One of the first Atari games is still one of the best. In Atari Basketball, you use the joystick controller to move around the court, dribble, shoot, pass, block shots, and steal the ball. The exceptional graphics and animation of this game make it a favorite demonstrator at computer stores, so many of you have already seen it.

How well does it play? The answer is that it is relatively easy to beat, but not easy to trounce. The computer is set up to play better when it is behind than it does when it is ahead, so it offers a good challenge until you get really good. However, once you can consistently trounce the computer, you've only begun the real fun!

The best feature of Basketball is that it allows one to four people to play at the same time. There are five options:

  1. One player against the computer
  2. Two players against the computer
  3. Two players against one player and the computer
  4. Two players against two players (no computer player)
  5. One player against one player (no computer player).

After all, if you let your best friend play Star Raiders, it may be weeks before you get a chance at the computer again! With Basketball, you can both play at the same time. Teams of two are even more fun. This is one of the best computer games available for more than one player.

Basketball requires one joystick controller for each person playing and is available for $39.95.

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