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From: Michael Current (aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 04/15/93-11:16:49 AM Z

From: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Subject: Quick / programming / commercial
Date: Thu Apr 15 11:16:49 1993

 From: mppi76@cd4680fs.rrze.uni-erlangen.de (Harald Schoenfeld)

We are happy to present QUICK, the new programming langauge for your ATARI
8 bit computer, now in an English version.

QUICK is a completely software based compiled language that is almost
as fast and powerful as assembler, but also very easy to program.

QUICK is a powerful language that has some unique features: 
- automatic mouse control
- player/missile commands
- subroutines and local variables
- in-line assembler
- cut/paste for hi-res graphics (Blitter)
- command to play digitized sounds
- automatic VBI and DLI commands
- libraries for almost every task
- multitasking with additional libraries (not included)

QUICK gives you the ability to get the most out of your Classic
ATARI with little effort. To show you some of QUICK's unique capabilities,
we will post some QUICK demos to a.a.u.e called "QIKDEMOx.ARC"

The German or International (English) version is available from:

Postfach 1640
W-7518 Bretten

Price: DM 39 plus P&P

In GB and Ireland you can get QUICK directly from:

Dean Garraghty
62 Thomson Ave

UK PRICE: 16pounds including P&P

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