Color Printer 1020

From: Donald O. Tynes (dot@po.CWRU.Edu)
Date: 09/10/91-05:07:24 PM Z

From: dot@po.CWRU.Edu (Donald O. Tynes)
Subject: Color Printer 1020
Date: Tue Sep 10 17:07:24 1991

Does anyone out there know where I can get color pens and paper for the 1020
printer? I believe radioshack used to carry them but that was three or four 
years ago. 

And another question is Antic Magazine still being printed? It's been about 
two to three years since I last seriously used my Atari 800xl and I am trying
to regain bearings.

Any help appreciated thatnks a lot ..... Don
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***  Answered by Michael Current (aa700) :

I don't know about Radio Shack, but the Summer 1991 B&C ComputerVisions
Catalogue lists:

Atari 1020 pen set black....  $1.00
1020 black pens 10 sets ....   5.00
Atari 1020 pen set color....   3.00
1020 color pens 10 sets ....  10.00
1020 paper (2 rolls) .......   3.95

B&C ComputerVisions
3257 Kifer Road
Santa Clara, CA 95051

It's always a good idea to check around locally for dealers with better
prices before resorting to mail order.

As for your second question, no, Antic is no longer being published.  The
last stand-alone Antic was dated June/July 1990, and the last issue of
STart, with Antic insert, was April/May 1991.

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Thanks for your question!


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