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From: Michael Current (aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 01/12/93-10:19:10 AM Z

From: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Subject: PabQwk, QwkSilver / communication / shareware
Date: Tue Jan 12 10:19:10 1993

 From: (sherry snyder)
 Subject: Qwk Readers

With the talk of Qwk readers for the 8bit, I've sent two to the archive, 
PabQwk 1.1 and QwkSilver 0.2 Beta.

PabQwk Ver 1.1:

Written by Pab Sungenis
Written in TurboBasic (Compiled)
ShareWare: $25

Qwk reader for the 8bit system with expanded memory.  Version 1.1 now saves
its indexes to the disk for faster loading.  PabQwk offers an AtariWriter
like 80 column display (one uses the shift and arrow keys to move left and
right), as well as the ability to translate hi ASCII (ANSI) graphics into
compatable AtASCII graphics.
PabQwk allows for the steeling of taglines, both standard and BlueWave
style and now offers the ability to dump the current message to your
printer.  Registered versions allow for the reading of extra files often
included in Qwk packets (Newsletters, newfile list and bullitins).  PabQwk
will run under SDX, MyDos and AtariDos 2.5, but was found to run best under
SpartaDos (SDX or 3.2d).
WBUG tested PabQwk 1.1 for 2 weeks on a standard 130xe attached to a 256k
mio with a 10meg hard drive running SpartaDos X 4.20.  We downloaded Qwk
packets from all Major Qwk tossers and have had no troubles.  This program
does require at least 3 banks of free memory to run and you need to run the
configure program to make sure Antic is turned off...PabQwk requires all
available memory.

QwkSilver Ver 0.2 Beta:

Written by Bobby Clark
Written in TurboBasic (Compiled)
ShareWare $5

Qwk reader for the 8bit system.  QwkSilver can not be run under any version
of SpartaDos due to a VBI conflict with QwkSilvers on screen clock
QwkSilver displays messages in a standard Atari 40 col screen and does not
translate hi Ascii (ANSI) to AtACII graphics.  QwkSilver saves it indexes
to disk for faster booting as well as converting the CONTROL.DAT file for
its own use.  Features of QwkSilver include, the ability to page forward
and backward, dump messages to printer or disk, will display extra files
included in QWK packet provided they are listed in CONTROL.DAT (normaly
WELCOME, NewFile, BLT-x and GOODBYE), view only message titles (5 at a
time) and choose only the message lines you want to quote.  QwkSilver does
send out a nonstandard BlueWave style tagline.
WBUG tested QwkSilver 0.2 Beta for three weeks on a stock 130xe running
AtariDos 2.5 on two 1050 drives.  We downloaded Qwk packets from all major
Qwk tossers and have only had problems with packets generated using the
JetMail door for SpitFire.

As always, if you are unable to get these files from the archive, just
drop me a note e-mail and I'll send you a copy.

Mike Todd
Atari Archive

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