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From: Don Canaan (bg843@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 12/10/91-08:16:46 PM Z

From: bg843@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Don Canaan)
Subject: Re: 1030 express
Date: Tue Dec 10 20:16:46 1991

I use atariwriter plus, saved to ascii. when I write the file I usually put a return after every second line, approx
70 characters. To give you an example I'm appending one such file:

     It's a plan nuttier than a you-know-what--where being worse
will make you first. The Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park will sponsor
"THE WORLD'S WORST FRUITCAKE CONTEST" on Saturday, December 14 at 2 p.m. in
the Playhouse lobby.
     Victims from across the Tristate are encouraged to bring their stale,
their tart, their crumbling masses yearning to be eaten. A sweet, time-
honored tradition gone somewhat sour, the fruitcake has fallen on its own
hard times in most households, its yearly arrival eagerly awaited only 
for the handy tin it comes in. Now that tantalizing orfruitfruit,
liquers and the little green things that no one can quite put a finger on
can win prizes and acclaim as the world's worst fruitcake.
     First prize (All-Around Worst) will be a 5-star (five show)
subscription to the Playhouse in the Park season. Other awards will go to
the "World's Heaviest," "World's Most Colorful," and, as an admission that
a lot of fruitcakes are really pretty good, "World's Tastiest."
     All entries must be completely edible and inanimate, as each will be
sampled by the judges. All varieties are acceptible, although each entry
must be generally recognizable as a fruitcake. Cakes which double as
wreaths, Christmas tree stands, or the perennial lump of coal are 
particularly good candidates, as is that gift from Aunt Pearle with the
tag reading, "Don't open 'til X-mas 1964." Cakes may be dropped off at
the Playhouse when attending "A Christmas Carol" or during daily
business hours, or mailed to the Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park,
962 Mt. Adams Circle, Cincinnati, OH 45202. All entries reluctantly 
become the property of the Playhouse.
     In addition to entering a fruitcake, contestants are urged to 
send or bring articles of clothing, toys, and non-perishable foods which
will be donated to Homemade, an organization whose purpose is to aid
agencies that provide shelter for the homeless, as well as food and support
through soup kitchens, food banks, and other agencies. Homemade was
founded in 1989 by Cincinnati Bengals' coach Sam Wyche.
     For more information call the Playhouse at (513) 345-2242.

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