Table 3: Machine Language Index
ADC #105  DEC abs,X222  ORA (ind),Y17
ADC abs109  DEC z198  ORA z5
ADC abs,X125  DEC z,X206  ORA z,X21
ADC abs,Y121  DEX202  PHA72
ADC (ind,X)97  DEY136  PHP8
ADC (ind),Y113  EOR #73  PLA104
ADC z101  EOR abs77  PLP40
ADC z,X117  EOR abs,X93  ROL A42
AND #41  EOR abs,Y89  ROL abs46
AND abs45  EOR (ind,X)65  ROL abs,X62
AND abs,X61  EOR (ind),Y81  ROL z38
AND abs,Y57  EOR z69  ROL z,X54
AND (ind,X)33  EOR z,X85  ROR A106
AND (ind),Y49  INC abs238  ROR abs110
AND z37  INC abs,X254  ROR abs,X126
AND z,X53  INC z230  ROR z102
ASL A10  INC z,X246  ROR z,X118
ASL abs14  INX232  RTI64
ASL abs,X30  INY200  RTS96
ASL z6  JMP abs76  SBC #233
ASL z,X22  JMP (ind)108  SBC abs237
BCC144  JSR abs32  SBC abs,X253
BCS176  LDA #169  SBC abs,Y249
BEQ240  LDA abs173  SBC (ind,X)225
BIT abs44  LDA abs,X189  SBC (ind),Y241
BIT z36  LDA abs,Y185  SBC z229
BMI48  LDA (ind,X)161  SBC z,X245
BNE208  LDA (ind),Y177  SEC56
BPL16  LDA z165  SED248
BRK0  LDA z,X181  SEI120
BVC80  LDX #162  STA abs141
BVS112  LDX abs174  STA abs,X157
CLC24  LDX abs,Y190  STA abs,Y153
CLD216  LDX z166  STA (ind,X)129
CLI88  LDX z,Y182  STA (ind),Y145
CLV184  LDY #160  STA z133
CMP #201  LDY abs172  STA z,X149
CMP abs205  LDY abs,X188  STX abs142
CMP abs,X221  LDY z164  STX z134
CMP abs,Y217  LDY z,X180  STX z,Y150
CMP (ind,X)193  LSR A74  STY abs140
CMP (ind),Y209  LSR abs78  STY z132
CMP z197  LSR abs,X94  STY z,X148
CMP z,X213  LSR z70  TAX170
CPX #224  LSR z,X86  TAY168
CPX abs236  NOP234  TSX186
CPX z228  ORA #9  TXA138
CPY #192  ORA abs13  TXS154
CPY abs204  ORA abs,X29  TYA152
CPY z196  ORA abs,Y25 
DEC abs214  ORA (ind,X)1 

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