Re: ST to 8 bit

From: Dan Current (au527@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 08/10/92-09:44:05 AM Z

From: au527@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Dan Current)
Subject: Re: ST to 8 bit
Date: Mon Aug 10 09:44:05 1992

In a previous article, cc288@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Joshua L. Mayfield) says:

>I am trying to hook up my 8 bit and my ST via the rs-232 port on the ST
>and an rs-232 modem cable I have connected to my 850 interface for the
>8 bit.  I built this cool null cable, but now I don
>don't know what to do.  None of my terminal programs for either computer
>seem to support this kind of connection- and you know what a great help
>the manuals are in such matters.
>This is really pretty important... I've got a lot of 8 bit software on
>ST disks that I want to port over.  And transferring via modem is a 
>pain in the butt.  (I've got a 2400 baud and a 1200 baud modem here that
>I've just been connecting to eachother to do a live transfer but
>I've got so much stuff to transfer that it's almost not worth it.

     Since I have only tried to do something like this for two clones,
I'll give you some ideas to help you along, I hope.

     First of all, both of the computers need to be running a type of 
communications software that does file transfers (like kermit).  Now    
you need to make one of the computers a server, probably the ST.  By doing      
this, it makes the ST accept commands from the 8-bit.  You can then tell
the 8-bit to get the files that you want off of the ST.  Of course you
will want to work out the fastest bps between the two computers, 9600bps
maybe.  I think this covers about some of it, or maybe not, I don't know.
As long as the connection of hardware is right, it's just a matter of 
getting the software to talk to each other.

---Dan Current

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