RS-232 and ST to HP LJ4 xferrs

From: John L. Sloane (ce231@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 03/30/93-11:30:00 PM Z

From: ce231@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (John L. Sloane)
Subject: RS-232 and ST to HP LJ4 xferrs
Date: Tue Mar 30 23:30:00 1993

My problem is getting the printer to accept serial port input,
with any of the Soft Logic  drivers. Any suggestions concerning
PS and HP LJ4 driver output through the Atari's serial port?;
to a HP LJ4?
 The cable used was indeed a null cable, the breakout
box used to affect the cable indicated data flow, via its led's
and the printer was configured for 9600 baud, auto sensing input.
I guess it's another case of the RS-232 gremlen striking. If anyone
has sucussfully connected an Atari St to a HP LJ4 printer throug
the serial port, please let me know what you did.

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