STe Printer Drivers

From: Victor H. Bruhn (bl772@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 03/30/92-01:52:26 PM Z

From: bl772@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Victor H. Bruhn)
Subject: STe Printer Drivers
Date: Mon Mar 30 13:52:26 1992

I am having a problem getting a decent screen dump on my new
STe.  I have been using a DEGAS driver (prtinstl.lzh was the
file I downloaded from the archive) for some
time now on my 520ST with an Epson compatible printer
using the "EPSON.PRT" info file with the driver and it worked
very nicely.  
Anybody out there have any idea as to why his isn't working on 
the STe?  (TOS 1.62, 2 megs RAM)  What I am getting is
a screen dump that instead of taking up an entire page of paper
uses about the top left corner of the sheet.  I also tried
another driver (hc24_h12.lzh or hc12_h24.lzh, it escapes me
at the moment) that works on the ST but it also won't do it
on the STe.  The DEGAS driver output at least is an accurate 
(if tiny) dump and the other is garbage.  This is not a nice
thing to encounter when you have an assignment due and you
procrastinate as well as I do!  Having to put everything back
on SS disks and run across town with your printer to get
to your parents place where you have your old computer 
stashed is not terribly fun, especially when you bought the
new machine because the old one didn't have the memory
to complete such assignments!
Any help will be appreciated.  Thanks,
Victor Bruhn

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