1200XL keyboard problem

From: Mark Glassberg (dw444@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 11/09/94-06:38:29 PM Z

From: dw444@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Mark Glassberg)
Subject: 1200XL keyboard problem
Date: Wed Nov  9 18:38:29 1994

dw444@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Mark Glassberg) asks::
>I've got some hard to use keys.  Is there a way to clean the

Anwered by: aa853@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Craig Lisowski)::

 I'm not sure about the 1200XLs, but when I've had problems on my 130xe,
here is what I do. (Caution: This Will VOID your Warranty.) [Cackle]

  I. Unscrew the outer casing screws, usually 5 or 6 of them on the bottom
 II. FLip back over, and remove the outer casing.
III. Gently Unplug the keyboard from its socket. *
 IV. Use small screw driver to 'pop' the keys off the 130xe Keyboard.
     Be sure to gather all the springs and keys as soon as you pop them off.
  V. Use some form of rubbing alchohol and Q-tip/clothe and clean the base
     of the keyboard.
* THis usually works for me on my 130xe, but the process WIll be different
  for the 800xl and 1200xl since they use a different keyboard style.

 For the 1200xl all I can suggest is that you unplug the Keyboard, and then
flip it over to exam the traces. I am UNSURE if the keys 'pop' off on them
or not, so proceed cautiously if You want to try it. If they dont pop off
then proceed to clean the board beneath the keys anyways. Chances are, they
are hard to use because of 'crud' falling underneath them. Or, on an odd
occasion, I have desoldered and removed an entire key_circuit and then
replaced it with one from an old 600xl keyboard unit.
 Also, if memory serves right, the 1200xl keyboard unit is Screwed onto the
Top Casing as well. If You're not the type of person who is comfortable with
doing the above steps, then you might just want to get a 1200xl replacement
keyboard, most of the places in California should have these, but can be
quite pricey [$30 last i checked]


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