Screen Aided Management (S.A.M.) / Operating System / comm.

From: Michael Current (aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 01/12/93-10:18:38 AM Z

From: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Subject: Screen Aided Management (S.A.M.) / Operating System / comm.
Date: Tue Jan 12 10:18:38 1993

 Newsgroups: comp.sys.atari.8bit
 From: (Oliver Rosenkranz)
 Subject: S.A.M. Part II (Accessory and address)

Hi there !

Last week I posted an article covering the program Screen Aided Management
for the ATARI XL/XE computers.
I have been asked several times where you can get it and some other
things. So I decided to write it down and post it here :

Screen Aided Management (S.A.M.) is powerful software package. It gives the
XL/XEs a desktop with windows/icons pull-down-menues and 80 columns per row
(and many other great features I described before - If you wanna have the
first text send me a mail (

S.A.M. is a commercial product. Its basic parts had been published in 1988/89
in the German computer magazine ATARImagazin .
Now it is distributed by a German company. Here is its address :

Power per Post (PPP)
Postfach 1640
7518 Bretten

You may also get there other products for the 8 bit ATARIs, so be clever
and order a catalog first.

The newest version of S.A.M. is V1.25 and it seems that this is the last
update. The authors of S.A.M. are working on an English version (the software
itself/commands/... are in English but the manual is written in German) of
it which will be distributed in the US. But I can't say when.

Some people wrote me that they want to hear more about how to program
accessories which are compatible to S.A.M. . Okay, here it is. There
may be some lines of my first posting of it but this is for those who
didn't catch it.

S.A.M. has the ability to start accesories to give the progammer a chance to
use all the features S.A.M. is providing.
There are still some accessories out there. They were mentioned and described
in my first posting. I'm actually working on an accessory (a Filelist utility).

Okay here, again, is the memory map of the 800 XL having S.A.M. installed :

        OS variables and vectors
        S.A.M. variables
        free memory
        free memory (but is temporary used by S.A.M.)
        player graphics
        S.A.M. vector list
        S.A.M. utility
$xxxx----(depends on length of utility)-------------
        free memory

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