AtariWriter Plus/80 - To - DOS

From: Michael Current (aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 01/31/93-09:10:18 AM Z

From: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Subject: AtariWriter Plus/80 - To - DOS
Date: Sun Jan 31 09:10:18 1993

 From: (joseph sabatino) mentioned that  you didn't use Atariwriter 80 cuz
you were using Sparta X and "AW 80 doesn't go back to DOS" readily.
There is a solution I use AWP2DOS mod on it ....which puts XON2.COM
in place of MM.OBJ. If you don't use the mail merge data base you 
can go right from the AW menu to dos by hitting [M]ove to DOS 
instead of [M]ail Merge.   The mod follows:
Atariwriter Plus and Atariwriter 80 are great, simple-to-use word
processors.  It frustrated me time to time however, that in order to leave
AW I had to reboot.  It would have been so nice to be able to go to DOS
from AW's menu.  Now I can!  At the sacrifice of the "Mail Merge"
function on the menu, which I have rarely wanted to use, I have
substituted a "Move to DOS" function instead.  Besides, I can use "Mail
Merge" if I want, by just putting away my modified AW copy and pulling
out the original AW master disk.
I AM NOT A PROGRAMMER, so no doubt, what I have done could have been done
more professionally by someone in the know.  But maybe my modification can
be of use to someone else who has experienced the same frustration as
     1.  COPY of Atariwriter Plus or 80
         (not your original, unless you
          like living dangerously)
     2.  Any sector editor program
         (e.g. DISK RX, ENHANCED BLACK
          BOX, DISK IO)
     3.  DOS of your choice that will
         run AW (I use SDX cart; will
         work with SpartaDos 3.2,
         AtariDos 2.5; I have not tried
         with others)
     4.  For SDX users: XON2.COM
         program (enclosed)
1.  Load sector editor.  Once loaded, insert AW disk.  First we will change
the "LOADING MAIL MERGE" sign that appears when you press the Mail Merge
button in the AW menu.  Go to the sector where that title is found, as
     Atariwriter Plus (XL) = sector 161
                   (130XE) = sector 184
       Atariwriter 80 (XL) = sector 133
                   (130XE) = sector 163
2.  Now using the edit ASCII function, change the necessary
phrase.  In AWPlus, the phrase will read "loading(heart symbol)mail(heart
symbol)merge".  Change it to something like
"moving(heart)to(heart)dos(heart)(heart)(heart).  All those hearts (by
typing control-comma), come out as spaces in the title when the program
is run.  In AW80, the phrase is "LOADING MAIL MERGE".  Change it to
"MOVING TO DOS   ".  Remember to put those 3 spaces (not hearts) in after
3.  Now we will change the name of the program AW runs when you press
"Mail Merge".  Go to the appropriate sector:
     Atariwriter Plus (XL) = sector 167
                   (130XE) = sector 188
       Atariwriter 80 (XL) = stay at
                   (130XE) = stay at
Edit the phrase "MM.OBJ" to read the name of the DOS you are using.  DOS
2.5 users would type "DUP.S*".  For SpartaDos 3.2, "X32D.*"  Notice that
you are limited to six characters, so the wild card asterisk is useful. 
SDX cartridge users must type "XON2.*", and be sure that they put
XON2.COM on their AW disk later.  Likewise, everyone else needs to have
their particular DOS on the disk.
4.  Now we will change the "Mail Merge" title as it appears on the
main menu.  The sectors are:
     Atariwriter Plus (XL) = sector 181
                   (130XE) = sector 122
       Atariwriter 80 (XL) = sector 154
                   (130XE) = sector 173
The phrase to change is "ail Merge".  Change it to "oving to DOS".
In speaking about using SDX and SD3.2 with AW, I have assumed that you know
how to run AW from each.  SDX users must type "X AP.OBJ" on the command
line.  The timedate line must be off.  SpartaDos 3.2 users just type
"AP.OBJ" on the command line.
Feel free to pass this tip along.  I got XON2.COM on a bulletin board
recently and it appears to be public domain.  It had no author's name or
address on the docs.  By the way, XON2.COM can be used to load SDX from
other DOSes, as long as the cartridge is in the slot though not in use.
George King
St.Catharines, ON
April 18, 1992
Here is XON2.COM in uue form.
begin 666 XON2.COM
2__\ , 4PC>#53'?DX +A @ P    y
Joe Sabatino-->
         Michael Current, Cleveland Free-Net 8-bit Atari SIGOp
Carleton College, Northfield, MN, USA / UUCP: ...!umn-cs!ccnfld!currentm
      Internet: / Cleveland Free-Net: aa700

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