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From: Doug Wokoun (aa384@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 12/11/91-08:02:57 PM Z

From: aa384@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Doug Wokoun)
Subject: That's Write & Write On/word processing/commercial
Date: Wed Dec 11 20:02:57 1991

Taken from: Z*Net online magazine, issue #9149 (November 22, 1991):

| =======================================================================
| =======================================================================
| Goldleaf Publishing, Inc., publishers of Wordflair II, the standard for
| producing short compound documents, has announced its exclusive
| distribution of COMPO Software products in North America.
| COMPO Software is one of the leading software houses for the Atari ST in
| Germany where the number one selling word processor is COMPO's That's
| Write.  COMPO Software has earned a reputation for great products and
| the best ST technical support.  This tradition will be continued in
| North America by Goldleaf Publishing.
| Immediately available are the new standard for word processing, That's
| Write, and its sister product Write ON.
| Are you new to word processing?  Or have you outgrown your first word
| processor?  Whatever your situation, you need to know that That's Write
| is the new standard for ST word processing.  That's Write brings word
| processing power to the ST previously only available on PCs and Macs.
| Features such as WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) display on
| screen and proportionally spaced fonts will delight, yet That's Write is
| faster than some non-WYSIWYG word processors.
| That's Write is the only ST word processor, apart from Write ON, to
| incorporate COMPO's unique printing technology - we believe its the only
| way to get your printer and ST working together. . .
| That's Write features COMPO's unique printing technology - unique
| because it uses two different printing mechanism's in the same document.
| Some ST word processors are limited to a few of the fonts in your
| printer, which makes for very fast printing, but within a very
| restricted font range.  Other ST word processors use nothing but "bit
| map fonts" which are sent from your ST to the printer.  With this system
| you can have large point sizes or create special fonts... but whichever
| font you use, printing is always slower.
| COMPO's printing technology gives you the best of both worlds.  You can
| use the fonts in your printer for fast printing of the majority of your
| text, then add bit map fonts for distinctive headlines or special
| characters.  That's Write supports ALL of the fonts supplied with most
| popular printers and optionally prints directly to high speed printers
| (such as the Atari laser printer) for extremely fast output.
| File Handling
| o Load and save 1st Word Plus and ASCII file formats, optionally
|   stripping CR/LF from within paragraphs
| o Load pictures
| o Copy, Rename, and Delete files from within That's Write
| o Edit multiple files at the same time
| Printing
| o Supplied with printer drivers for most popular printers
| o Additional printer drivers available
| o Many printer control options - Print only odd/even pages, Single feed
|   or sheet fed paper, With or without pictures, Print to disk,
|   Automatically adjust margins for binding, Change printer drivers from
|   within That's Write
| Mail Merge
| o Powerful Mail merge within That's Write
| o Option to print All or only Selected records
| o Uses industry standard comma delimited files for data
| o Simple commands embedded within a document to insert records
| Text Editing and Styles
| o Full Cut, Paste, and Block functions
| o Text Font and Style set by Block or Paragraph tag
| o Supports the ST clipboard for exchange with other programs
| o Supports four clipboards for great editing flexibility
| o All standard text styles including Double Underline and Strike Through
| o Left, Right, Center, and Decimal Tabs
| o Up to 100 Tabs in any one line
| o Line spacing of 1, 1 1/2, 2, 2 1/2, and 3 with optional extra space
|   between paragraphs
| o Search and Replace with options for prompted replace, case match, and
|   complete words only
| Images
| o Import standard .IMG files
| o Scale to any resolution including for the installed printer
| o Optional display of images on screen when editing
| Fonts
| o Full support for proportionally spaced fonts
| o Use up to 20 fonts in any one document
| o Mix printer resident and That's Write fonts in the same document
| o Display sample of fonts on screen when selecting font
| o Font editor supplied to create or edit fonts
| o Utility program to convert Signum/Script fonts to That's Write format
| Other Features
| o Headers and Footers
| o Hyphenation, either prompted or automatic
| o Keyboard shortcuts for every That's Write function
| o Unlimited user defined keyboard macros
| o Decimal character either . or ,
| o Optional automatic save at user defined intervals
| o Manual or Automatic document reformat & pagination
| o Widow and Orphan control
| o Automatically insert current date and time
| o Optional password protection for any document
| o Word count
| Like That's Write, Write ON has all the above features.  However, That's
| Write also includes a number of features to enthuse the specialist user,
| such as footnotes, endnotes, automatic index and table of contents
| generation, multiple columns with user-definable gutters, and a spell
| checker with optional automatic capitalization of proper nouns and
| suggested alternatives for misspelled words.  If you buy Write ON, then
| find you need some That's Write features, don't worry - there is a
| simple upgrade path and all your Write ON files can be transferred.
| Goldleaf Publishing and COMPO Software are committed to the ST market
| and its users.  Several important upgrades to That's Write and Write ON
| are currently scheduled for release next year, as are many other
| exciting products.  Available soon are C-Font, a font converter to
| convert Calamus format fonts to That's Write, Write ON, GDOS, and other
| formats; and CompoScript, a fast PostScript interpreter that allows you
| to truly use PostScript at its best, complete with Type 1 fonts.
| If you are currently using a COMPO product then you can officially
| register it either by writing to, or calling, Goldleaf Publishing.
| Registered users will automatically be notified of any upgrade.
| That's Write is available now for $199.95.  Write ON is available for
| $99.95.  For more information please contact your dealer or call us
| directly:
| Goldleaf Publishing, Inc.
| 700 Larkspur Landing Circle suite 199
| Larkspur, California  94939  USA
| 415/257-3515

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