PabQwk, QWKSilver / utilities / shareware

From: Michael Current (aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 04/08/93-10:39:56 AM Z

From: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Subject: PabQwk, QWKSilver / utilities / shareware
Date: Thu Apr  8 10:39:56 1993

 From: (Dag Hugdahl)

Quoting from MATTHEW A. TOPINKA to ALL
> Hello all,
> Has anyone out there successfully used the QWK mail reader programs
> for the 8-bits that are available in the Archive?  I have tried using 
> Qwksilver and it freezes up after reading the control.dat file.  When
> I tried the PABQWK reader, I keep getting errors from the ''.
> Thanks for any info on this.

*Yes! (As you can see, I'm replying to this message offline on my XL.) 
Newer versions of PabQwk and QWKSilver have been released (1.1 &
0.21).  Version 1.0 of PabQwk seems to be a very good program, but was
very hardware specific, requiring a 130XE or upgraded XL very, very
compatible with the XE.  (Rambo XL's do not cut it, I know, I tried.)  I
think 1.1 is not as hardware specific, but as of yet, have not
tried it.
*QWKSilver 0.20 had some bugs that really prevented it from being used
effectively.  It would always look for D2:, even though you didn't have
one, or not have it declared in QwkSilver setup.  Also, it wasn't
(and still isn't) compatible with SpartaDOS, but hopefully that
situtation will be remedied in the future.  Ver. 0.21 corrects the major 
bugs in 0.20, but the DOS you use (2.5, MYDos, etc.) must be modified
to allow 4 files open at the same time.  I have had no problems with

*Hope this helps!

*-Dag-  ---> m

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