SpeedScript is the most popular program ever published by COMPUTE! Publications. Ever since it first appeared in the January 1984 issue of COMPUTE!'s Gazette, the letters have been pouring in. People wanted to know more about the program and word processing, and they had countless suggestions about how to make SpeedScript better.

The result is SpeedScript 3.0, an even more powerful word processor for all eight-bit Ataris (including the 400/800, 600XL/800XL, 1200XL, and new XE series). Enhanced with additional commands and features, this all machine language word processor gives you all the things you expect from a commercial software package. You can write, edit, format, and print anything from memos to novels on your Atari. With a few keystrokes you can change the color of the screen and its text to whatever combination best suits you.

It's easy to add or delete words, letters, even whole paragraphs. You can search through an entire document and find every occurrence of a particular word or phrase, then replace it with something new. Of course, when you finish writing, you can save your work to tape or disk. The ability to quickly change the appearance of a printed document is one of the things that make word processing so efficient. SpeedScript lets you alter the margins, page length, spacing, page numbers, page width, as well as set up headers and footers at the top and bottom of the paper.

And once you've formatted your document, you'll find enough print features to make even the most demanding writer happy. With SpeedScript, you can start printing at any page, force the printer to create a new page at any time, even make it wait while you put in another sheet of paper. Underlining and centering are simple. If you want to get fancy, you can use your printer's codes to create graphics symbols or logos. And if you're writing something really long--perhaps a novel or term paper--SpeedScript lets you link any number of files so that they print out as one continuous document.

In addition to the SpeedScript program for the Atari, you'll find complete documentation and a keyboard map in this book. SpeedScript's source code has also been included for your examination. By studying it, you'll see exactly how the program is put together.

"The Machine Language Editor: MLX" makes typing in the program easier. MLX almost guarantees that you'll have an error-free copy of the program the first time you type it in. If you prefer to purchase a copy of SpeedScript on disk rather than type it in, just use the convenient coupon in the back, or call toll-free 1-800-334-0868.

SpeedScript is an exceptionally easy-to-use and powerful word processor that will meet all your writing needs.

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