Re: ST drive to 8-bit??

From: Peter Haller (ae302@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 08/14/90-05:59:44 PM Z

From: ae302@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Peter Haller)
Subject: Re: ST drive to 8-bit??
Date: Tue Aug 14 17:59:44 1990

Well it can be done...I,ve done it ... twice and in two different ways

1) if you have access to a Percom disk drive or rather the controler
to the percom
you can make a small modification to the controller board - alter the 
timing to put it simply - and cunstruct a ribbon cable that will
convert the cardedge connector to the female 34 pin connector on the
 3 1/2 " mechanism. I didnot use an ST drive, but with rare eceptions,
these drives are industry standard.

2) Design and build an interface for the Parallel Expansion Bus on the 
800xl/130xe.  Have done this, but I wont go into it here.

And the way that was described by the sysop _ MARK?_  I saw that artical
in an Atati Explorer Mag ( I think).  From what I understand, the 
guy who figured it out is now selling the altered ROMS (Legally??).
But again, you need a $150-$200  drive and then have to canabalize it.
Not my idea of cost effective.

* Answered by Len Stys *
    On Aug 14, 1990

Thanks Peter for your help!

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