The author would like to take the opportunity to give his sincere thanks and appreciation to the individuals and companies who helped make this book a reality:

John Werner for his extremely accurate screen photography

Robert Gumpertz for his warm and happy illustrations

Steve Woznik, Jean Richardson, and Marlen Wightman at Apple Computer, Inc.

Debi Corica, Marketing Dept., Atari, Inc.

Anne Klukas, Bally Consumer Products Division

Joy Baker, Compucolor Corporation

Lora Barrick, Marketing Dept., Exidy, Inc.

Ted E. Naanes, Marketing Support Specialist, Evans and Sutherland

Carl Flock, Product Marketing Manager, Data Treminals Division, Hewlett-Packard

H. L. Siegel, National Publicity and Promotion Manager, Radio Shack

John F. Kadel, Public Relations Manager, Information Display Division, Tectronix, Inc.

Mary Turner, VIP Marketing, RCA

Simon Harrison, Vice President, Axiom Corp.

William Games, instructor, Stockton Unified School District

Leland C. Sheppard, consultant

Ron Denchfield, Section Manager, Public Relations, AMI.

Keith Sutton, Marketing Manager, Digital Engineering Inc.

Barry Millett, Marketing Manager, Matrox Electronic Systems Ltd.

Bob Flexes, President, Digital Graphics Systems

Melvin Goldstein, Marketing Manager, Eclectic Corp.

Robert W. Loewer, President, Micro Diversions, Inc.

Rod Schaffner, Marketing Manager, Digital Computer Products, Houston Instrument, Inc.

Jim Lloid, George Hessler, Talos Systems, Inc.

Lisa Kelly, Promotional Writer, Calma, Inc.

Dan Garza, Manager-Press Relations, Consumer Products Group, Texas Instruments, Inc.

Alfred J. Nucifora, Executive Vice President, Director of Account Services, Cecil West & Associates, for Chromatics, Inc.

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