just wondering

From: Adam Trent Phillips (bb099@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 01/04/94-11:57:17 AM Z

From: bb099@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Adam Trent Phillips)
Subject: just wondering
Date: Tue Jan  4 11:57:17 1994

        Can I run a monochrome TTL (PC type/9 pin) monitor on an ST ?
        Does it have an RS-232 and Centronics printer ports ?


***** Answered by Len Stys (aa399) on 01-04-93 at 11:50 AM *****

No, the Atari ST requires a special ST monochrome monitor (SM124) which
costs around $150.00 new.  The monitor uses the ST's highest resolution
and is pretty sharp.  I believe certain multisynch monitors are also capable
of using the ST's high resolution.

But, most STs can also be connected to a TV or any RGB monitor.  The
Atari RGB monitors are the SC1224 and SC1435.  The 1435 is 14" and in stereo.

Yes, the ALL STs have the Centronics printer port and RS232 modem port.

The new Falcon030 even has a SCSI port, DSP port, and a few other ports not
found on the earlier STs.

I hope this helped.

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