Processor Direct Magazine (for Falcon030)

From: Bruce D. Nelson (aa789@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 06/01/93-10:38:51 PM Z

From: aa789@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Subject: Processor Direct Magazine (for Falcon030)
Date: Tue Jun  1 22:38:51 1993


 (from Z*Net 9310)

 Public Announcement
 by Two Worlds Publishing
 on March 9, 1993
 Two Worlds Publishing is currently developing the first domestic Falcon
 magazine, titled Processor Direct.  The magazine will be dedicated to
 giving the latest news and reviews of software and hardware add-ons that
 will be available for the Atari Falcon030.  The first issue will be
 published in July, 1993.  Expected prices are as follows:

     o $3.00, newsstand
     o $7.50, 3 issue trial subscription (will be limited offer)
     o $12.00, 6 issue subscription
     o $20.00, 12 issue subscription
 The magazine will include sections on:

     o Editorial                      o Reader Mail
     o News/Events                    o Hints/Tips
     o Future Products                o Product Reviews
     o Columns                        o Help Desk
     o Online Computing               o Closing Comments
 The contents of Processor Direct will also be relevant to ST/STe/TT
 users, not only Falcon030 users.  Due to the Falcon030's high
 compatibility with the ST and the existing base of ST/STe/TT users, it
 is very likely that software will still be written to run on these older
 machines.  We plan to include as many software reviews and news items as
 the magazine allows.
 Are you interested in contributing articles to Processor Direct?  We are
 looking for interested reviewers and column writers for all subjects.
 Contributors will be compensated for published articles.  Are you
 interested in advertising in Processor Direct?  Quarter, half, and full
 page space is available at low prices.  Do you operate a store and are
 interested in stocking Processor Direct?  Contact via one of the methods
 listed below for more information on all of these.
 Mailing:                  GEmail:
 Processor Direct          S.DOUGHERTY1
 c/o Sean Dougherty
 4722 Windflower Circle
 Tampa, FL  33624

 **********   Do not send money at this time. If you would like to
 * NOTICE *   subscribe, send us a letter and your mailing address as
 **********   soon as possible by one of the above methods.  Information
 for subscribing to Processor Direct will be sent to you as soon as
 publishing details can be finalized.
 Contents are Copyright 1993, Sean Dougherty, Timothy Miller, Robert
 Fernandez, and David Prichard.  Reprints of this public announcement are
 allowed only if reproduced in its entire unmodified form.  Above prices
 and rates are subject to change.  The Two Worlds Publishing name is
 Copyright 1993, Sean Dougherty.  The label Processor Direct is Copyright
 1993, Sean Dougherty, Timothy Miller, Robert Fernandez, and David
 Prichard.  The names Atari, Falcon030, ST, STe, and TT are the property
 of Atari Corporation.  Neither Two Worlds Publishing (TWP) nor the
 publishing staff of TWP is in any way affiliated with Atari Corporation.

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