes                         Titus
               Creepy Crawly                       Audiogenic
               Cyberball                           Tengen
               Cycles                              Accolade
               Damocles                            Novagen
               Debut                               Pandora
               Defender of the Ground              Logotron
               Delta Armalyte                      Thalamus
               Deuteros                            Electric Dreams
               Dominion                            Mission Software
               Don't Go Alone                      Accolade
               Dragon Breed                        Activision
               Dragon Flight                       Grandslam
               Dragon's Breath                     Palace
               Driftlands                          Electric Dreams
               Drivin' Force                       Digital Magic
               Dynamic Bebugger                    Mirrorsoft
               Dynasty Wars                        US Gold
               ED                                  Infogrames
               East vs. West Berlin                Rainbow Arts
               Elite II                            Rainbird
               Elvira, Mistress of the Dark        Horrorsoft
               Epoch                               Microprose
               Escape from Planet/Robot Monsters   Tengen
               Exodus                              Electric Dreams
               F-15 Strike Eagle II                Microprose
               F-19 Stealth Fighter (F-117)        Microprose
               F-29 Retaliator                     Ocean
               Fallen Angel                        Screen 7
               Firestone                           Psygnosis
               Flash Dragon                        Psygnosis
               Flight of the Intruder              Spectrum Holobyte
               Freeway Rider                       Audiogenic
               Fright Night                        Microdeal
               Ghosts'n'Goblins (the original)     Elite
               Gold Runner III                     Microdeal
               Gore                                Psygnosis
               Grand Prix Curcuit                  Accolade
               Gravity                             Imageworks
               Grimblood                           Mastertronic
               Guardian Moons                      Microdeal
               Guns and Butter                     Mindscape
               Harley Davidson                     Mindscape
               Hawk                                EA
               Heatwave                            Accolade
               Herakles                            Gainstar
               Heroes Quest                        Sierra
               Horse Racing                        Mindscape
               Hot Rod                             Activision
               Hoyles Book of Games                Sierra
               Hunter Killer                       Mastertronic
               Hyperforce                          Addictive
               Imperium                            EA
               Infestation                         Psygnosis
               Interceptor                         SSI
               It Came from the Desert             Cinemaware
               Ivanhoe                             Ocean
               John Elway's Quarterback            Mastertronic
               Judge Dredd                         US Gold
               Kid Gloves                          Logotron
               Killing Game Show                   Psygnosis
               Knights of Legend                   Origin
               Last Star Ship                      Impressions
               Leisure Suit Larry III              Sierra
               Life and Death                      Mindscape
               Liverpool                           Grandslam
               Loom                                Lucasfilm
               Lord of Chaos                       Blade
               Lords of the Rising Sun             Cinemaware
               Lost Patrol                         Ocean
               M1 Tank Platoon                     Microprose
               Matrix Marauder                     Psygnosis
               Midwinter                           Microprose
               Mind Power                          Gremlin
               Mirror of Death                     Audiogenic
               Monopoly                            Mastertronic
               Monty Python                        Firebird
               Myth                                System 3
               Nightbreed                          Ocean
               Ninja Spirit                        Software Studios
               Ninja Warriors                      Mastertronic
               No Second Prize                     Thalion
               Oanic Stations                      Gremlin
               Oriental Games                      Microprose
               Pinball Magic                       US Gold
               Plexu                               Newline
               Pool of Radiance                    SSI
               Project Stealth                     Microprose
               Ramrod                              Gremlin
               Rat Pack                            Microprose
               Resolution 101                      Logotron
               Rick Dangerous II                   Microprose
               Rotox                               US Gold
               S.T.U.N. Runner                     Domark
               Saint Dragon                        US Gold
               Shadow of the Beast                 Psygnosis
               Sim City                            Maxis/Infogrames
               Skidz                               Gremlin
               Sleepheed                           Sierra
               Soldier 2000                        Artronic
               Sphericule                          US Gold
               Spindizzy II                        Electric Dreams
               Star Trek V                         Mindscape
               Starflight                          EA
               Starlord                            Microprose
               Stryx                               Psygnosis
               Survivor                            Microprose
               Sword of Aragon                     SSI
               Sword of the Samurai                Microprose
               Take-em-Out                         Artronic
               Tank                                Spectrum Holobyte
               Team Yankee                         Empire
               Terramis                            Thalion
               Test Drive II + 3 scenery disks     Accolade
               The Colonels Bequest                Sierra
               The Last Ninja II                   System 3
               The Last Ninja III                  System 3
               The Punisher                        The Edge
               Theme Park Mystery                  Imageworks
               Third Courier                       Accolade
               Track Attack                        US Gold
               Transmuter                          Infogrames
               Tusker                              System 3
               UMS II                              Microprose
               UN Squadron                         US Gold
               Uncanny X-men                       The Edge
               Vendetta                            System 3
               Vette                               Spectrum Holobyte
               Vigilante                           US Gold
               Warhead                             Electric Dreams
               Warp                                Thalion
               Whizz!                              Logotron
               Wings of Fury                       Broderbund

                        Researched and compiled by
                               The Wanderer
                              Columbus, Ohio
                              March 10, 1990


 > CPU NEWSWIRE CONFIDENTIAL?    Sayin' it like it is.....


