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From: Martin Quinones (ak527@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 05/23/92-11:09:51 AM Z

From: ak527@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Martin Quinones)
Subject: Pause Scrolling
Date: Sat May 23 11:09:51 1992

At first I had trouble pausing the scrolling very infrequently
but now it seems like it happens all the time. 
If there is a short message it scrolls by too fast to read 
if I press CONTROL S it continues to scroll and at the end of the
message I have to press CONTROL Q to be able to transmit but by 
that time all the system notes leave very little of the message
to read.
if the message is long and I try to capture the message to disk
when the buffer is full and begins to transmit the message to 
disk/ramdisk the message on the system continues to scroll so 
my copy of the message is missing some info and some garbage 
is included in the message.
I am using an 800XL, the modem is SA2400, and am using Bobterm.

****** Answered by: Len Stys (aa399) on May 23, 1992 at 11:00 AM ******


        On the Cleveland Free-Net, your environment was probably saved
for an 80 column computer when it was given to you.

        Free-Net is sending you 2x the amount of information per page
that your 40 column computer can handle.

        In order to solve this problem, you should type "go term" at
any menu.  This will send you to a small menu.  Then press "1" or
"Set terminal parameters".  You will then be in yeat another menu.
You should press "2" or "Reset line and column settings".
You will see this menu:


Choose the entries that best match your terminal.  NOTE: Only
use this if setting the terminal type does NOT work properly!

  1 15 lines
  2 20 lines
  3 24 lines
  4 35 lines
  5 50 lines
  6 66 lines

  7 32 columns
  8 40 columns
  9 80 columns
 10 132 columns
h=Help, x=Exit Free-Net, "go help"=extended help

Your Choice ==> 8

You would select "8" for 40 columns.

After you are done, you should type "save" and this will save your
environment for the next time you login to the Cleveland Free-Net.

I hope this helps.

Len Stys

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