Re: 8-Bit upgrades

From: Jeffrey J. McWilliams (cd827@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 01/24/93-11:22:55 AM Z

From: cd827@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Jeffrey J. McWilliams)
Subject: Re: 8-Bit upgrades
Date: Sun Jan 24 11:22:55 1993

In a previous article, as475@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Jesse Starr) says:

{ stuff posted about wanting upgrades deleted }

there are a number of different public domain upgrades you should be able
to find for  your 800XL.  The ones I can think of, but don't have an
electronic version of, are listed below:

Dual / Quadruple PIA upgrade.  Appeared in AIM a long time ago,  I think
it was written by Charles Hughes.  He mentioned a couple of applications
for this, but didn't specifically write about them.

Claus Buscholz Upgrade 256K  I have a printed version of this

Super XL Video 2 upgrade, from Ben Poehland, appeared sometime last year
in current notes, significantly improves the clarify of the 800XL video

Atari Classics will be printing some hardware upgrades done by yours truly
in my column:  Moonlight Workshop.  My basic guineau pig will by a 1200XL
simply because it has more room to stuff things into.  But the upgrades
will be compatible with the 800XL as well (hopefully).  I really should
get a 2nd 800XL to work with, but can't afford one right now.
If you've subscribed already,then look for interesting things to come.
Ben Poehland recently posted that issue 2 of AC is now going to print.
He says it's really good.  If you HAVEN'T subscribed  yet, I suggest you do
so, because otherwise you'll really be missing out!


Jeff McWilliams  -->student, Electrical Enginnering, Michigan Tech. Univ.  OR

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