From: George Izquierdo (
Date: 12/05/96-12:02:05 PM Z

From: (George Izquierdo)
Subject: ST/HybridArts/Midiplexer
Date: Thu Dec  5 12:02:05 1996

The setup is nice and loads pretty quick (I like that) 

I was hoping to find some help with an ST/HybridArts/Midiplexer problem I'm
having...  With the harddrive connected, SMPTEtrk won't recognize the
MIDIplexer.  Without the Harddrive connected and booting from a disk it
comes up correctly with midi 1-16 A,B,C&D.  I've swapped hard drives,
scsicards, cables and everything else. 

PLEASE!  can someone help me?  I've had ST(s) [5 of them and 3 still in
use] since '85 and not had this problem before.  It' ran proper on an old
(rebuilt) 20AtariHD I had until that crapped out in '91. 

If there is anyone with suggestions I'd give (almost) anything!!

George "frustrated and somewhat desperate" Izquierdo


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