XEP80 Interface Module / hardware

From: Michael Current (aj848@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 08/01/91-07:16:59 PM Z

From: aj848@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Subject: XEP80 Interface Module / hardware
Date: Thu Aug  1 19:16:59 1991

An 80-column video display controller, and parallel printer port.

On the front is an LED indicating power on.

At the rear, from left to right, are the power jack, the power on/off switch,
a DB25 parallel port, an RCA-type monitor jack, and an interface cable, 
permanently connected to the XEP80, which plugs into joystick port 1 or 2
of the computer.

Also included are the power adaptor, and an RCA-video cable which plugs into
the video-in jack of a composite video monitor (monochrome HIGHLY recommended)

In addition, the XEP80 boot disk is included, containing detailed
documention, demonstration BASIC programs, and the all-important XEP80 
software handler.

The XEP80 cannot be used as a printer interface without the software handler

The 80-column display supports the entire ATASCII character set, including
international characters.  There are also special XEP80 graphics commands.
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