     Atari's future  appears brighter now than they a year ago at this time
 as it  prepares to  offer new  versions of  its laptop  and hand-held game
 units, and  says supplies  of the  units are  increasing.   Net income was
 $5.7 million in the fourth  quarter.  Compare  this  to  the  loss  of $97
 million during  the same  quarter last  year. The company says income from
 continuing operations was $5.8 million or 10 cents  per share  on sales of
 $170.6 million  for the  quarter ended  Dec. 31,  1989. This compares with
 income of $9.3 million on sales of $152.6  million for  the fourth quarter
 ended Dec.  31, 1988.     During the  year as  a whole,  sales amounted to
 $423.6 million, slightly down from 1988's  $452.2 million.  Net income was
 $4 million  for the  year as  compared to a loss of $84.8 million or $1.46
 per share for the year ended Dec. 31, 1988.  The company  says the results
 reflect growth  in Atari ST and Atari PC4 MS-DOS-compatible product lines,
 and in initial shipments of the new hand-held Portfolio computer  and Lynx
 hand-held color  video game  machine.    The  company attributes the total
 sales decline to slower sales of the traditional video game  line, not the
 Lynx. And  European markets  were said  to outperform all other markets in
 both computers and video game sales.   

     Sam Tramiel, president and chief executive  officer, said  this in the
 press announcement,  "For Atari, 1989 was a transition year.  It witnessed
 the introduction of a new generation of hand-held machines -- the Lynx and
 Portfolio  and,  the  disposition  of  an extraneous business segment. For
 1990, Atari is fully committed to regaining market share in the video game
 sector with  products like  the Lynx,  increasing our  market share in the
 personal computer sector with products like the Atari  STE, and maximizing
 our  opportunity  in  the  hand-held  or  palmtop  computer  business with

     One obstacle in the way of  maximizing opportunity  in the  video game
 arena is  the slow  production of  Atari Lynx  hand-held video game units.
 Greg Pratt, Atari spokesman, tells Newsbytes that supply is improving. "At
 this point  we no  longer have  the same  manufacturing constraints we had
 previously. We are confident that  we  will  be  able  to  have sufficient
 productive capacity  in place  to accommodate next fall's selling season,"
 says Greg Pratt, Atari's chief financial officer, to Newsbytes. 

     Atari won't disclose  exact  figures  on  the  numbers  shipped versus
 numbers ordered, but Pratt says the company is expected to sell every Lynx
 it gets by the end of the quarter, March 31. 

     The problem is the screens, which  come from  Japan's Citizen.   While
 the unit  was designed in the U.S., the Lynx screen is manufactured by the
 giant Citizen company in Japan. The complete Lynx units are then assembled
 in Japan  and sold  both there  and in the U.S. The sluggish supply of the
 Lynx's unique screens are the  reason  for  the  trickling  supply  of the
 popular   hand-held   game   units.   Atari  expects  supply  to  increase
 sufficiently by the second quarter of this year and plans to announce that
 the Lynx will be shipped to Europe, as well as the U.S. and Japan.

 - Sunnyvale, CA.                  *** ATARI TO BLOW MINDS AT CEBIT! ***

     Atari  will  exhibit  at  the  CeBit  computer  show in Hannover, West
 Germany this month.  The company is expected to introduce a NEW VERSION of
 and a better compatibility curve in more than one area.   Additionally, it
 is strongly  indicated that  there will be a MEGA STE 1 on display at this
 show.  Also  mentioned  was  the  strong  possiblity  of  a  REVAMPED LYNX
 appearing.  Atari is planning to disclose a great deal more at their press
 conference on the 21st of March. 

 - Sunnyvale, CA.             ***** HOTZBOX IS NATIONAL TV CELEBRITY *****

     Featured last week on NATIONAL TV was the all too familiar, HotzBox we
 have been reading and about. (NAMM '89)   Well, congrats to Interlink Inc.
 the folks who make  the HotzBox!   They  have gotten  National coverage of
 both Jimmy  Hotz, the HotzBox.  And thankfully the ATARI ST COMPUTERS were
 well represented on national tv. 


 > AUA NEWS CPU/STR Feature?         Atari Users Association News

                          AUA IS GAINING MOMENTUM

 by Derek C. Signorini

     During the last several  weeks, word  of the  Atari User's Association
 has been  spreading throughout  the Atari  Userbase.  User groups are just
 now beginning to gain interest of the AUA,  and manufacturers  are curious
 as well.   As  more information  about the  AUA hits the streets, more and
 more people begin to ask questions.  The AUA is gaining momentum.

