RGB monitor to 130XE?

From: Joe Kosman (ai019@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 06/30/91-08:42:33 PM Z

From: ai019@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Joe Kosman)
Subject: RGB monitor to 130XE?
Date: Sun Jun 30 20:42:33 1991

Is there any way to connect a TTL RGB color monitor to an Atari
130XE?  The monitor uses reg, green, blue, intensity, Hsync, and
Vsync as inputs.  The Atari 130XE monitor jack has compostite
video, composite chroma, and composite luminesence as outputs.
I am guesing that the composite video is the Hsync and Vsync
together, composite chroma is the red,blue, and green together,
and luminesence is the equivalent of the intensity.  Can one
put together or buy hardware to separate the composite signals
into those the monitor needs?  Would it be possible to connect
the luminesence to the monitor intensity input and end up with a
monochrome display?

Any help would be appreciated.

********** Answered by Peter Haller **********
As far as I know, I have never heard of a third party converter
box for such a connection.   It would seem that such a connection
would be possible.  Some form of conversion/combination of
the signal from the 130XE to the TTL monitor would need to
be done I expect.  You might contact the manufacture of the
monitor to see if they have or know of a "generic" converter
to a standard RGB connector - this has been anything from
BNC cables to the 5 pin din connector on the Atari's.  I will
do some more checking though, and post any info I can find.

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