Alternate Reality (City)

From: James P. Norris (bo511@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 05/16/93-10:17:25 PM Z

From: bo511@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (James P. Norris)
Subject: Alternate Reality (City)
Date: Sun May 16 22:17:25 1993

Here is a trick that only the Atari 8-bit version of the city has:
  When creating a new or temporary character type in fiat for the name
(while holding down the control key). The computer will then ask you for
a sanction. Typing in one of these commands will do something... I'm not sure
what though:
        Master of Chronos
        cela saute aux yeux

 According to a letter posted by Phil Price on Genie, the cela saute aux
yeux command slows down the stats wheels when you are picking your stats.
If anyone figures out what the other stats do, I'd love to know.

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