Joystick port 2 to RS-232 ???

From: Bill Somrak (aj445@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 09/03/92-01:05:17 PM Z

From: aj445@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bill Somrak)
Subject: Joystick port 2 to RS-232 ???
Date: Thu Sep  3 13:05:17 1992

Hi All,

I recently built the cable described by a Mr. Cortese(sp?) for
employing joystick port 2 of an 800 to be able to hook up to a
modem (MPP type).  I built the thing and hooked it up to an 
Avatex 1200 baud modem.  It didn't work.  Found out that the MPP
driver for 
Bobterm.MPP is written for 300 baud only.  Running at that speed,
the cable/program works fine.  I was able to autodial and connect
to several services successfully.  I was wondering if anyone has
gotten out their disassembler and altered the MPP driver so that
it configs the PIA chip to run at higher speeds?  This was a 
neat project, proving that you needn't have to buy an expensive
interface (and hard to find at that) in order to connect to the
RS-232 world.  By the way, I am planning on using it to connect
to a "radio modem", called "Packet radio" by us Amateurs (Ham
radio Ops).

Thanks, and as we hams say ... "73"


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