U.S. Doublers

From: Chris Infante (an300@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 02/19/91-08:11:51 PM Z

From: an300@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Chris Infante)
Subject: U.S. Doublers
Date: Tue Feb 19 20:11:51 1991

        I am having trouble finding sometrouble finding some doublers for 1050
drive.  I called ICD but they want to 
much. please help me!!!
******Bytes till later******

************************* Answered By Peter Haller ************

I really don't know what I can do for you?  How much is to much?  How much
is reasonable?  If B&G and ICD are two expensive, I doubt that anybody
will be reasonable.  The only suggestion I have is to look through a
few issues of Start or ST Informer or some other mag and get a mail order
house phone number.  (We are not in the habit of hurting our ONLY local
source for Atari Products by recommeneding a specific mail order house.)

Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.  (I am a tech specialist, not a consumer
affairs director...)

                                Peter Haller

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