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From: Bruce D. Nelson (aa789@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 06/01/93-10:39:54 PM Z

From: aa789@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Subject: Spelling Sentry Update /spell checker/commercial
Date: Tue Jun  1 22:39:54 1993

from Z*Net 9310

Wintertree Software Inc.
43 Rueter St.
Nepean, Ontario Canada K2J 3Z9
Phone: (613) 825-6271

NEPEAN, ONTARIO -- Bigger, better, faster.  These three words describe
Spelling Sentry 1.20, Wintertree Software's latest upgrade to the
popular spelling checker for Atari computers.

Spelling Sentry is a spell-checking desk accessory.  It watches
keystrokes as you type into other GEM programs and accessories, and
alerts you when you make a spelling error.  Spelling Sentry can also
check disk files and the GEM clipboard. Spelling Sentry includes a built
-in abbreviation expander that can substitute a text string whenever you
type its abbreviation.


Wintertree has added over 11,000 words to Spelling Sentry's dictionary,
bringing the total word count to over 115,000.  At the same time,
Wintertree reorganized the internal structure of the dictionary to make
it both smaller and faster.  The result: While the number of words in
the dictionary increased by 10.5%, the size of the dictionary increased
by only 6.2%.


Wintertree listened to requests and suggestions made by Spelling Sentry
owners.  Spelling Sentry 1.20 contains a host of new features and

* 16 alternative words are now displayed instead of eight.
* Spelling Sentry can now optionally locate alternative words that are
  phonetically similar to the misspelled word.  For example, Spelling
  Sentry correctly suggests "Atari" in place of "Uhtarry."  Spelling
  Sentry's original method of locating alternative words, based on
  typographical similarity, is still available.
* You can now try a new spelling for a misspelled word, and Spelling
  Sentry will check it for correctness.
* Spelling Sentry's abbreviation feature can now substitute the contents
  of a disk file wherever an abbreviation is used.
* Spelling Sentry's new keyboard capture feature saves time when
  defining new abbreviations.  The keyboard capture feature magically
  inserts the last few words you typed into the dialog field used to
  define abbreviations.

Other improvements:

* Screen flashing now works on all monitors
* Improved compatibility with Calamus
* Undo key now works reliably when checking disk files
* Maximum size of an abbreviation expansion (including files and
  chaining) is now 1024 characters.


When Wintertree reorganized Spelling Sentry's dictionary to make it
smaller, they also made it faster -- 15% faster.  When optimally
configured, Spelling Sentry can check 2400+ words per minute on a stock

The list price of Spelling Sentry 1.20 remains at $59.95.

Registered owners who purchased Spelling Sentry on or before 31 December
1992 can upgrade to 1.20 by sending a check or money order for $10.00 to
Wintertree Software Inc.  Customers who purchased Spelling Sentry 1.00,
1.10, or 1.11 on or after 1 January 1993 can upgrade to version 1.20 at
no charge (proof of purchase date is required).  All update requests
should include the original Spelling Sentry diskette.

                               # # #

For more information, contact Wintertree Software Inc. at the number or
address listed above.

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