Atari UUCP

From: Terrence R. Redding (
Date: 09/20/92-04:09:34 AM Z

From: (Terrence R. Redding)
Subject: Atari UUCP
Date: Sun Sep 20 04:09:34 1992

I am trying to learn all I can about setting up and Atari 1040STe
as a UUCP site.  I have access to internet but need the software.
I tried to use STadel but couldn't get it to net.  May have a faulty
UUCALL.PRG.  Anyway, is there anyone there that can help me or point me
in the right direction.  I would like to use ST-Keep if possible.
Thanks, and regards, Terry.

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Answered by Mark Leair

I don't know anyone who has successfully set up a UUCP site on an
Atari computer.  Have you tried posting your question on Usenet?
As for software, there might be software available on an FTP site for
Minix, a popular Unix-like operating system for the ST.  If anyone
has any information please reply to this article.  Thanks.  
Good luck.
                                        -Mark Leair

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