msdos 360k disks

From: Sarmed E. Shammas (bb693@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 11/24/91-12:40:47 PM Z

From: bb693@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Sarmed E. Shammas)
Subject: msdos 360k disks
Date: Sun Nov 24 12:40:47 1991

Can the Atari 8-bits read 360K 5.25" ms-dos formatted disks on their drives?

Thanx in advance for any answer. Erick

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*** Answered by Michael Current, aa700

No, not without hardware modification, BUT

MS-DOS 5.25" drives can be taught to read/write 180K Atari format disks.

Check out atario21.arc, available from the atari.archive via the BART mailer.
(see the Atari Computer Files area of this SIG)

You'll need either MYDOS or SpartaDOS to use this program, plus a drive
capable of 180K ss/dd. (XF551, Indus GT; NOT 1050 or 810)


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