[ao387@freenet.carleton.ca: atari mem-upgrades]

From: Mark Leair (aa338@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 01/10/96-02:59:54 PM Z

From: aa338@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Mark Leair)
Subject: [ao387@freenet.carleton.ca: atari mem-upgrades]
Date: Wed Jan 10 14:59:54 1996

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    From: ao387@freenet.carleton.ca (Richard Nekus)
    To: aa338@po.cwru.edu
    Subject: atari mem-upgrades
    Date: Wed, 23 Aug

       ...I'm looking for a text file that explains "hardware memory
       upgrades on the atari ST's"("529to4M.txt", or"memupgr.txt,...).
       ...anything,and I mean anything, on this subject would be
       a god send.
       Everybody (here in Ottawa) seems to own a TT030,(goodie for them),
       also, our only local NCAUG-BBS left last year.
       ...I don't want to sound-off about this, but I really would apreciate
       any info: (location of pertinent files,...);even email it to me.
       I'm an EET, and I just need the wiring pin-out details.
       Some of us(still) have 520'STxx's, and they need 4Megs.
          thanx,         Richard Nekus

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