Flash II/telecommunications/commercial

From: Doug Wokoun (aa384@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 03/31/92-07:21:06 PM Z

From: aa384@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Doug Wokoun)
Subject: Flash II/telecommunications/commercial
Date: Tue Mar 31 19:21:06 1992

Taken from: Z*Net Atari Online Magazine (#92-11) - March 13, 1992:

| ======================================================================
| * FLASH II TO DEBUT                                      Press Release
| ======================================================================
| Missionware Software is proud to annouce the introduction Flash II at
| the ACE '92 Show.  We'll only be bringing a couple hundred copies of
| the program with us, so make sure to attend early!  See the official
| show bulletin for complete pricing.  And yes, we will be offering a
| substantial discount for those of you wishing to upgrade from an older
| version of Flash.  You *must* bring your old disk along to qualify for
| that upgrade.
| Here's a list of just a few of the new features to be found in Flash
| II:
| *  DO scripts are enhanced.  Old script files continue to work with new
|    features added for support of Flash II's new features.
| *  DO scripts are no longer needed, however, for automating your logon
|    process.  All board parameters are now set via dialogs.  These
|    parameters are saved in the board configuration file and
|    automatically configure Flash II when the board is activated.
| *  Now permits the use of up to 30 function key macros.  10 macros are
|    considered global, and are accessed by holding down the Control key
|    and F1 thru F10 keys.  The other 20 macros can be programmed
|    separately for each board and are accessed with the unshifted and
|    shifted function keys.  The macros automatically load when the board
|    is activated.
| *  Flash II can be used to display, either on- or off-line RLE and GIF
|    pictures.  (Particularly handy on CIS which permits the use of
|    online graphics viewing.)
| *  Includes a new Review Mode.  Save your online session to disk and
|    later review it as if you were online!
| *  Supports the following terminal emulations:  TTY, VIDTEX, VT52,
|    ANSI, VT100, VT101, VT102, VT200, VT300 & Prestel.
| *  Supports ST, IBM and DEC characters sets.
| *  Flash II is designed to work on any ST or TT, in any resolution,
|    from 80 to 132 columns, and 24, 29 or 48 lines.
| *  A new type ahead buffer is included.  It supports up to three lines
|    of text which is fully editable using the cursor, delete and
|    backspace keys.  The [Return] key and [Enter] key perform different
|    functions, depending on the configuration.  One can be used to enter
|    forced carriage returns into your message, the other is used to send
|    the message.
| *  You can configure the amount of memory you wish Flash II to grab at
|    startup.  Older versions of Flash grabbed everything available.
|    With multitasking on the horizon, you don't necessarily want to do
|    that.  You can continue to <Free> unwanted memory once in the
|    program.
| *  Includes command support for an automatic answer mode.
| *  New, full-featured GEM text editor with more flexible block commands
|    (you can now start and end blocks anywhere in a line), cut & paste
|    commands, search & replace function, paragraph reformatting, user
|    tab settings and page widths, automatic word wrap & text wrap modes,
|    and much more.
| *  The editor now permits you to select the type of display mode
|    desired.  Whereas older version of Flash always displayed carriage
|    returns, you can now turn those on or off, as well as all other
|    control characters.
| *  Almost all menu functions have keyboard equivalents, such as Alt-L
|    to "Load" a file.  Where appropriate, these keyboard equivalents
|    match the terminal mode keyboard equivalents.
| *  Includes Silent Line, a new background file transfer program
|    (replaces "Shadow").
| *  Internally supports the following protocols:  ASCII, Xmodem, Ymodem,
|    Ymodem-G, Zmodem, Modem7, WXModem, CIS B+, Kermit, SEAlink, and
|    Telesoftware (for Discovery/Prestel systems).
| *  Includes a new "Statistics" feature.  Keeps track of all of your
|    online time and upload/download information, and calculates your
|    fees based on the BBS' rates.
| *  Includes built-in timing functions.  Flash II will autostart an
|    online session using this timer.
| *  Includes a totally rewritten, 226 page manual, fully indexed along
|    with a table on contents.  The manual includes a tutorial, detailed
|    section on all functions of the program, and a 50-page section
|    explaining (with examples) the DO script language.
| See you in Booth #222 at the show!
| John Trautschold
| Missionware Software
        Doug Wokoun                
           - - -                   
         Atari SIG                 

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