Re: 1020 printer

From: Craig Lisowski (aa853@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 12/11/93-09:32:55 AM Z

From: aa853@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Craig Lisowski)
Subject: Re: 1020 printer
Date: Sat Dec 11 09:32:55 1993

In a previous article, as195@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Joseph Pallendino) says:

>I'm trying to run the calendar program in Antic Magazine dated
>January 1986.  The program is set up for an Epson printer and 
>works because my friend uses it.  But it won't work on the
> Atari 1020 printer or a Tandy DMP105 printer.
>  Any help with getting it to run with either printer will be
> greatly appreciated.

Unfortunately, the Atari 1020 is NOT a printer. It is a PLOTTER.
It does not have any of the printer control codes neccessary to do
any sort of epson-compatable printing software. Unless, it only
does simple text printing. (I'm unsure about that, though.)
 I have seen an article about 'Programming the 1020 Plotter' in
an old Antic Magazine, circa 1987-1988. The basic idea behind programming
it is much like programming in Logo. [Gotta love those turtle graphics]
You have a series of 4 plotter_pens (Maybe less) and the only controls
that you have are: Select Pen Number (Effectivly which color), Lift Pen Up,
Set Pen Down, Move to New Position (If the pen is down, it draws...), I 
also think there is a command in there to move the paper forward or
 (This is all from memory 5-6 years ago)

 When I am home for the Holiday Vacations I can dig through my stash of
Magazines and see what more I can find.


(BTW: If you were refering to the 1027 Printer, there is no way it can
        print any sort of graphics as its a Daisy_Wheel only printer)

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