Re: 8 bit files

From: Joseph Pallendino (as195@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 04/22/94-11:27:12 AM Z

From: as195@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Joseph Pallendino)
Subject: Re: 8 bit files
Date: Fri Apr 22 11:27:12 1994

In a previous article, as195@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Joseph Pallendino) says:

>  I downloaded the files and with my IBM.
>  I tried to unzip them on my IBM but I get a message that says "PKUNZIP
>WARNING I DON'T KNOW HOW TO HANDLE" or something to that e(a)ffect.  Then
>it lists the files in the zip file.
>  How do I get these files to work?
>  I also downloaded these files using Bobterm and my Atari computer but I
>couldn't UUDECODE, SUPERUNARC or DISCOMM either one.
>  Thanks for any help.
>**** Answered by Michael Current, aa700
>I FTP'd both and directly to a NeXT, where they
>un-zip'd without a problem.  So, at least we know the files as stored on
>the Archive are not corrupted.
>There's no reason to expect uudecode, superunarc or discomm to work, since
>none of these programs (nor any for the 8-bit) work with zip files.  
>I see two possibilities.  First, perhaps you just had bad luck with the
>file transfers, so your local copies ended-up corrupted.  In this case,
>you should just try again and see if it works the second time.
>Also, I'm wondering if the versions of pkzip could be causing problems.
>I believe I've heard of compatability problems between different versions
>of pkzip, but I don't recall when exactly these can occur.
>If downloading a second time brings the same bad results, I would try
>using either a newer or an older version of pkunzip, or even another
>unpacker that is capable of un-zipping.
>Hope that helps,
>                -Michael
  A newer version of pkunzip worked.  Thanks for the response.
                                   Joseph Pallendino

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