Re: 400 video

From: Steve Yates (ab206@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 08/12/90-11:50:21 AM Z

From: ab206@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Steve Yates)
Subject: Re: 400 video
Date: Sun Aug 12 11:50:21 1990

While I have seen a lot of replies in
this section that appear to be written
by someone who has not used an 8-bit
computer for a long time (or never at
all), this has got to be about the
worst so far.  The 400 has the exact
same audio/video chips as the 800. The
only difference in this area is that
the 400 does not have a monitor jack
and will only display through a TV
tuner.  I remember a text book I had
for an "Intro to Micros" class at
Tri-C (i think it was "Your First
Computer") also stated that the 400
produced a black & white display, but
I wouldn't expect such ignorant
remarks in an Atari forum such as this.

To answer the original question, Antic
Magazine had plans for a monitor output
for the 400 that was an exact duplicate
of that found on the 800.  It was
printed in the April '84 issue.  If you
can't get a hold of a copy, leave me
E_Mail and I will get you one.

                         STEVE YATES

** Answered by Len Stys **
     on Aug 12, 1990

Steve, you are correct that the
Atari 400 does indeed use color
as well as the Atari 800 and any
other Atari computer.

And you are also correct on the
fact that the Atari 400 computer
cannot be connected to a TV monitor
or any other monitor.

You can run a monitor cable from
the 5-slot monitor jack on the back
of the 800 to the audio and video ports
on the back of the TV.  This makes
the screen sharper.

It am glad you spoke up concerning
this matter and contributed your
knowledge to solve this problem.
Thanks for your reply.

The SIGOp answering the question has
never worked with the Atari 400 before
and he probably heard falsely from
someone that you could not use a color
TV with it.

I as well have never used an Atari
400 before so I did some checking
in the dozens of Atari books I have
and you are indeed correct.

We aren't perfect on everything but
we try to get you the correct

Thanks again.

Len Stys (aa399)
Atari SIGOp

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