XE 130

From: Martin Quinones (ak527@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 10/07/93-11:49:47 AM Z

From: ak527@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Martin Quinones)
Subject: XE 130
Date: Thu Oct  7 11:49:47 1993

I have xe130 as soon as I turn the computer it goes right into
the ram memory test the top 2 bars check out ok and the first
ram square is good then 3 bad 1 good 3 bad 1 good 7 bad 1
+1 good 10 bad 1 good 3 bad 1 good 2 bad and then it only
continues the ram test skipping the bad squares I cannot get 
it out of the ram test. has any one run to this problem?
any advise at this time will greatly appreciated.
thank you in advance.

**** Answered by Michael Current, aa700:

It certainly sounds to me like you've had some RAM chips go bad.  The one
time my 130XE failed a similar pattern appeared.  First, I found I couldn't
run anything except for what I knew were 8K cartridges (Star Raiders). 
Then I tried out the Memory Test, and indeed, a bunch of the squares were
red, with no particular pattern to them.

If you're adventuresome in hardware hacking you could probably go in and
try swapping/replacing RAM chips, but in my case my solution was to have
the machine fixed by a repair specialist.

See the 8-bit vendors/developers list for shops that do repairs, though the
list doesn't necessarily specify whether a place does repairs.  Two off the
top of my head are Computer Software Services and The Electronic Clinic.

Good luck!

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