Game Fun w/ the Black Box!

From: Michael Current (aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 02/12/93-10:33:18 AM Z

From: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Subject: Game Fun w/ the Black Box!
Date: Fri Feb 12 10:33:18 1993

 From: alj@bilver.uucp (Arthur Johnson)

   After purchasing a Black Box, I quickly realized it could help me
breathe new life into some old games that I gave up on because they were
too difficult or didn't quite work the way I wanted.  How?  By entering
the 6502 monitor and messing around a bit with memory, you can produce
some wonderful results with many programs, mostly greatly extending how
many lives you have.  I've compiled a list of programs I've bothered to,
shall we say, "fix".  They are listed below, along with some comments on
what you are actually doing.  Have fun and if anyone else has done this
with other programs, feel free to post your modifications!
   ! Note ! Since there were many different versions and formats of the
programs I will describe, these cheats may not work with what you have.
In fact, it's possible they may be damaging to your system.  Therefore,
please write-protect your hard drive, remove the disks and take whatever
precautions you can to ensure that if your computer goes blammo nothing
that a simple reset won't fix will occur.  Be careful!
   To use this information, make sure you have a Black Box.  Next, load
the game.  Select whatever options you want and then start the game.
Press the left black button on your Black Box to get your menu of
options.  Choose <C>, the 6502 Monitor.  When told to place a value at
a certain memory location, type an "*" followed by a space, the
memory location and then press RETURN.  For example:
   * D01D <Press RETURN>
   Next, type a "D" then a space and the desired value finished with a
RETURN, like so:
   D 3 <Press RETURN>
   When you are finished poking around with memory, press the ESCAPE
key twice, once to get to the menu and another to return you to your
   As a special note, the Black Box tries to restore you to exactly how
you were upon entering it.  However, it cannot retrieve your player-missile
graphics, as it has no way of knowing whether or not they were on when
you were in the program.  Therefore, deposit the value of three (3) into
location $D01D just before pressing Escape twice to get back to your game.
This will restore the graphics, although they might just look like screen-
length lines when you are still in the monitor mode.  This step may also
not be necessary for all games (those that don't use PM graphics).
Joust (Cartridge) - Place $7F in locations $A8 and $A9 to give 127 lives
-----               to each player.
Gauntlet (Shareware Shoot-'Em-Up File) - Dump $EAEA (NOP instructions)
--------                                 at location $5375 for infinite
                                         special weapons and at $24A3 for
Wizard o' Wor (Cartridge) - Setting $667 and $668 to $F0 will give 240
-------------               lives to each person.
Special Delivery (File) - Make the following locations $EAEA to never lose
----------------          a gift from your bag:  $55AF, $55E3, $563B,
                          $6B56, $6C96.  Doing the same at $556C, $55E9 and
                          $6C2B will give you unlimited hours.  Press RESET
                          after doing so and then start the game.
Popcorn (File) - Put $EAEA at $2CAA to miss as much as you want.
Fort Apocalypse (Disk) - $EAEA at $43F7 gives you everlasting fuel and
---------------          $EAEA at $2A68 provides all the lives you'll need.
Galahad and the Holy Grail (Disk) - To always have the benefits of the ring
--------------------------          AND wedge, place $EAEA at locations
                                    $1149 and $11A5.
Upward (File) - A $EAEA at $3742 makes you float up whenever you push the
------          joystick up.  Play around with it a little and you'll be
                able to find exactly when to do this.
Snowplow (File) - Want infinite lives?  Try an $EAEA combo at $49D5.
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