From: Sarmed E. Shammas (bb693@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 11/08/91-03:44:26 PM Z

From: bb693@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Sarmed E. Shammas)
Subject: Re: FTP
Date: Fri Nov  8 15:44:26 1991

In a previous article, ah241@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Polly) says:

>Is there FTP software available for the ST?
>Lord Mike of Parma tiz done chanting...Feel Pleased?
>Yes, there's tons of software available on the ST through the FTP.
>One popular FTP is known as "terminator"...I'm afraid I don't have
>the full FTP address, but there is a good help file on FTP's in the software
>and product information board.  The only thing with FTP's is getting onto
>a server that allows FTP connections.  Presently only students and
>faculty at Case Western Reserve have FTP access on the Freenet.
>To the general public, the Freenet does allow file transfers between user
>accounts.  Hope this helps you out...
>                               -Mark Leair

the FTP address you`re thinking of is
another one with atari stuff is
there are numerous other places in germany, france, and the U.K.
You can use `archie`, the file database also. You reach
archie by telnetting to and typing in `archie`
at the login prompt. Once in, type `prog atari` and it will
search the entire database for files and directories containing the
word `atari` and believe me there are hundreds. After quiche
finishes listing the results to you, you can have it e-mail these
results to you by typing `mail YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS`. Then you
can search through the file e-mailed to you at your leisure. There will
be many files with the word atari in their names. These are not very improtant
as you should go for the directories called `atari` since these files
will usually be under such directories. The archie output will
tell you if the file if really afile or a directory, and will give
you the address of the host in words as well as numbers. All these
hosts will accept anonymous FTP, so you can get files from them
 Happy FTPing!
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