By Joel Gluck - APX Catalog Number 20072

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The author wrote: "One of my biggest memories is that Atari kept sending me free stuff. I don't remember exactly how this worked -- whether it was based on royalties or whether programs were selected for awards -- but I do remember seeing the UPS truck pull up at my house several times to deliver computers, peripherals, and software that I had chosen. Such a rush for a high-school kid -- I was giddy with delight.

Atari must have given People magazine my name -- they contacted me in the middle of my freshman year at MIT. A photographer picked me up at my dorm and drove me out to a rural area where someone kept an actual military tank. This bore no resemblance to the tiny matrix of dots I drew when writing "Attank!" The photographer gave me a very strange helmet and had me pose on the tank pointing my finger. A couple of months later, February '83 I think, People had an article on computer whiz-kids and the photo appeared full-page. I looked extremely silly in the photo -- and, thanks to the helmet, I was completely unrecognizable -- but somehow I still felt proud to get the attention."

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