     Both Tony Parry and myself are  in the  process of  contacting as many
 vendors  as  we  can  concerning  the  AUA  drive and goals.  We have been
 briefing them  on the  AUA movement,  and to  date, the  response has been
 encouraging.    This  is  important  for  two  reasons:    First,  if  the
 manufacturers  begin  to  see  that  there  is  genuine  unity  in  the ST
 marketplace, they  are going  to be  more willing  to devote more time and
 money for the ST market.  Second, when the manufacturers  become involved,
 then the entire userbase begins to prosper.

     As you  know from  my last article, Tony Parry was appointed to Public
 Relations Director for the AUA.  I can  honestly say  that his appointment
 to this  position was by far a very good decision.  In the next few weeks,
 Tony will begin to focus on the vendors  and distributors.   He  will also
 begin to  show his face a little more here in CPU Online and on the online
 services.  He is a very valuable asset, and I am confident  that Tony will
 provide the  punch that  the AUA needs to be launched as the premiere user
 support group in the Atari Community.
     News from down-under.   Jon  Clarke,  the  AUA's  International Public
 Relations Director  has been  busy spreading  the news  of the  AUA in New
 Zealand and Australia as well as  in Western  Europe.   The AUA  will be a
 phenomenal success  there if  the response  we have  had continues.  Atari
 Australia ha recognized our efforts and  is  supporting  the  AUA  and its

     Thank you,  Alistair Campion, Atari Australia Representative, for your
 encouragement.  I also want to mention that Jon was  busy moving  the past
 few weeks, and I hope that he is now settled and ready to get moving!!
     User group  shows.   Tony and I will be attending the Pittsburgh Atari
 Computer Enthusiasts AtariFest 1990 in Pittsburgh on April 27-28.  We hope
 that if  you can make the show, to stop in to see us.  More information on
 the P.A.C.E. show will follow in a few weeks.  Also, we have not  made any
 confirmations yet,  but we  hope that the W.A.A.C.E. show in Washington DC
 will be one of our stops.  Other plans are currently in the making,  and I
 will keep you posted on those plans.

     This week  I bring  to you  the AUA  Charter which is more or less the
 commandments of the Atari User's Associations.    The  Charter  will  be a
 guideline  of  AUA  involvement  and  activities  in  the Atari Community.
 Hopefully the Charter will help to paint a better picture of what  the AUA
 means to Atari users, vendors, manufacturers, and developers.  Because the
 AUA is  still very  young, I  will be  adding and  constantly changing the
 Charter.  Also, if anyone has any more suggestions on how the AUA can help
 you, then please contact me at the e-mail  addresses listed  below.   I am
 still in  the process of getting a phone number where I can be reached, so
 please be patient on that...(my wife can't see us having 3 telephone lines
 coming into the house...and I keep saying, "but honey, it will be nice for
 the kids."  Then she reminds me that we do not have any children...)
     Thank you all for your support.  Remember that news of the  AUA can be
 found first here in CPU Online.  Keep the letters rolling in!

                                                  Derek C. Signorini
                                                    AUA Coordinator

 CIS  :  72327,1060 
 FNET :  node #19, DC Signorini 
 FIDO :  1:129/96.2, DC Signorini 


           The Official Charter of the Atari User's Association
                             Amended 03/01/90


      The Atari User's Association, or AUA, is an organization formed     
      to unite the Atari ST community under one common name thus         
      giving the Atari community collective bargaining power and a     
      central source of information and support.  It is my belief 
      that the Atari Community is in need of a central organization
      and that an organization of this type will help to better
      promote the Atari line of computers.


      1) To promote the Atari ST computer and every aspect of its 

      2) To unite the entire community as one world wide user group       
         comprising individual users, user groups, and user group 
         members.  In no way shall the AUA attempt to take over any
         said group but shall only help to strengthen user group 
         participation by encouraging Atari Users to join local user
         organizations.  Each individual Atari user will be granted
         membership in the AUA provided he/she fills out the AUA 
         application at least once per year and must provide the AUA
         council any change of address at the user's earliest             
         convenience.  Each user group that wishes to be recognized 
         by the AUA must file a completed membership application with 
         the AUA initially and once per year.  In addition, as a user
         group, you must provide a complete membership list to            
         including mailing addresses so that the AUA can contact as
         many people in the community as possible.  This information
         will also allow the AUA to better provide the user base with 
         statistical information and will allow open communication        
         between members of the AUA.

