[littlej8@serv01.net-link.net: Atari 1040ST HELP]

From: Craig Lisowski (aa853@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 05/18/96-06:10:15 PM Z

From: aa853@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Craig Lisowski)
Subject: [littlej8@serv01.net-link.net: Atari 1040ST HELP]
Date: Sat May 18 18:10:15 1996

As you can see, I was sent the following letter, asking for help about
a 1040ST with a bad power supply. If anyone can help in any way, please
do so.


 ================= Begin forwarded message =================
 From: littlej8@serv01.net-link.net (Jonathan A Little)
 To: aa853@cleveland.freenet.edu
 Subject: Atari 1040ST
 Date: Sat, 11 May

 Hi, I am writing to you with hopes that you can help me help a friend.  
 He has an Atari 1040ST that has a power supply that went up in smoke.  
 One of the transistors burned out.  I'm an IBM/Windows 95 user and don't 
 know where to go for parts for his Atari.  I came up with your address 
 by search for Atari - Hardware.  I work on IBM type of computers, and my 
 friend asked if I would look at his unit.
 I took it apart and found the following numbers on the power supply:
 AC I/P: 50W DC  O/P: 5v 3A, 12V 1.6A
 Partnumber on the power supply: ASP34-4
 If you can't point me in any direction, please forward this to someone 
 Thanx for your time.

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