From: Russ Ackerman (ar454@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 06/18/91-07:12:30 PM Z

From: ar454@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Russ Ackerman)
Date: Tue Jun 18 19:12:30 1991

How can I hook up an IBM Compatible Hard Drive (MFM) or other to
a 520 ST FM? What controller do I need and where can I purchase it

***Answered by Peter Haller     ******
Yes, you can hook up a IBM compatible Hard drive, MFM, RLL, or better yet
a SCSI.  YOu will need the follwing:

        1. A Atari host adapter. ICD makes the 'defacto' standard
                that connects to the DMA port of the ST.
        2. For MFM or RLL you will need a 'translator'.  This is
           a card that converts the Host adapters SCSI interface to
           the hard drive type.  If you can get a SCSI drive, you
           wont need one of these cards.  Adaptec(SP) is one manufacture
           of such a card.  ICD sells these also.

        3. A Mounting case with a power supply.  Again ICD.

You should contact B & G electronics. I know that he has what you
need to use that IBM drive - or he can get it.

                                        Peter Haller
                                        Hallsound Systems & Software

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