      3) To encourage software and hardware development for the Atari     
         ST by supporting developers and their efforts.  The AUA will
         inspire manufacturers to continue marketing products for the
         ST user and will attempt to convince these manufacturers that
         there exists a very receptive population of potential            
         customers in the ST community who are very eager for new
         and innovative products. 
      4) To support and promote shareware software development and to     
         encourage independent software developers to continue in their   
         efforts.  The AUA will encourage all of it's members and the     
         entire ST community to register the shareware that they use and  
         to help support the shareware authors.

      5) To combat software piracy.  In no way shall the AUA tolerate the 
         practice of software theft, or piracy.  Software piracy hurts    
         you,   me, and the life of the Atari ST.  Software piracy destroys
         the software industry.  Without the software industry,  the Atari 
         ST will die.  Period.

      6) To become a vast source of information for the Atari ST community 
         including user group listings, BBS listings, shareware library   
         listings, and product listings.  The AUA will also conduct       
         software demo distributions for a fee which covers the cost of   
         the disk and postage.  This practice will allow the user to      
         confidently purchase more software and thus spur more software   
         development for the Atari ST.  User group listings will provide  
         an ST user with information of user groups in his/her area and   
         will encourage users to join these support groups.  BBS listings 
         will also help the user to locate other sources of information   
         for his/her computer.  A shareware library will be started so    
         that authors may deposit their shareware in the library for      
         others to use.  Shareware will also be registered and a complete 
         list of all titles in the library will be provided to the ST     
         users.  The AUA will thus help promote the use of shareware and  
         will hopefully encourage users to send in their registration     

      7) To become a leader in the Atari ST community by encouraging its  
         members and other users to support all of the items listed above 
         as an individual ST user, an individual as a member of a user    
         organization, a user organization, a software/hardware developer, 
         a dealer, and lastly a publisher.  Our goal is to have everyone  
         participate in the AUA no matter what type of Atari enthusiast   
         you are.  What ever walk of life you fall into, the AUA will     
         provide something for you.

         The information  in this charter is amended almost every day.     
         Something new develops... I'll add it here.   This is  due in part
         to all  of the  positive feedback  that I am receiving.  Thank you
         all for your support!!

        Microtyme is an Official AUA Supplier at 1-800-255-5835

 --------------------------- Clip Here ---------------------------

              //////////  //      //  //////////        ** ** **
             //      //  //      //  //      //         ** ** **
            //      //  //      //  //      //          ** ** **
           //////////  //      //  //////////          **  **  **
          //      //  //      //  //      //         ***   **   ***
         //      //  //////////  //      //        ***     **     ***


   >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION

     Thank you for your interest in the Atari User's Association.
     Please take the time to complete this application and mail it 
     to the address below.

 First Name:_____________________ LastName:______________________________
 City:________________________________ ST:____ Zipcode:__________________
 Country:_____________________________ Age:(optional)____________________
 Telephone: __________________________ Work: ____________________________
   [  ] Check here to place name in the AUA Public Membership Directory
   (This will allow you to be placed on national mailing lists for Atari
    ST products and information)


 HARDWARE: [ ]520ST  [ ]1040ST  [ ]MEGA 2  [ ]MEGA 4  [ ]STacy  [ ]Other
 MONITOR : [ ]COLOR  [ ]MONO [ ]OTHER:___________________________________
 DRIVES  : [ ]DSDD   [ ]SSDD [ ]HARD DRIVE Model/Size:___________________
 PRINTER : [ ]9 Pin Dot Matrix [ ]24 Pin Dot Matrix  [ ]Laser [ ]DeskJet
     Printer Model:______________________________________________________

 MODEM  : Max Speed [ ]300  [ ]1200  [ ]2400  [ ]4800  [ ]9600  [ ]14,400
     Modem Model:________________________________________________________

 OTHER PERIPHERALS_______________________________________________________

 EMULATORS IN USE:_______________________________________________________


 Primary             Use              of             your             Atari

 If you are a member of a User Group, Please fill in:
 UG Name: _______________________________________________________________
 Address: _______________________________________________________________
 City _________________________________State _____ ZIP _______Country____

 BBS # ______________________________________No. of Members______________
 President's Name:________________________________Phone:_________________


 I    can    be    reached    at    FNET   node:___________   and/or   FIDO

 MEMBERSHIP FEES:   [ ] Non-Active AUA Membership        -- $ FREE $
                    [ ] Active AUA w/NewsLetter          -- $ 5.00/year
 Please Select ONE  [ ] Active AUA W/Newsletter & Disk   -- $ 15.00/year

 Mail application to:
                       The Atari User's Association
                           Attn: D.C. Signorini
                              P.O. Box 18293
                           Pittsburgh, PA  15236

 MicroTyme Computers is an official supplier of the AUA at: 1-800-255-5835

      ------------------------ Clip Here ---------------------------


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 > A "Quotable Quote"?

      "The level of expertise varies... in inverse proportion to... 
      ...the number of statements understood by the general public!!"

                                           ...P.T. Barnum


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