File Recovery

From: Daniel J. Kowall (djk10@po.CWRU.Edu)
Date: 01/13/91-10:50:17 PM Z

From: djk10@po.CWRU.Edu (Daniel J. Kowall)
Subject: File Recovery
Date: Sun Jan 13 22:50:17 1991

Help! I have lost an important document and am in need of a recovery utility.
I have an Atari 1040ST. The program used was Wordperfect 4.1. I do not have
a backup.  Please call me at 216-371-1654 and leave mess. if you have a utl.
program I can borrow.-- or sugg. Vince Brotski. Thanx alot.

Answered by Peter Haller


Well, you probably will from now on....

First I have a question or two.  Is the lost file on a floppy or hard disk?
If it is the former, have you written to the disk since you lost the file?

If you have written to the disk that contained the file you are most likely -
read: 99% sure - out of luck.  If the file is on a floppy or for that matter 
a hard drive partition that you have not written to, you can possible recover
the file - or at least parts of the file.

What you need to do:

1. get a disk sector editor - this is the hard way, or get a file recovery 

   I have a file recovery program that I use, occasionally thank heavens, that
seems to work well.  I'm not even sure of the prg name.  I downloaded it from
the B&G bbs. (Number 228-7335).  The program runs in color only.

   If you don't have access to the B&G BBS, try an atari board that you
do have access to.

   Now, if you can't find a, program that will recover the file for you, but
you have a sector editor, here's what to do:

1. Leave me email (Peter Haller ae302).  And I will send you mail on how
   to recover the file the hardway.

                                        Peter Haller
                                      Hallsound Software & Systems


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