From: Paul Allwood (bd891@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 04/17/93-12:48:37 PM Z

From: bd891@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Paul Allwood)
Subject: help
Date: Sat Apr 17 12:48:37 1993

Hi Mike,
First, I value your work on this Sig.
Most of all I know about the Atari is 
from Freenet.
Now, my question.
I am trying to use Spartados as much as
possible; but, it is causing me some
I am now using XD23E.DOS. The questions
are two:
1.   When UUdecoding a split file from       BART the second part of the file
     over writes the first. I have had
     use a second disk for the second
     part of the split file. 
2.   How do I append the second part of
     the split file to the first when
     using XD23E.dos?????????????

**** Answered by Michael Current, aa700:

First of all, I really don't think your problem has to do with SpartaDOS.

Which uudecoder are you using?  I know of uudecode.bas,, and from the Archive.  Anyway, as far as I know none of the uudecoders
for the 8-bit Atari know how to put together multi-part uuencoded files as
sent by BART.  BUT, this is an interesting question that I don't know the
answer to for sure.  If one of the 8-bit Atari uudecoders can do this, it
would make the process much easier than I've been making it out to be.

Assuming the answer is no, in order to uudecode a multi-part uuencoded file
as sent by BART you must: 

a) append the second file to the first file.
b) remove the "include" line from the end of the first part, and all the
junk text at the beginning of the second part.

When this has been completed you have a single, large encoded file with
nothing but encoded lines (start with "M") from begining to end, which can
then be uudecoded.

The instructions for doing the above while within the Free-Net are in the
8-Bit File Area, but if you follow what they're doing you should be able 
to do the same with your Atari.

To append one file to another in SpartaDOS:

copy first.ext second.ext/a

This should append the second file to the end of the first.

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