By John H. Palevich - APX Catalog Number 20210

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Joel Gluck, author of Babel, Attank!, and other APX titles, shared this story about Dandy: "Jack Palevich and I met at MIT in his last year and my first year. We were both Atari fans. He wrote Dandy as his thesis (original title: Thesis of Terror). I think I can recognize my initials, as well as those of some of his other friends, on level N of the game. Jack claims I designed some of the levels of Dandy but I honestly cannot remember doing this (he said I used graph paper for some and drew others directly onscreen with his dungeon editor.) After that year, Jack went to work at Atari, and he -- being an incredibly nice guy -- persuaded them to give me a summer job. There I met Douglas Crockford and other Atarians, and had my first experience of San Jose. I roomed with Jack and his friend Landon -- we ate ramen noodles and listened to XTC. Later that summer, Geo magazine flew Jack and I down to LA for a photo shoot for yet another computer whiz-kid story. All we saw of LA was smog and the inside of that photographer's studio -- then we flew back to San Jose. All of this now seems slightly surreal."

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