GVC 96OO... Help!

From: Lance Gentile (ag792@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 01/13/91-08:28:49 PM Z

From: ag792@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Lance Gentile)
Subject: GVC 96OO... Help!
Date: Sun Jan 13 20:28:49 1991

I recently obtained a GVC 96OO modem and decided to see what it'd be like to
play with it on my 13oXE... Well, i'm using a P:R: interface with it.

3OO,12OO and 48OO work fine, i type in AT commands and get responses. In 24OO it takes a few times before it sends an 
'OK'.  96OO does not respond at all...

So, is it the modem, or the P:R:? My Avatex 24OO works fine in all speeds...

Anyone own a 96OO for their 8-bit? I'm curious as to how it works... I fear i may have to purchase anMIO again... Ack..

Driz Do'Urden... Once a decent human

What the specific problem is I can't tell you.  I can say that I once tried
a 9600 bps modem on a 130xe with a P:R: and it worked.  Things to try:

1. What software are you using?  Try as many different term programs out there
   that you can. Also make sure that the R: driver that you are using is
   capable of handling 9600 bps.

2. Verify that the modem is working.  If you have access to another computer
   , such as an ST or PC, test the modems operation at 9600.  Also, make sure
   the modem is configured correctly.  (Are all dip switches - if any - set
   correctly?  Hayes modems need to be told that they are operating at 9600
   , at least the one that I used did.)

3. Call ICD.  They are very helpful, and will most likly know what to do
   right away.(ICD BBS @ 815-968-2229: Don't have there service number.)

                                                Pete Haller

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